Back For You (Harry Styles) FINISHED

Harry and Liz have been friends since they were little. Now that Harry is a big time star Liz thinks he has completely forgotten her. Liz has strong feelings for Harry and Harry has strong feeling for Liz. Neither of them have told each other. Liz wants to come clean and tell Harry and make all her dreams come true. Harry has a surprise for Liz and hopes that all goes according to plan. Will they finally be together and live the fairy tale they've both been longing for?


9. Chapter 8

I woke up the next morning and smelled something coming from the kitchen. Could it all have been a nightmare? I got up and ran to the kitchen and found Harry making breakfast. “Morning love. How are you feeling?” I looked at Harry and replied with “Still the same. I thought it was all just a bad dream.” After finishing my sentence the door bell rang. I got up only to see 4 guys standing on my door step. “LIZZY!” Louis said in his high pitched voice. “VAS HAPPENIN’?!” Zayn said kind of making me smile. “Hello Elizabeth.” Liam said. “Lizbeth! Oh how I’ve missed you!” my Nialler said as he hugged me tightly. As he did I started to tear up. “I’m glad you’re all here. Please come in. I will show you where you will be sleeping.” I said and right after Niall asked “Is that food I smell?” Louis, Liam, and Zayn say synchronized “Niall!!” I giggle just a bit and say “Yes. Harry is in the kitchen.” All the boys follow me to the kitchen “HARRY!” Louis shouts before anyone else can say it. Harry smiles at the sight of his band mates “Hello lads.” I leave them to let them talk and when I start to walk away Liam pulls me aside. “Are you okay Elizabeth?” I nod and try to fake a smile. “Are you sure? You know I might not know you as much as Harry does but you can always talk to me if you need someone to talk to.” I smile and hug him “Thank you Liam.” Again I start to walk away and head to my room. “Where do you think you’re going beautiful?” I hear from behind me, a thick Irish accent, making me smile. “Niall.” I turn around and look into his blue eyes. “Lizbeth are you okay? What’s the matter?” I run to Niall and start to cry while saying “She’s gone and she’s not coming back.” Squeezing me tightly “Sh-sh don’t worry she’s watching over you, you know that. What’s the one thing I always told you?” I pull back and look him in the eyes and say “The person might be gone but there still here.” He nods and smiles “That’s right. Now who are we talking about?” I look at him and smile with tears still running down my cheeks “My mom. She would have loved to see you just as much as she loved seeing Harry. She always liked you and Harry I don’t know why though.” Niall looked at me with a smile and kissed my forehead. “But you’ve always loved Harry. The boys and I could tell the day we all met you.” My mouth dropped. Was it that obvious that I was in love with Harry? 

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