The Best A Girl Could Get

Mariah just moved with her family to London and she meets a boy named Niall. Mariah takes Niall to meet her mom and something from the past causes trouble, what will happen to Mariah's family? What happens in Mariah's and Niall's relationship?


2. truth comes out


*next day* Mariah's P.O.V 

Well I woke up at 12:00, yeah I know I'm lazy, but I usually wake up earlier but I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking of Niall and his wonderful smile(haha kinda rhymed there xD) He's so cute and I REALLY like him but I don't think he likes me back. Well I got up and went down stairs and saw that josh was here. He saw me and said "morning sleeping beauty" I fake smile and said "ha ha ha very funny" he laughs and I asked "when did you get here?" "this morning i was bored so i came to hang with you but i guess you were bussy sleeping" i rolled my eyes and laughed then went to the kitchen to get some juice when my mom comes in and says "Mariah your awake I though you would never wake up" I roll my eyes and say "like I told josh.... Ha ha ha very funny" she laughs and says "Mariah josh will be living with us for a while they just lost there house and need a place to stay. So they are staying here." I smile and say "ok Kool" I got a bowl of cereal and sat next to josh who's watching sponge bob with rylee and cash. I checked the time again after a long while and it's 1:40. I get up and tell rylee and cash " guys go get dressed so we could go to the park" they get up fast and run to their rooms and get changed. I look at josh and say "wanna come to the park and play soccer with my new friends?" " you play soccer?" "well no I don't but I'm not gonna play just rylee and cash." "oh ok" "ok I'll be back I'm gonna get ready brb" I run upstairs and get dressed in some jean shorts with a blue flannel on and my blue converse. I have different coloured converse so I could match them with my shirt xD. I walk down stairs and see the boys are ready "ok let's go. Mom we are going to the park be back soon. " "ok be carful" "will do!" we walk out of the house and we are on our way to the park

Liam's P.O.V  

Well Harry told us what he told Niall last night about Mariah having a boyfriend. Something doesn't feel right thought. Why would her nephew say she's single and she doesnt denei it?She soo Nice why would she not say anything if she does have a boyfriend? Well I'll think about that later. I go up to Niall's room and say "Niall are you going to the park to play soccer with us, Mariah and her nephews or what?" he looked and me and shook his head. I sigh "Niall you can't just stay in here forever you have to go outside. Who knows maybe that isn't her boyfriend." he thought for a while and said "ok but if I see any sign of them being together then I'm leaving." "ok mate come one let's go" a few minutes later we get to the park and we see Mariah with her nephews and another guy about her age. I look and Niall and he looks like he's going to cry. And when I thought we would wipe his tears away he runs. Great

Mariah's P.O.V  

Well we were walking there and josh kept saying " what if they don't like me?" I look at him and say "josh calm down I'm sure they will like you" he smiled and Said "alright but if they don't I get to hit you" I laugh and say "alright but btw you don't hit hard you hit like a 3 year old" he pretends to cry an I give him a hug and said while giggling "aw I'm sorry Joshie I didn't mean to offend you" he smiled and said "I forgive you" and he put an arm around me and as we turned around the corner we saw the guys and said "they are going to love you" he smiled and laughed. We were half way there and I saw Niall looking really sad. Then next thing you know he runs away. I run up to the guys and said " what's wrong with Niall?" harry looks sort of pissed and says "he's crying because you have a boyfriend and u lied about it!!" he screamed at me. "HARRY STOP!!" Liam yelled. "boyfriend??!! What are you talking about??" "I saw you kiss him!!" and he pointed to josh. I looked at josh then at Harry. And I said in disgust "that's my cousin!!! And I would never kiss him in that way I gave him a kiss on the cheek and no where else!!" Harry's face expression turned in to a 'I'm soo sorry' face. Harry hugged me and said "I'm soo sorry Mariah I didn't know I will fix this" I stopped him and said "no Harry let me ok?" he nodded and I told josh "I'll be back ok can u watch rylee and cash please?" "sure" I hugged him and said "thanks" I went to rylee and cash and said "you better listen to josh ok or you won't be able to come here next time alright?" they nodded and I went to their house to talk to Niall. I got there and answer. I twisted the door knob and it was open. I walked up stairs and I heard sobbing coming from one of the rooms. I found where the sobbing is coming from i tried to open it but it was locked, so I knocked and he said "go away!!" I sighed "Niall let me in please" "don't you have a boyfriend to be with!" "would you open the door and let me explain please?!?!?" I heard foot steps coming towards the door and Niall opened it and said "what are you going to say that HE kissed you that day and it ment nothing or it's nothing serious, that you two are 'just' friends?well guess what I don't like a-" I cut him off by kissing him and a few seconds later he starts to kiss me back. We walk to the bed and sit down with out breaking the kiss. Once we sat down we pull away and he asked "what was that for?" I giggle and say " for you to be quiet so I could explain" he smiled a little and said "ok explain" "well the guy I was walking with today he isn't my boyfriend that's my cuzin josh. We are really close so he's like a brother to me more than a cuzin and I gave him a kiss on the cheek and no where else." he nodded and said "I'm sorry I should have asked instead of assumed. Do you forgive me?" "as long as you forgive me" he smiled "deal!" he put his hand out for me to shake but I moved it and kissed him again and he smiled and kissed back and we moved closer. He deepened the kiss and it felt amazing. We got interrupted by my phone ringing. We pulled away and and I giggled and said "one sec." he smiled and nodded. I saw that it was my mom  

