Back For You (Harry Styles) FINISHED

Harry and Liz have been friends since they were little. Now that Harry is a big time star Liz thinks he has completely forgotten her. Liz has strong feelings for Harry and Harry has strong feeling for Liz. Neither of them have told each other. Liz wants to come clean and tell Harry and make all her dreams come true. Harry has a surprise for Liz and hopes that all goes according to plan. Will they finally be together and live the fairy tale they've both been longing for?


4. Chapter 3

Harry sat in front next to his mom leaving me in the back seat all alone. “So harry how are the boys?” I asked just to make conversation. “Oh the lads are all doing well. We are glad to be able to spend time with our family and friends after so long. Which reminds me, mom the lads are going to come over in a couple of days, is that alright?” Anne looked at Harry and said “Yes of course they can. I haven’t seen all of you together since the show.” I smiled and said “Yay! I get to see my other friends.” Harry looked at me and smiled his cheeky smile. I was so happy to have my best friend back in my life. When we arrived back at my house Harry hopped out of the car and opened the door for me to get out. After shutting the door behind me Harry walked me to my door “Is your mother home?” “Yes. Would you like to come in and say hello?” he looked at Anne sitting in the car and said “Yes but just real quick.” We walked in and my mom was sitting in the living room. “Harry! Oh my word how you’ve grown. Elizabeth doesn’t he look handsome?” Harry looks back at me and I blush. “Mom Harry has to go Anne is waiting for him in the car. He just wanted to say hello.” Harry looks back at my mom and says “Yeah I should get going my mom’s waiting but it’s nice to see you again.” “Yes it sure was. Tell your mom to come over for dinner tonight you and your sister come along too.” Harry nods and grabs my wrist dragging me to the door “Looks like I’m going to be seeing you later.” He said with a wink then kissed me on my cheek. “See you later beautiful.” He said as he walked away getting into the car. “Well seems like he really missed you.” My mom said as she walked into the kitchen. “Mom stop we are just friends plus he probably has a girlfriend already.” I said walking towards my room with my head down. “I heard he just broke up with her. He broke up with her cause she wasn’t what he thought she was.” My head shot up in excitement to hear that Harry was indeed single. “Tell me more! What else did this source say?” I said running to the kitchen to get more info. “All I know is that he has a crush. But he won’t say who it is.” I looked at my mom with a frown and turned back to head to my room. “Get ready Anne, Harry, and Gemma are coming over soon.” I walked into my room and thought about how different it would be to not just be Harry’s best friend but his girlfriend too.

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