Back For You (Harry Styles) FINISHED

Harry and Liz have been friends since they were little. Now that Harry is a big time star Liz thinks he has completely forgotten her. Liz has strong feelings for Harry and Harry has strong feeling for Liz. Neither of them have told each other. Liz wants to come clean and tell Harry and make all her dreams come true. Harry has a surprise for Liz and hopes that all goes according to plan. Will they finally be together and live the fairy tale they've both been longing for?


18. Chapter 17

*1 year later*


            “Harry are you ready?” I yelled getting baby Ariel ready to visit her grandfather. “I’m coming babe give me a minute.” I laughed and rolled my eyes. “You know you can be a real girl sometimes.” I start walking out the car trying to carry as much as I can so we can get going. Harry comes running out the door. “Babe, what are you doing? Don’t you know it’s my job to take everything to the car all you need to worry about is you and the baby.” I look at him smiling “I knew life would be better with you. Thank you Harry.” He looks at me “For what?” “For everything. It means so much to me that you are here with me.” He looks at me with his green eyes, cheeky smile and says with his thick raspy British accent “Don’t thank me love. You did this all on your own, except the baby part that was all me. I told you whenever you need me I’m here for you no matter what. I will never leave your side don’t you ever forget that.” I smile looking up at him and wondering how I got so lucky to have someone like Harry Styles in my life. It’s like I was living my lifelong dream and it was all thanks to Harry for making it happen. Staring into his eyes “I love you Harry Edward Styles.” Kissing me on the lips he replied with a whisper “I love you too Elizabeth Jane Styles.” My mom would be so proud of me that I told Harry my true feelings that day. 

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