This is my entry for the sci-fi competition.


1. 2108

There is a castle sitting on top of Mount Murraie. That is where King Murraie and his queen sat, looking heavenly in their gold and diamond encrusted thrones. I know the truth though. They're not as heavenly as they may seem.

They are vile and mysterious creatures. I know, I am locked in the castle dungeon. They don't even have people on guard anymore. No, they have thick padlocks with security cameras installed right in the centre. An eye staring menacingly into your life each and every day.

I stare outside and the world isn't what would be expected. I have seen pictures of old, from the year 2000, of floating hovercrafts and cars that don't need a road, and buildings thousands of feet high.

It would end our humanity trying to build a world like that. What we live in is a filthy and dark place. Everywhere robots are dotted, making sure that this kingdom will always be the same, and it has been, for years now. I wasn't born into this kind of a place. This is just what it has become.

I have heard stories of kingdoms spread across the land. The kingdoms sound so peaceful and happy. It brings a glimmer of hope into my life. Light at the end of a dark tunnel. Maybe it is only Murraie that's like this. Maybe there are still places that have green grass and trees, and happy people that live in a beautiful home with a perfect family..... people that enjoy life. Maybe one day, we can escape the foul and shameful world that we are trapped inside and we could lead a happy and normal life.

But desperation and hunger has become the new normal.

The people here are poor, and though they earn the same regular wage that was earnt at the beginning of 21st century, all of it is given to the king and queen, so they can make their palace even more grand than what it already is. The people are starving and getting poorer by the day, but that won't stop the king from pleasing his queen with a home such as the one she has.

Well, that was what it was like when I was put into prison, a long twelve years ago.

Why am I in the dungeon? I am an inventor. I am seen as a threat to the kingdom. King Murraie doesn't want it restored to it's former glory. He doesn't want to see the happy people and the blossoming world that he and I were born into.

He is the cause of the rapid change in our society. The reason the world is collapsing. Though I'm unsure that the earth could collapse anymore than what it already has.

I have to get out of the dungeon and protect my homeland. I don't know if this is the only place in the world like this. Anywhere else could be living like this. I have never been outside the castle gates. We are all trapped behind locked doors, almost the same as how I am trapped behind the dungeon door.

Suddenly the door squeaks open and a beep echoes throughout the dark and damp room.

Your king and queen have granted you permission to exit Murraie Dungeons, comes a robot's voice. I look around to see where the voice is coming from and see the padlock that traps me here, glowing blue. You are forbidden to do anything against your faithful King and Queen Murraie.

I ignore the monotone voice. It was all speaking lies, about the king and queen being faithful. I wonder if the robot even knows what it is talking about.

I step out of the dungeon and I am met by a bright light, which I recognise as a sun, burning brighter than ever before, yet this place hasn't changed. Not a bit.

The world is exactly the same as it was when I was ordered to hide behind the prison walls. Nothing has changed, though there are even more people starving and begging people for money.

Women with children cloak the streets, dressed in the traditional brown dresses and tattered shawl. The children are screaming and I could almost hear the growls of their stomachs echoing off the brick walls that surround each side of the street. Men are rushing around trying to find work to feed their families, which are probably the women that line the street.

I am out of the prison and off to make a difference. I am off to change the earth once and for all.

Even if I die doing it.



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