Life as a Dreamer.

When Jeannie meets the well-known and recognized mucisian, Lucas, she has absolutely no clue about the consequences of his company. As their relationship develop, she is forced to deal with everything in Lucas' life and soon she cannot tell his and her own life apart. The true dangers of mind-twisting games, fame, alchohol, forbidden love and drugs are displayed in these pages, written by Jeannie, which may be diary-entries, may be letters. You'll find out. Or maybe you already know.


2. ★ 1.


23th of July, Southside Festival 2013.


★ The beginning.


The sweet tingling smell of exotic food had been carried along with the warm summer breeze, all the way from the other end of the festival. Skies in orange, purple and pink were caressingly nudging the setting sun, almost as if they were holding on tight to a dear departing friend. Mild laughter and friendly conversations filled that gorgeous summernight with life. The far echo of a rock band’s sharp cries was to hear for everyone who had gathered around the yet empty stage.  This was the idea of an ideal festival-night. You know?


If not, try to imagine this estimate summernight the way I experienced it:

Excitement was sparkling in the air like glowing electricity, and the sound of chattering bottles around you, was the only link between you and the real world – the only thing that would keep your feet on the ground and stop you from daydreaming. Even though your dearest friends were there, right beside you, you still would’ve been perfectly happy by yourself. That, my friend, is the true definition of happiness.


In order to digest the moment, I took a few steps backwards and watched my friends with tenderness. They didn’t notice me leaving which I guess was because they were too busy discussing the band which would perform next on the intimate down-to-earth stage before us. I wasn’t familiar with the band and had no expectations at all – which by the way is a brilliant attitude when it comes to festivals, since even your favourite band might disappoint you. So instead of trying to learn the lyrics and melodies of their greatest songs along with my obsessing friends, I lit a cigarette and watched the sun set from my location by a majestic willow.


“Got a light?”


I quickly spun around by the sound of this soft, crispy voice and found my heart pounding as soon as I laid eyes on him.


He was, he is, the most beautiful creature, I’ve ever seen. His skin was white and pure as milk, glowing like silk in the sunlight. Only his cheeks had been slightly caressed by the sun, giving his pointy face a healthy glow.  His tar-black hair was cut over-the-ears, slightly shaggy and with side-swept bangs covering his forehead. Eyes big, crystal-blue and bright, framed by a long row of dark eyelashes.  He looked so young and clean, almost angel-like. Wide-jawed, slim-nosed and with curvy lips, he was, in that very moment, capable of making me obey his every order, just by tilting the corner of his lips upwards. 


An unlit cigarette was balancing between his lips, making the impression on his face slightly concentrated yet still questioning. I was about to break free from his intoxicating aura of beauty and speak up, but never got that far as he took matter into his own hands and lit it by slightly bumping the unlit top of his cigarette against my lit one, puffing on the mouthpiece multiple times. My own cigarette was still between my lips, and to me this gesture electrifying.


he chuckled, clearly amused by my stunned expression, and flashed a gorgeous set of pearly white teeth, his smile lighting his eyes up and leaving me absolutely breathless. He turned around, about to leave me behind. My usual eagerness got the best of me, as he took a step towards the stage-area.
I exclaimed, a bit too dramatic maybe – but just as I wanted, it caused him to stop and look back at me, the cigarette between his lips once again.  
“Not that silent after all,”
he stated and took a step back towards me, smiling wryly at me. I quickly glanced down his body. Tall and lean, dressed in black jeans, a white shirt with a stiff collar tucked into the jeans, and black suspenders. He looked as if he had just stepped out of an old and glamorous Hollywood-movie.
“Well, I wasn’t expecting company,”
I stuttered and fixed my eyes on the ground as he moved closer.

“Your misfortune,”
 he teased and stopped a couple of feet before me.


“I’m Jeannie.”


We both took a hiss from our cigarettes, while keeping our eyes locked together.

“Are you going to be at the concert?”
he asked, making a gesture with his head towards the intimate stage.
“Mhm, my friends are really into this band, so I guess I am looking forward to see what it’s all about.. I assume you’re going to be there too?”
While I talked, the expression on his face had grown indefinable. A slight smirk passed his lips as he nodded.
“I’ll see you there.”

 And by that he smoothly grabbed my free hand and kissed the back of it. Releasing it, turning, leaving. While he left, I just stood there, mindblown and deeply fascinated by this entire episode. Starstruck, bubbly and full of joy, I stubbed out my cigarette and made my way back to the stage-area, where a big amount of people had shown up while I was gone. 


One of my girlfriends shouted and waved me over.
“Where the hell have you been, Jeannie?”
She wrapped an arm around my shoulders and kissed my cheek.  I was about to share the incident with her, but then a loud cry escaped her lips: “JEANS, THEY’RE ON!”
Our early arrival had given us the finest spots, right in front of the stage. An instrumental intro started.
“Good evening, Southside! Are you ready to dance?”

His voice. I turned around and locked my eyes on Lucas who was standing behind the microphone.


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