The Best A Girl Could Get

Mariah just moved with her family to London and she meets a boy named Niall. Mariah takes Niall to meet her mom and something from the past causes trouble, what will happen to Mariah's family? What happens in Mariah's and Niall's relationship?


1. whoops...


Mariah's P.O.V 

Hello im Mariah Morales and im 21 i have brunette hair up to my chest, I  

have brown eyes and my favorite color is purple. i live in london. My family and i moved here about a month ago and i love it here but i have no friends and that sucks. Im from america and still have my american accent and Well I was in my room watching the telly when my nephews rylee and cash come in my room and say "Mariah my mom said to take us to the park to play!" I laughed and said "oh really since when does she tell me what to do?" they giggled and said "please riah can u take us?" "ok fine go get dressed." They left and got dressed so did I, i wore a purple flannel shirt with dark blue jeans, and my purple converse, i let my hair down and pushed my bangs to the side and pinned them with a bobby pen.I went down stairs and yelled "Rylee, cash you ready?!!?" they came running down the stairs and said "ready!!" cash said "let's play soccer!!" I smiled and said "ok let's go!" we walked to the park which is right down our street and we found a soccer field. I noticed 5 guys playing on the field next to us. Rylee said "Riah it will be me and cash verses you ok" I gave him a big smile and said "your on." we were playing and I would see a blonde boy looking over at us and rylee said "riah stop looking over at the blonde guy!" "I am not be quiet!!" we just continued playing and Rylee said "I bet u 2 bucks I could kick it high?" I laughed and said " rylee be careful  he kicked it high and was flying torwards the 5 guys so I yelled "watch out!!!" and it hit the blonde one... Whoops

Niall's P.O.V 

Well me and the lads were playing football and I kept glancing at this girl playing soccer with 2 younger boys and she was very beautiful. I went back to paying attention but I heard a "watch out!!" i turned and a soccer ball hit me. I fell to the ground and blacked out. I heard beeping when i woke up and I tried to open my eyes but it was kind of hard but I heard the lads and a girl talking. Harry said " do you mind staying in here with him love? We're onna get some food." and I heard her say "no I don't mind I would like to stay." then Liam said "ok thanks love, wait what's your name?" she said "I'm Mariah." zayn spoke up and said "I'm zayn, that's Louis, Harry, Liam, and the one over in the bed is Niall." "oh we'll it's nice to meet you all and these are my nephews rylee and cash." we'll I didn't know what else they were talking about their voices were getting blurry but then i guess the lads left and Mariah and her nephews stayed. I heard them talking too. "rylee anthony you are going to apologise for hitting him. Ugh what I'm I gonna tell your mother" he gasped " please don't tell mom that I did it please she's gonna get mad" "ugh I'm not gonna tell but you are gonna say your sorry to him ok?" wow she's gonna be a good mom someday. "ok I will" after they were done talking I decided to try and open my eyes.

Mariah's P.O.V 

We were just sitting there and we heard a moan coming from Niall so I got up and stood next to him and said "Niall?" his eyes fluttered open and said "yeah?" I smiled and said "hi im Mariah These are my nephews rylee and cash and rylee has something to say to you." Niall looked at rylee and rylee said "Niall I'm sorry I hit you with the ball I didn't mean it." Niall smiled and said "it's ok buddy hey you would be good on my team against my mates you should come and play with us some time you and your brother." rylee looked at cash and they both smiled and said " that would be awesome!!" Niall looked at me and looked back at he boys and said " well if it's ok with your aunt and your mom." they looked at me and I said " Its ok with me but You two have to ask your mom when we Get home" they both cheered. Rylee smiled a cheeky smile and asked "soo Niall do you have a girlfriend?" he smiled and said " no I don't. Im single" i thought 'hes single!!?? He's cute why would he be single' rylee and cash giggled and cash said "haha so is Mariah." Niall looks at me and smiles and I feel my cheeks turn red and i look down and play with my hands. The nurse came in and said "mr. Horan you are free to go" he smiled and said "thank you"

