Back For You (Harry Styles) FINISHED

Harry and Liz have been friends since they were little. Now that Harry is a big time star Liz thinks he has completely forgotten her. Liz has strong feelings for Harry and Harry has strong feeling for Liz. Neither of them have told each other. Liz wants to come clean and tell Harry and make all her dreams come true. Harry has a surprise for Liz and hopes that all goes according to plan. Will they finally be together and live the fairy tale they've both been longing for?


3. Chapter 2

“Liz Anne is here. She’s waiting for you in the car.” My mom yelled from down stairs. I was almost done getting ready just putting on some finishing touches. I’m so nervous to see Harry. It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen him. I rush down the stairs and give my mom a kiss “See you later mom I will call you when we get there.” “Okay Lizzy. Good luck.” She said as she winked in my direction. “Thanks mom.” I said with a smile as I rolled my eyes. Running to the car I hop in and Anne says “Good morning daughter. How did you sleep?” Did she really just call me her daughter? I laughed and said “I slept well. How about you mom?” She smiled and said “I slept fine thanks. Now shall we go get our handsome man?” I nodded and smiled this is the day I get to reunite with the guy I truly loved. We arrived at the airport with a few minutes to spare. I had to calm myself down and figure out what to say to Harry when he got to us. But by the time I was almost done Harry arrived yelling to his mother “MOM!! I missed you!” “I missed you too Harry.” Anne said with tears filling her eyes. “Harry you remember…” Before she could even finish her sentence Harry interrupted “LIZ!!” He ran up to me and squeezed me “I missed you so much. I’m sorry I never called you or text you back I wanted to I really did but I got caught up with the band and rehearsals.” I wanted to so badly to tell him my true feelings but instead I said “It’s okay I understand.” After our little reunion we headed towards the car. Harry had his arm around me while we walked to the car. Anne kept looking in our direction smiling at me making me blush

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