Im babysitting who!?

I was a girl living in home, not really a home, but it was a place to sleep. Im a senior and waiting to move out first. I needed a nanny job. I got a call on the last day of school and i was nannying 5 boys. Great. Well at least it was a job...right?


5. Them too?

I looked down at Harry with hurt in my eyes.

"Please." I said in the most innocent voice I could. 

He let go of me and I ran out of the room. I saw the rest of the boys look at me as I ran down the stairs. I saw Zayn grabbing his jacket. 

"Zayn, stop!" I yelled.

"Why? So I can watch you and Harry shove your tongues down each other's throat?" He snapped back.

"No! He kissed me! I swear! Please stay I really need to talk to all of you as a group." I replied

"Fine." he hissed back.

I walked over to the kitchen to start making dinner. I decided that it was time that we all sit down at the table for dinner and TALK. We all need to get some things straight. I took out some spaghetti noodles and a pot of water. I boiled the noodles and took out the sauce. 


They all came running down in a little pack. They all had a look on their faces like 'what did we do this time?'

"I made dinner. We are all sitting at the dining table so we can have a little chat about what happened today." I said in a sweet voice.

They all took plates and scooped up some spaghetti noodles and sauce. They all took a seat silently.   

"So, guys..." I started.

They all looked at me.

"um, I have to have a little chat. So please just listen." I began.

"Yeah, maybe give us an actual answer!" Zayn mumbled under his breath.

I glanced at him. He wasn't even looking up at me.

"Well, what happened today isn't that complicated. I went to lunch with Zayn and we TALKED. After Harry came in and he kissed ME. Okay? He kissed ME. I didn't have a choice but i didn't kiss him back. Please forgive me Zayn." I begged.

He looked up at me almost crying, "Fine, I forgive you." He finally said.

"Really? Oh my, thank you so much!" I practically yelled while getting up and giving him a hug.

As i sat back down I said, "Okay, now i have another question for you."

They all looked at me with the looks of 'great, more talking.'

"You guys, I'm getting mixed messages. I need to know who out of you guys likes me. Like actually like likes me." i said in a stern tone. "Just raise your hand i guess."

Harry raised his hand fast and then Zayn. Good, only two of them. About 10 seconds later Niall raised his hand. After that Liam raised his hand. I waited for Louis but he never did.

"You guys too?" I sighed out.

"Yeah...." Liam and Niall mumbled.

"Well, um this is weird." I added, "Didn't anyone tell you to not like your babysitters!?"

"Not that I know of..." Niall replied.

"Well, I have an idea." I responded.

They all looked at me like 'WELL TELL US!'

"How about I take a week for all of you and I will be your 'girlfriend' for that week and at the end of the four weeks I will choose who I really like." I suggested.

"I CALL THE FIRST WEEK!" Harry yelled.

The rest of them glared at him.

"Second week!" Niall yelled.

"Third!" Zayn said after.

"I guess I have the fourth week then?" Liam sighed.

"Haha it's okay Liam. Harry, your week starts tomorrow." I said.

"Do we need to set any rules and boundaries with this?" Liam asked. Typical Liam.

"Oh, yeah. I guess that would be a good idea." I responded.

They all nodded.

"Louis, help me figure this out." I gestured to him to come with me.

He followed me up the stairs into my bedroom.

"Okay, so since you are the only one that doesnt like me then you will help me." i told him

"Okay, so they shouldnt be aloud to kiss you unless you kiss them first. And also they can sleep in the same bed as you as long as they don't touch you from waist down." Louis blurted out.

"Good idea! Anything else?" I asked.

"nope, not that i can think of." Lou responded with his thinking face on.

"Alrighty, then lets go tell them." I said quickly.

Louis and I ran down the stairs as I saw all the boys staring at me.

"Alright, so the rules are that you are not aloud to kiss me unless i kiss you first, and you are aloud to sleep in the same bed as me as long as you dont touch me from waist down." I blurted out. 

They all nodded in agreement.

"Great!" I yelled out while sitting down.

The next day, Harry woke me up by tackling me on my bed so i would get up. 

"GET UP!" He yelled, "I have a great day planned!"

"Ughhh, but its like 7:00AM!" I mumbled

"I know! And it starts out with breakfast." He exclaimed.

"Fine. Do I have to dress fancy?" I asked.

"No, just casual. We will be doing other things today." He quickly said pulling me out of bed.

I got up and took a shower. I put on my makeup which consisted of some light foundation, some liquid eyeliner that came out with a wing and mascara. I put on a little lip gloss too. I pinned my bangs back with bobby pins so they would stay out of my face. I ran over to my closet and pulled out a pair of leggings and a long flowy top. I put them on and ran downstairs.

"Well don't you just look beautiful!" Harry exclaimed.

I started to blush. "Thanks" I said smiling.

He grabbed my hand as we walked out of the door.

"So what are we doing today?" I asked.

"Its a surprise." Harry said. "I can't tell you."

"ughh, fine." i said laughing.

As we walked farther down the driveway I didn't see any cars. What I did see though, was waaay scarier. It was a...



Hey guys! HA HA HA, I left you with half a sentence. Leave a comment below on what you think it is. Sorry that i havn't updated in awhile too. I have been really busy. Also, i had asked you if she should of picked Harry or Zayn but I decided for Niall and Liam to also fall for her so, sorry. But now I want to know which guy you think she should like the most out of the four that like her. Anyways, thanks sooooo much for reading this and commenting, and I have this whole week off from school because it's spring break so I will be able to update more:) So BYEE! 

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