Niall's P.O.V 

Well the nurse just let me go which is awesome. Maybe I could drive Mariah home and get to know her more which would be amazing and whats even MORE amazing is that shes single. She looked at rylee and cash and said "ok guys come on let's go we're gonna miss the bus" "wait I could give you a ride home if you'd like?" she smiled and said "thank you that would be very sweet of you." we walked out to my car and we pilled in I texted the lads that I was out and would be home shortly. We got in the car and i asked "how did you get here?" "i drove with the guys here" "oh ok" we were talking and getting to know eachother and had a great time. We stopped in the front of her house and it looked beautiful.I said "well here we are and hey you live a house down from me and my mates." the boys got out and went inside. "thank you so much Niall and wow that means we will get to see each other more" she smiled. "Yeah that would be kool and no problem and hey maybe you could hang out with me and the lads sometime yeah?" she put on the beautiful smile and said "sure that would be fun." "ok We could meet up tomorrow at 2:00 at the park and you could bring rylee and cash if you'd like" "alright sounds like fun." she got out of the car and started to walk in the house. She turned and smiled at me then waved and I waved back. Then I parked the car in the drive way at my house.  


Mariah's P.O.V 

I walked inside and I heard Rylee talking to my sister Marissa He said "mom we met some boys there and they said we could come back and play with them tomorrow can we please go??" she thought for a while and said " Its ok with me but did u ask Mariah?" "yeah she said to ask you first" "ok then u could go" "YES!!!" and he ran up stairs with cash and told him the news. I went to my room and sat on my balcony listening to my iPod until I saw a red mustang. Omg it's my cuzin josh!! I ran down stairs and outside and gave him a hug and said " josh I missed you how are you?" (my cuzin is josh Devine lol) "I'm good thanks where's Your mom?" "in the kitchen, come with me" we walked in the kitchen to where my mom was making food and she saw josh and smiled big and said " josh how are you?" "pretty good but my mom sent me to ask you if we may come over for dinner tomorrow?" "of corse you can what time?" "I'm not sure yet but I'll ask her when I get home" "ok sweety I guess we'll see you tomorrow" "ok see ya later mary" me and josh walked out to his car and I said "is everything alright josh? You seem kinda upset?" "I'm fine Mariah" "ok well I'll see you tomorrow then bye" and I gave him a kiss on the cheek and a big hug. "ok bye" he got in and waved one last time and left. After that I walked inside the house and went to my room.  


Harry's P.O.V 

We got home from the park and Niall wouldn't shut up about Mariah he kept talking about how beautiful she was and that she has a wonderful smile. I get it she's really pretty but he doesn't need to tell everyone when they obviously could see that but I guess he's just in love. Which I could probably help out with. "guys I invited Mariah and her nephews to come play with us at the park tomorrow" Niall said. Great now I could see if she likes Niall. I love to be a match maker. "that's great Nailler." "Niall does she have a boyfriend you know I don't want you to try and take a taken girl." Liam asked Niall. "no she doesn't her nephews asked me if I was taken and I said no im single and they said so is she so yeah I'm all good now I just need to know how to ask her on a date." we all thought for a while then Niall said "ugh I'm too hungry to think." and he went to the kitchen and found one bag of chips and he told me "hazza can u get more chips please? Here 30 pounds buy the lads something too" I chuckled and said "fine" I got up and went to my car. I looked to my left and saw Mariah walk out of her house, hey i didnt know she lives there!, wait... She's with a guy and she kissed him im not sure if it was on the cheek or on the lips, and hugged him. Then she walked back to her house. Omg I have to tell niall. I ran back inside and said "Niall I have to tell you something follow me." he looked at me confused and nodded slowly and followed me to my room. Once we were in I closed the door and said "Niall Mariah has a boyfriend i think but I just saw her with a guy and she kissed him.......i think but, I'm not sure if it was on the cheek or on the lips" he was shocked, but mostly sad and said "but her nephew said she didn't and she didn't denie it." I hugged him and said " I'm sorry mate" "it's ok thanks for telling me though your a good friend Harry." I smiled and said "thanks Niall" he smiled a weak smile and left to his room.

Niall's P.O.V 

Well that kinda sucks that your crush has a boyfriend. But she didn't Denei that she had one when Rylee mentioned it though. I don't think I'm gonna go tomorrow.


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