📱start call📱 

Me: hello? 

Mom: Mariah what time are you coming home? 

Me: in about an hour why? 

Mom: cuz dinner will be ready soon  

Me: ok but mom can I invite someone to dinner please?? 

Mom: who 

Me: his name is Niall 

Niall looks at me and smiles  

Mom: ok just one right? 

Me: *laughs* yes mom only one  

Mom: ok see you in an hour then 

Me: alright see ya later bye  

Mom: bye 

📱end call📱 

Niall looks at me and asks "so I'm goin to your house for dinner tonight?" I smile and say "yes,well if you want to?" he smiles and says "I'd love to go" I jump up and say "yaaay" he laughs and right when I was going to walk out he pulled me back in and says "Mariah can I tell you something?" "yeah of course you can, what's up?" he looks nerves and says "look I like you a lot and I fell in love when I met you and when i got to know you and i was wondering if maybe you would like to be my girlfriend?...." I smiled big and looked down and looked in his eyes "I would love to Niall and I fell in love once I got to know you in the car." he smiled and we kissed again. "come on let's go back to the park and fully introduce you to my cuzin alright" "ok babe" I stop and look at him and he asked "what??" I smiled all big and said "I just liked it when you called me babe." we both laughed and continued walking to the park. He had his arm around me on my shoulder and I had mine around him on his back. We got to the park and walked towards them and they looked at us with smiles on their faces. Harry comes up to us and said "you too together or what?" me and Niall look at each other and I said "yes" and Niall kissed me on the cheek. Cash came up to me and said "ooooo Mariah has a boyfriend, Mariah has a boyfriend." me and Niall laugh and everyone else is saying the same thing as cash. I tell cash "be quiet mister or I'll tell mom you broke her bracelet." he gasped and walked away and I just laughed. I sat on the grass and watched all the boys play soccer. They were really good at it. I was jealous. I looked at the time and it's 5:32. I stood up and said " cash, rylee, josh, Niall time to go!!!" they all came running back and Harry said " awe you have to leave? And Niall your going with them?" I smiled at Niall and he said "yeah Mariah invited me over." Liam, Louis,Harry and zayn laughed and Louis said "better make sure your mom makes A LOT of food. Niall's a big eater" i Laughed and said "I'm pretty sure there is a lot of food and if not I would make my Nailler anything he wants." he looked at me and smiled and blew me a kiss. I smiled and blew one back. "ok guys lets go my moms waiting." "alright" they said together. We all waked to my house. Me and Niall holding hands and josh was holding Ryle and cashes hands. How cute hahaha. We walked in and i yelled "mom we are back!!" she yells "ok I'm in the kitchen!" she tells back "come on babe I want you to meet my mom." "ok" we walk into the kitchen still holding hands and I tell my mom "Niall this is my mom Mary, mom this is my boyfriend Niall." she smiles "oh it's nice to meet you, you could call me Mary." "ok well thank you Mary." "mom we'll be in my room waiting for dinner ok?" "alright" I had Niall follow me to my room once we entered it he said "wow this is nice" "thanks. Want to watch a movie?" "yeah what kind of movie?" I thought for a while and said "why don't you pick one" he smiled and said "alright but you'll regret it" I laughed. 