Im babysitting who!?

I was a girl living in home, not really a home, but it was a place to sleep. Im a senior and waiting to move out first. I needed a nanny job. I got a call on the last day of school and i was nannying 5 boys. Great. Well at least it was a job...right?


4. Which one?

I woke up the next morning in my bed. I thought that I was downstairs next to the couch? I heard a little snore and almost fell off the bed. I turned around and guess who it was? Harry.

"Harry." I said kicking him. "Harry. Harry! HARRY!!!" 

"Whaa-aa-t?" He moaned.

Oh. ma GAWD. That morning voice. asdfghjkl. Its husky sound just sent butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I couldnt help myself but smile. 

"Why are you in my bed?" I asked.

"Why not?" He answered.

I shot him a look while he turned around to look at me.

"Seriously." I asked again, "Why are you in my bed?"

"Weeell, I carried you upstairs because you fell asleep and i just decided to sleep in your room because i was to tired to walk to my room. I started to fall asleep on the floor but decided it was to uncomfortable so I slept in your bed." He said with a smile.

I gave him a blank stare and got out of bed. I walked over to my closet, shut the door and picked out a pair of sweat pants and a baggy tee-shirt. I slipped off my jeans from yesterday and put on the sweatpants. I then put the shirt on over my tank top. I walked out of the closet and Harry was gone. Good. I was just about to walk through my door when someone jumped out and yelled.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" i screamed with a high pitch, "OH MY GOD!" 

"haha its just me." Harry laughed out.

"I hate you!" I yelled.

I ran out the door and down the stairs. I saw Zayn walking toward the stairs and all of a sudden i started to fall, face first. Everything was going in slow motion. I saw the stairs under me and i started screaming. I noticed Zayn had his arms out and then caught me. 

"Oh my goodness. I think you just saved my life!!!" I gasped out.

"Um, yes, yes i did." He said proudly. I then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

I saw Harry walk past us and shot Zayn a look. I wonder what that was for?

"Did you and Harry get in a fight or something?" I asked Zayn.

"Not that i know of." he replied with a confuse look on his face.

Hm, weird. Maybe i should go talk to him. Zayn let me out of his arms so i could stand up. I gave him a smile and started walking away. I felt an arm grab onto my wrist.

"Hey, wait. I was um wondering if maybe you uh wanted to go get um some lunch with me uh later?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah! I would love that!" I said enthusiastically. This is my chance to kind of get to know Zayn a little better!

"Cool. We can leave at noon." he replied with a smile.

I walked over to Harry and the rest of the boys.

"So, what were you and Zaaayn talkin about?" Harry asked still giving Zayn a look.

"None of your business." I answered.

"Fine then." Harry growled.

"Why do you keep giving him nasty looks?!?" I whisper-yelled.

"I'm NOT!" He said back with the same loudness as he walked away. 

I looked at the clock. It was 11:15AM!! I have 45 minutes to get ready! I ran upstairs and started the shower. I slipped off my clothes and jumped in. The hot water burned my back but it just felt so good. After about 15 minutes, I got out of the shower. I dried my skin off and put my hair into a towel. I ran to my closet and picked out a casual dress that i got from Jack Wills. I picked out a hot pink bra and a light blue lacy pair of underwear. I went back into the bathroom and put everything on. 

I went to my makeup and picked out a black eyeliner and a mascara. I didnt need any foundation stuff because my skin was like perfect. No blemishes or red spots! I put on a small amount of eyeliner and a little mascara so it would look more natural. It was now 11:45AM. 15 more minutes. 

 I took out my hair, brushed it and then blow dried it with a diffuser so my hair wouldnt get frizzy. I pulled my bangs back and secured them with a couple bobby pins. Alright now i just need to brush my teeth and pick out my shoes. 

When i was done brushing my teeth i went to my shoe rack and grabbed a pair of dark blue flats with bows on the toes. I walked over to the mirror and said that i looked goooood to myself. I smiled and walked downstairs to see Zayn standing there. 

"You ready to go?" He asked.

"yup!" I replied.

He smiled as he opened the door to walk out of the house. 

"Why thank you." I added

He nodded as he followed me.


How did ZAYN have the guts to ask Aria out. She is supposed to be falling for ME. Just ME. She noticed that i was giving him dirty looks too. I hope she realizes that she is meant for me not him. 

She looked so beautiful in that outfit. I wish i was the one bringing her out to lunch. She deserves me. Please pick me.


Zayn drove me to a... Nandos? We ordered our food to go. We walked to the park and sat at a picnic table. It was a great time to talk. 

"How come you took Simon's job offer so fast?" Zayn asked. 

"oh, um..." I tried to think of a lie. I didnt want him to know that i got abused.

"I shouldn't of asked. Sorry." He said quickly.

"Oh, no. Its okay. really." I replied.

He looked at me with a smile. Agh. How do i tell him? You cant just say, Oh yeah, i was abused. Thats why.

"Well, I needed the money for college and i hadn't gotten a nanny offer yet and so when Simon called i immediately took the job offer." I said feeling so guilty about lying.

"Ah, I see." he started. "Do you have any siblings?"

"Not that I know of. My mom and dad split when i was little and i got stuck with my dad. I never really knew my mom so i might have a sibling living with her but i don't really know."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Another thing i should't of asked about." Zayn added.

"seriously, it's totally fine." I answered.

We ended up talking for 3 hours! Zayn ended up being a really sweet, caring guy, Nooo, now i think i'm falling for him now too. Great. Another famous crush. As we arrived back at the house and walked through the door, everyone was staring at us.

"So, what did ya guys do that took 3 hours?" Harry asked.

"We talked and had lunch..." i replied.

"uh huh." Harry responded with the sound of saying yeah right. No one believes you.

"I'm not kidding. At least I don't sleep with people that i just met!" I yelled at him.

I ran upstairs and slammed my door. I heard footsteps running upstairs. 

"You go in there!" One yelled.

"No way! You go!" The other whispered.

"Fine. I will." I heard yet another say.

I saw the door open and it was Harry. Great.

"What was that!?" He asked.

"I dont know." I mumbled. "Im sorry. It's just that you have been really weird lately and i want to know whats going on."

"You're right." he said, "I should tell you. Maybe i should show you."

He then kissed me. His soft lips on mine, i could feel his eyelashes touch my face. Sparks were flying everywhere. Sparks. I felt sparks. Do i seriously like him? Just then I heard the door open. I looked over and it was Zayn. His face dropped. 

"Well I know now who you like better. And i see it isnt me." He mumbled. 

"Zayn! Wait!" I yelled.

Great, now he hates me. I really liked him. What do I do?! I started to get up when i felt Harry's hand grap my wrist. 

"Just leave him. I liked you first. Please, I really like you." Harry said.

Now I have to choose. I don't know what to do. I hope they don't fight because of me. I really hope they dont.



Hey guys! I hope you liked this one. Please give me feedback and comment on what you want to happen. Should she pick Harry or Zayn? I would really like if you chose. I might be able to update soon but i don't know. I have a lot of tests this week and I have softball practice everyday. So sorry if i can't update as soon as you would like. Anyways, I hope that you enjoyed this one! BYE!

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