Back For You (Harry Styles) FINISHED

Harry and Liz have been friends since they were little. Now that Harry is a big time star Liz thinks he has completely forgotten her. Liz has strong feelings for Harry and Harry has strong feeling for Liz. Neither of them have told each other. Liz wants to come clean and tell Harry and make all her dreams come true. Harry has a surprise for Liz and hopes that all goes according to plan. Will they finally be together and live the fairy tale they've both been longing for?


15. Chapter 14

2 months later I started to feel sick. It was to the point where I couldn’t eat anything and everything smelled rotten. I called Anne “Hello?” “Hello Anne. It’s Liz.” She took a deep breath in “Oh Liz how are you sweetie? Are you doing okay?” I nodded and remembered she couldn’t see me. “Yes I’m doing fine except I can’t keep anything down.” “I will be there in a few minutes.” She hung up before I could say anything else. About ten minutes later I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to see Anne standing there “What’s wrong Lizzy?” I looked at her and said “I’m not sure.” “Well let’s get you to a doctor.” She rushed me out the door and into the car. We drove to the hospital and waited to see the doctor. “Elizabeth Gonzalez!” I stood up and was shocked at who I saw. The man that was trying to talk to me at my mom’s funeral standing right in front of me “Eliza-…” he looked at me eyes wide open. “You’re the man from my mom’s funeral?” I said forgetting why I came Anne walked up and cut in “Look Dr.?” he looks at Anne “Oh I’m sorry I’m Dr. Martinez but you can call me Daniel.” Anne looked at me and then back at Daniel. “Okay Daniel we just need to see what’s going on with Lizzy here. She said she can’t keep anything down.” Daniel looked at me and then at Anne “Okay you will have to wait here since you are not permitted to come back. Follow me Elizabeth.” I looked at Anne letting her know I would be okay. We walked back to a little room “Okay Elizabeth I’m going to need you to pee in this cup here we are going to give you a pregnancy test.” My eyes widened thinking back to the day Harry left back to America. Taking the cup from Daniel I knew what the results were going to be. “Let me know when you’re finished.” I give him a fake smile. Pulling out my phone I call Harry. No answer so I get his voice mail. “Hey babe, um call me when you get this I have something to tell you. I miss you and I love you.” I hung up. About five minutes later I walked out to let Daniel know I was done. “I will be right back with the results Elizabeth.” He said as he left the room. As I sat there waiting for the result a lot was going through my mind. How would Anne react if she found out I was pregnant. She would obviously know who it was from. What would happen to Harry? I stood there trying to think of a way to tell Harry. Daniel walked in “Well congratulations Ms. Gonzalez your pregnant.” I started to cry happy tears. “Thank you so much doctor.” I was about to walk out the door when I noticed Daniel wasn’t happy to tell me the news. “Daniel, Is something wrong?” he shook his head crying. “I know I’m just a patient but I’m here if you wanna talk.” He chuckled and looked at me “The day at your mother’s funeral I was trying to tell you something.” I nodded “I was trying to tell you I’m your father. I don’t know what your mother told you about me but I moved back here because of you and your mother.” I looked at him “What do you mean?” “Well you see you weren’t born here in London. You were born in America. That’s where your mom and I met. The moment I saw her I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. The day we found out we were going to have you we got married. I thought we were going to be together forever. After she had you she decided she to disappear. But when I saw your picture in the paper a couple of months ago with Harry Styles I knew I had to come out here to find you.” I looked at Daniel and smiled. “I’m glad you’re here now. Maybe we can get together sometime and talk more I would really love to have you in my life.”  He looked at me and nodded “That would be nice.” We walked out of the little room and over to Anne. “So what’s the verdict?” I look at her smiling “I’m pregnant!” she starts crying knowing its Harry’s.

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