2 minutes later he picks a movie. I try and grab it from him but he said "nope you can't see it yet." I cross my arms and pout my lips and say "fine" I walk to the bed and sit down. He puts the movie in and grabs the remote for the DVD player and sits next to me. Once the menu comes on it says 'nightmare on elms street' I look at the screen with my eyes open wide and look at him and he just smiles and says "don't worry nothing is going to happen" josh walks in and see's the tv "ooh you guys are watching a scary movie?" "yes and try anything funny I will kill you" I said to him with a serious face. He laughs and said "well I didn't say I was gonna try but I will now" he winks and says "well dinners ready so yeah come and eat." "ok coming" I get up but Niall pulls me down "babe what are you doing?" he smiles and kisses me. I smile which leads to a laugh and said "what was that for" he smiles and says "I don't know I just love doing that" we laugh and I put out my hand out for him to grab and pull him off the bed. As we walk out he walks behind me with his arms around my waist. We just laugh till we get in the kitchen. We take our seats as mom brings out the food. She comes to me and asks "Mariah can u help me please?" "sure mom" I get up and help her put the food on the table. Once we finished I sit back down next to Niall and we start to dig in. My mom really likes niall and she thinks he's great. " so Niall tell us about your family, when will we get to meet them?" "oh we'll right now they are in ireland and they almost have enough money to come out here and live here." "oh that's amazing. What's your moms name?" "her name is muara Gallagher she got remarried 7 years ago and i decided to keep horan instead of gallagher" I saw my mom's face got pale. I don't know what's going on with her but I have to find out. "mom are you ok?" "Mariah come with me to the kitchen please" "ok" she walked into the kitchen and I followed. "mom what's wrong?" she looked at me and said "I don't want that boy here at all. I want him out of here now!!" she yelled basecly for everyone to hear I guess. "mom why!!?" "because i said" and she walks back to the table to wear every one is and she goes to Niall and tells him "you need to leave Niall now." "mom he's not going any where until you tell me what's going on!!" she turns to me and slaps me. I fall to the ground and she turns back to Niall and says "OUT NOW!!!" he nodds and runs out the door and goes home. "WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS FOR!!!" she turns to me and yells "BECAUSE WHEN YOUR WERE 3 YOUR DAD LEFT US FOR MUARA!!!! AND SHE WAS MY BEST FRIEND!!" I look at her and said "you told me dad died... YOU LIED TO ME!!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR CHILDREN!!!!" "Mariah stop I don't want to talk about it" " OH SO YOU BRING IT UP AND SUDDENLY DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!!! IM LEAVEING!!!!!" "Mariah wait stop that's enough I was only trying to protect you" "well that didn't work now did it..." I ran up stairs and got a bag and filled it up with clothes for the whole week because I don't know when I'll be back. I walk down stairs with my bag and my mom says "where do you think you are going??" "away from you that's for sure!" "Mariah you get back here RIGHT NOW!!! I DONT WANT YOU NEAR THAT BOY YOU HEAR ME!!?!?" I turn around and said "goodbye mom I will never forgive you for what you did and I will always hate you. I can't believe you would do this..." I walk out crying and run to Niall's place.

