Save You Tonight

In this Movella, 12 year old Sydney-Rose has had a hard life. Both her parents are dead and she now lives with her 24 year old brother, Walker and his druggie girlfriend, who makes her do things that even grown adults wouldn't do. She just can't handle it anymore. One night someone finally helps her runs away. What happens when the 12 year old runs into the newly famous One Direction? Will they protet her from Walker? Will she finally have a family?

*Just so you know this all starts when the boys have just become famous so it takes place back in 2010*

*For mature readers*


3. Chapter 1

Sydney Rose's POV

I sat in my tree house, looking out the tiny window to the place I have called my home since I was 8, drawing my surroundings like always.

"Sydney! Get your ass in here so I can get you ready! A costumer is gonna be here soon!"  Victoria, my brother's girlfriend yelled from inside the shabby 2 story house.

"Coming!" I yelled back. I put my sketch pad in a secret crevice so Walker wouldn't find it. If he finds out I still draw then he'll hurt me more. 

"Sydney! Hurry Up! We have 20 minutes till Walker gets back with your friend for the night!" 

By 'friend' she means the nasty 40 year old I have to pleasure for the night. It's so gross but I have no other choice to do it or Walker and Victoria will beat me. Badly. They tell all the clients that having sex with me is off limits, which I'm thankful for, but I remember one time a guy tried and I ran off. When I tried to tell Walker what happened he didn't believe me. I wasn't able to do anything for a week, I was black and blue. 

I shivered at the memory of him hitting and kicking me repeatedly. "Sydney! Don't make me come up there!" 

I looked down at Victoria and saw here impatiently tapping her foot and smoking whatever she had left over from last weeks new arrivals. "I'm coming I'm coming" I said climbing down the ladder.

"Took your fucking time didn't you."

She pulled me by my hair into the house, ignoring my cries of pain.

"Sit," she said pointing to the half broken chair. She started off by putting gross extensions in my hair. The doing the horrid make-up that makes me look like a circus clown. "Put these on," she said as she through a tube top, leather jacket, really short high waisted shorts, and freakishly high heels. I hate the heels but I'm used to them since I have to wear them so often. 

"Vicky Babe! I'm home! Is the little money maker ready yet?" Walker yelled from the bottom of the stairs. 

"She's coming down now!" she yelled back. 

I stayed seated, looking at the ugly girl in the mirror. I felt something hit the back of my head, "Go slut." Victoria said as she pointed to the door.

As I got to the bottom I saw a middle aged man that looked in complete shock. "Go have some fun little bitch," Walker said as he slapped my butt. "Don't run. We'll find you," he whispered into my ear. He says that every time I leave with a client. "Yeah Yeah" I replied waving my hand annoyingly at him. 

His face went red and I knew I made a mistake. "Excuse us for a moment." he said to the man as he pulled me into the kitchen. "Don't you ever disrespect me again missy. Or there will be worse consequences." he warned as he backhanded me. 'That's gonna bruise' I thought to myself. 

"Yes sir," I whispered and went back to the client. "Lets go shall we," he said in a sickly sweet voice. 'Kill me now' I thought.


Here's how I picture here "whore" clothes. ^^^^




I want you guy to know I'm a very visual person, so I will add a lot of pictures to help you guys visualize my story. I also noticed that if you looking at this on the Movella's app that you can't see the photos. So if you want to see them I guess you'll have to use a computer. BUT, here's the first chapter so tell me what you think. Like & Favorite.


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