Life as a Dreamer.

When Jeannie meets the well-known and recognized mucisian, Lucas, she has absolutely no clue about the consequences of his company. As their relationship develop, she is forced to deal with everything in Lucas' life and soon she cannot tell his and her own life apart. The true dangers of mind-twisting games, fame, alchohol, forbidden love and drugs are displayed in these pages, written by Jeannie, which may be diary-entries, may be letters. You'll find out. Or maybe you already know.


3. ★ 2.

Still the 23rd of July, Southside Festival 2013


★ Have you ever experienced a moment, wherein everything was magical and surreal? Like being stuck in quicksand, just with reversed mentality – you want to dive in and bury yourself in that very instant and never make any form of contact with the real world again. Being stuck in the same unbreakable scenario and not minding it a bit?


As Lucas offered me his hand and pulled me on stage, I knew it would be one of those brain-melting and squeal-able moments. I was completely drowning in and swallowed up by the soft light curves and the flawless phrasings of his androgynous voice. I payed none awareness to the audience in front of us as he twirled me around and wrapped an arm around my waist from behind, pressing the back of my body against the front of his. I swear, fireworks were exploding as he shortly nuzzled the tip of his nose against the sensitive skin behind my ear and whispered the last chorus of the song in my ear, keeping the microphone close to his mouth.   


When the instrumental outro took over shortly thereafter, he released me from his embrace and lowered the microphone, allowing reality to interact with my mind once again (that’s also when I noticed my hyperventilating girlfriends). I turned to meet his gaze, a wide goofy smile spreading across my face, overpowering any glimpse of daydreaming in my eyes.  He clearly felt superior.
“I usually don’t do things like this,”
he told me, making my stomach even bubblier. He kneeled down and fetched a bottle of water.
“Hopefully now it will be much harder to forget me being in this band, am I right? Consider it a mild case of revenge,”
 he teased on, lighting every flirting instinct in me on fire.
“Maybe you should reconsider the meaning of revenge, Lucas,”
 I snapped back at him, only for my cockiness to be met by a crooked smile of his.
“Noted. Drinks are on you, Jeannie,”
he decided, mimicking the pressure I had laid on his name.
He gently brushed his hand along my back, probably just to shove me off the stage – after all he was a professional. I stared wide-eyed at my stunned girlfriends whose eyes grew with unintentional jealousy. One thing is for sure: If Lucas made people fall in love with him for a living, he would never ask anyone to buy his drinks.


My friends had heard it all. The intro of the next song started playing but my girls didn’t even as much as flinch as the band’s most popular song so far (judging by the excited roar of the audience) begun.
Tania, a close friend of mine, screamed at me, her voice breaking and her eyes filled with tears of excitement.
“Besides you breaking my eardrums? Uh, I think I just got pulled on stage,”
I laughed, trying to hide the bubbliness inside of me which I hopelessly failed at, since I caught a glimpse of Lucas smiling down at me which caused my cheeks to burn bright red.
“Freaking maneater,”

Tania yelled with traces of laughter in her voice. I could see it in her eyes – her admiration and approval of my soon to be “date” with Lucas. I glanced at the other girls who were just as stunned as Tania, but to my luck they all either smiled at me or turned their thumbs upwards.  Yep, I definitely had the best friends a girl could ever dream of, I decided and watched as they one by one turned towards the stage and started moving to the beat of the music.  


Honestly, I would’ve been perfectly happy with the simple thought of having a date with Lucas, but screwing everything up has always been a talent of mine. But since you’ve got no clue, what I am talking about, I will share the next four hours of the 23rd of July with you, although just the thought of that nights makes my chest hurt with the pain of a rib-breaking punch. Maybe that night was the real beginning of our story. Mine and his. Rib-breaking and heartaching even now. 

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