Niall's P.O.V 

Well after her mom started to yell at me to leave I'm not quite sure why but that kind of scared me a little and thinking that Mariah is back there scares me even more. I went inside all scared. Liam saw that I was scared and said " you alright there mate?" I went to sit down and told them everything how I told Mariahs mom my moms name and how she freaked and yelled at me to leave and slapped Mariah and how scared I am that she could get more hurt. Liam said "don't worry mate she'll be alright." thats when We heard a knock on the door and Liam said "I'll get it you stay here ok" and I nodded. He got up and went to the door and I hear crying and I got up too look and it was Mariah crying. She saw me and said "Niall!!" she ran up to me and hugged me. "Mariah are you ok? What happend??" she just kissed me and said " it was horrible my mom told me that her and your mom used to be best friends and that after I was born which you were too, my dad left us and went with your mom and our moms had a fight and she didn't want me near my dad or muara and you." I was just shock and I asked "babe you still love me right no matter what our parents did in the past?" she smiled and said " of course I love you. I won't love nobody else except you." we smiled and kissed again. I invited her in and we sat on the couch. I had noticed her bag that she had and I asked "babe why do you have a bag full of clothes?" "I didn't want to stay there with my mom at all. I want to get away from her so I packed but I'm not sure where I'm gonna stay at maybe at my friends house or something." I thought to my self 'she could stay here why not she's your girlfriend and nothing will happen anyways' I smiled at that idea and said to her "babe you could stay here if you'd like I don't mind and I'm pretty sure the boys won't either." she smiled and came up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and asked "babe are you sure?" I pecked her lips and said "yes I'm sure babe" she smiled and said "alright thanks babe" "any time princess." we went to sit down on the couch and We watched 'lady and the tramp'. After that it was 12:23. I looked at her and she was falling asleep. I shook her and said "babe do you want to go to bed?" she looked at me and yawned and said" yeah" I got up and carried her to my room. "babe you could sleep on my bed and I'll sleep in Harry's extra bed in his room alright?" she nodded and fell asleep. I changed in to my pjs which was just shorts and no shirt. I kissed her forehead then walked into Harry's room and he was awake surprisingly. "hey mate what's up?" he asked. "is it alright if I crash here cuz Mariahs in my room and I want to let her sleep in peace." he nodded and said "yeah go ahead" "alright thanks mate" I laid down and fell to sleep.

Mariahs P.O.V.

He laid me down in bed, kissed my forehead and walked out of the room. I fell asleep to a horrible dream  

* Mariahs dream* 

I woke up in the morning and went down stairs and I saw blood on the floor. I walked into the kitchen and saw a hand on the floor behind the counter that's in the middle of the kitchen. I went around to see who it was and it was the person I love most.... Niall. I dropped on my knees and cried on his chest. Shook him and said "babe wake up!! Niall get up!!!! NIALL!!!!!!" but he wouldn't move. He's dead. Then I heard someone laugh I turn around and it's my mom with the knife in her hand. "I told you to stay away from him Mariah but you didn't listen so I killed him. And your next for leaving like you did and for the way you screamed at me." she started walking towards me and I screamed "NO!!! DON'T!!! MOM PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!!" she kept getting closer. "NIALL HELP!!!!!" after I said that she stabbed me  

*end of dream* 

I shot out of bed all sweaty and scared. I'm trying to breathe but it was like I just ran out of breathe I'm scared to even be in here alone. So I got up and quietly walked down the hall to Harry's room. I opened the door and looked inside. They are both asleep. I walked to we're Niall was and shook him awake, I whispered "Niall? Niall get up please." he moaned while sitting up and rubbing his eyes. "what's the matter love?" he whispered. "I had a night mare and can't fall asleep. Can you come lay with me please?" he got up and held my hand leading me back into His room. May I add that he looked pretty good without a shirt 😏. I laid down on the bed and he joined me after he closed the door and asked "babe what was your dream about?" I took a deep breath and said "I drempted that I woke up went down stairs as I was walking towards the kitchen I saw blood on the floor and it didn't look good. I made it to the kitchen and saw a hand I went over to it and it was you babe. I tried waking you up but you didn't wake up." I started crying and Niall just pulled me closer to him. I continued "I heard a laugh and I turned around and it was my mom she said to me that she killed you because I didn't listen to her when she said to stay away from you and because I yelled back at her. It was just horrible Niall. She started to get close to me pointing the knife at me and I kept calling you but you didn't help. And she stabbed me and I died. Niall I'm just soo scared right now. What if that dream becomes reall and I lose you and have no one?" I looked down but he lifted my head to look him in the eyes and said " babe I promise if you are ever in trouble I will help you. I will never leave your side babe never." I smiled and said "I love you Niall" "I love you too princess." I kissed him and we laid back down and I went to sleep in his arms while he quietly sings 'count on me' by Bruno mars.

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