Life as a Dreamer.

When Jeannie meets the well-known and recognized mucisian, Lucas, she has absolutely no clue about the consequences of his company. As their relationship develop, she is forced to deal with everything in Lucas' life and soon she cannot tell his and her own life apart. The true dangers of mind-twisting games, fame, alchohol, forbidden love and drugs are displayed in these pages, written by Jeannie, which may be diary-entries, may be letters. You'll find out. Or maybe you already know.


1. ★ Prologue



The tragedy and sorrow of hopeless love is devastating.

You feel a stab of pain in your heart, 

when he looks into the eyes of a nearby stranger and sends them that gorgeous crooked smile,

 which will never be intended for you; 

and yet you're still filled with warmth and joy, just because you got to see that heartbreaking smile of his. 


The deep unintended love you feel for him is underestimated

His clear sky-blue eyes will never meet yours, simply because you don't exist to him.

You're right there, 

but he's not aware.

So you bravely choose to exist and say "H-hello."

He forgets your face the minute after you greet him, and your name even faster,

but the simple fact that he knew, was enough to keep you smiling for days 

Maybe he has known before.


The knives which fling your chest wide open and exposure your heart, may be mental,

but the pain of him leaving feels just like it.

And whether he will gone for an hour, a day, a month or a year,

you will never be capable of making him stay.

You know.

You will always know.

You're not meant for each other.

And yet this struggle has been going on for months, maybe years..


The life of a dreamer is dangerous;

heartbreaking, tragic, unintended, underestimated, mental

Being a dreamer is like having wings but not being able to fly

You will fly.

But he isn't going to help you.

You know,

but you keep dreaming.



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