Im babysitting who!?

I was a girl living in home, not really a home, but it was a place to sleep. Im a senior and waiting to move out first. I needed a nanny job. I got a call on the last day of school and i was nannying 5 boys. Great. Well at least it was a job...right?


2. Are they really famous?

  So apparently they are One Direction? Who the hell is that!?

"Ariaaaaa! We want to go to the maaaall!" Harry begged.

"Why? What guy likes to go shopping?" i asked

"Um, well we do. We also want to prove to you that we are One Direction." Liam said back.

"And there is food there. Specifically Nandos." Niall added.

"Fine, lets go." I gave up. 

As we walked outside i realized that i didnt have my car. 

"You guys, one small problem. I dont have a car." I quietly said.

"Thats okay. There is a limo." Zayn said back.

They have a limo. Like they own a limo?! i was right, they are rich. Maybe what they said is true. Maybe they are famous.

"You guys, seriously? We can just take a cab or -" i was cut off by Harry.

"NOOOOOO! Limo please" 

"FINE!" i shouted.

We got into the limo and it was huge! There were blue and purple lights and a mini fridge?

Harry kept glancing at me and i tried not to notice, but a few times i looked up at him when he was looking at me and he quickly looked away. Weird. Am i ugly? Was he staring at me because he liked me? No. I'm NOT dating one of the boys that i nanny. NOT HAPPENING. 

"We are here!" Louis yelled.

Ugh finally. No more awkwardness between Harry and I.

We all had to run inside the mall so we wouldn't get trampled by 'fans'? As i walked inside i noticed that there weren't a lot of people. But the mall was HUGE!

"Holy. Shit." i whispered so no one could hear me.

"Have you been here before?" Harry asked as he came up beside me. He was uncomfortable close. I took a step away from him.

"No, i have never been to a mall with me living with my dad and all. I have never had a mom to bring me shopping." I said back not looking at him.

"Well then, we will show you how to have a little fun." He said while smiling. I noticed that he had dimples and a really cute smile. No Aria. You can not fall for him. Control yourself. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into one of the stores. Jack Wills? 

"Come on! Try everything on!" Harry begged.

"No! I hate shopping! Well, i think i hate it, most people do." I tried to convince him

He shoved a whole bunch of dresses,shirts, jeans and some... underwear? Who does he think he is to be picking out my underwear!?!

"UGGGHHH FINE!" i shouted.

As i went into one of the dressing rooms, i sat on the chair and thought that maybe i could pretend like i tried them on  and they wouldnt know.

"Aria! Hurry up! We want to see them on you!" I heard Liam yell. At least i think it was Liam. 

Great, that plan wont work. Now i have to  try them on.I picked up a navy blue dress with little anchors on it. I was sleeveless and i thought to myself i have never worn a dress and i wont start now. Okay maybe i will try it on. As i slipped off my jeans and sweatshirt i saw all the bruises again. Oh crap. I hope this dress doesn't show them. I put on the dress and luckily you couldn't see the bruises. Wow, i actually look semi-good in this. I walked out of the dressing room and the boys' jaws drop instantly. 

"Wow, wow wow wow. Aria, you look beautiful. You NEED to get that!" Harry exclaimed.

"We will see." I said grinning.

I went in the dressing room and ended up getting a few shirts and like 2 pairs of jeans and that dress. As we walked up to the cash register the girl at the counter's eyes got wide. She had bleach blond hair, obviously fake, with tons of black make up on. Whore i thought to myself. 

"YOUR ONE-" she tried to scream out

"SSSHHHHHH!!!!" the boys all said in unison to cut her off. 

"Don't say it. please." Zayn said.

"I'm a HUGE fan!" she said a bit quieter.

"No kidding." i added. 

As she rang up all the clothes, the total came up to $679.09. 

"Holy shit!" I yelled, "I can't afford this!" 

"No worries, I will pay." Harry said smiling.

"I'm not letting you buy this." i said with a stern look.

"This is the least i can do." he said back

"Fine, i give up." I sighed.

He gave me a smile as he slid his credit card through the scanner. 

As we walked out three teenage girls were walking past and yelled "IT"S ONE DIRECTION! OH MY GAWD!" 

"Shit." Louis said looking worried.

The girls tried to run after them and they booked it down the hall. Harry grabbed my arm and he ran. Four more girls joined the running mob behind us, then two more and then ten more. There ended up being about 50 girls behind us. I tripped and fell to the ground. 

"Ouch! I twisted my ankle!" I yelled at Harry.

He picked me up bridal style and carried me as he ran. Wow, he is strong.

"Hey, Rick, can you meet us at the east doors? We have a mob running after us..." Louis said into his iPhone.

As we ran through the doors i saw the limo. Each boy filed into the car. Harry set me on the seats and then jumped into the limo, closed the door and locked it. 

"Oh my goodness." is all i could say, "fine i believe you. You guys are One Direction. The famous boy band."

"So now you believe us!" Niall yelled with his Irish accent.

"Sorry?" I said smiling.

I could hear all the girls pounding on the limo. And all the screaming. The driver started driving and the screaming faded.

This is going to be an interesting summer.... 


Author's note: Hey guys! So this is the second chapter. Please give me feedback on what you want to read so i get some ideas in my head. Do you want more descriptive details or do you want the chapters to be shorter, longer or what? Please let me now and enjoy:)

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