Life as a Dreamer.

When Jeannie meets the well-known and recognized mucisian, Lucas, she has absolutely no clue about the consequences of his company. As their relationship develop, she is forced to deal with everything in Lucas' life and soon she cannot tell his and her own life apart. The true dangers of mind-twisting games, fame, alchohol, forbidden love and drugs are displayed in these pages, written by Jeannie, which may be diary-entries, may be letters. You'll find out. Or maybe you already know.


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★ 21:00- 22:00

The men had given us a tiny plasticbag of green pills. The only required payment was for them to know my full name. Jeannie Louise Anderson – and that was it. We got the pills, and more importantly, Lucas looked pleased. Although I was completely blunt about the even thought of having to eat one of these pills, I knew it would be dangerous.

“I’m surprised you didn’t ask them if the amount of letters in your name was a code for the number of women they’ve been with,”
Lucas teased and ran a hand through his messy black hair, shooting a wry smile at me as we walked towards his “tour-bus” (oh yeah, they had one of those).
“And make them feel uncomfortable by pointing out that they’ll never get to your level of man-whore-ness? Please. I have more class than that.”
I snapped back at him.
“You don’t know me,”
he chuckled, clearly amused by my presumptions.
“I’m sure you wouldn’t allow me to get to know you.”
“Probably not, although you haven’t made much of an effort yet.”
“Tell me about yourself.”
“I’d rather hear about you.”
“My life is nothing compared to yours.”
“You’re great at assuming, Jeannie. Frankly, that’ll get you nowhere in life.”
“How would you describe yourself?”
“I don’t see freedom. I see duty.”
“Ouch, I feel stabbed by your preconceived words of knowledge, really. But you better be careful around fire, dear. Nothing is worse than being burned on a flame you’ve lit yourself.”
He smoothly answered - no sign of genuine emotion showing on his face.
I was about to answer, but he cut me off by the first word as I bumped into his back. He had stopped outside the bus, the lack of any sounds allowing the warm summer-night to be filled with expectations and tensions instead. I was nervous as hell. He leaned his forehead against mine, shortly.
“Eat it.”   

His fingers were wrapped around my fragile wrist, the palm of my hand facing the sky; in it were a few glistening pills, sparkling like diamonds as they threw back the moonbeams towards the dark sky. Lucas’ intriguing yet bright eyes held me speechless, his fingers tightening around my wrist. His demand was almost clearer unsaid, since every inch of him was forcing me on the small green pill.
“Jeannie, you just paid your freedom for these pills. You knew it wasn’t going to be all cosmopolitans and chit-chat when you followed me to that lounge, I’m sure. You’re not dumb. This is the catch,”
he spoke slowly in a calm and soothing voice, his hand stroking a lock of hair behind my ear as he did. PAID MY FREEDOM? What was he even saying? Unfortunately, I was slightly tipsy by then and only got hold of his command.
I swallowed hard, my throat being as dry as possible.
“How do you stop yourself from being pulled towards the devil?”
I sighed under my breath with clear traces of desperation in my voice.
“You don’t,”

At the same time, we swallowed a green pill each; a pill of damned and destruction.

//**AN: At this point, I would really like some more opinions on the whole story. I will continue the chapter in a day or two. For me, you readers are, what keeps me going and I really want to hear, what you feel is missing in the story, or just the pleasure of knowing that you're reading along. Alright? Thank you so much.


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