The Best A Girl Could Get

Mariah just moved with her family to London and she meets a boy named Niall. Mariah takes Niall to meet her mom and something from the past causes trouble, what will happen to Mariah's family? What happens in Mariah's and Niall's relationship?


3. The BIG plan


*next day*

I woke up next to niall who looks adorable when he sleeps. I decided to get up and make breakfast for everyone. So I got out of bed, jumped in the shower. Then after I took a shower I got dressed went down stairs and cooked eggs, pancakes, and bacon. After I finished I placed them on plates. I also put the bag of carrots that said 'Louis carrots touch them and your dead' on them so I decided to put them next to his plate. After that I went back up stairs to wake every one up. First was Liam. I went in side and shook him lightly and said "Liam wake up. I made breakfast" he opened his eyes and rubbed them while sitting up and he said "alright I'll be down in a minute." "ok" then I left. 1 down 4 more to go. Next was zayn, i decided to make this one interesting😏so, I went in his room and shook him and said "ZAYN GET UP!!!! SOMETHING HAPPENED TO YOUR MIRROR!!!" I yelled and he shot out of bed fast and said "WHAT!?? WHAT HAPPEND!???" I tried not to laugh but it was kind of hard because his face was priceless "I'm just kidding zayn your mirror is fine but breakfast is ready so come and eat." I smiled and he looked pretty pissed and said "how dare you make a joke about my mirror... I will get u back for this." "can't wait" I stuck my tounge out at him. Ok 2 down 3 more to go. Next is Louis. I went to his room and said"Louis wake up your carrots are in trouble!!" he shot out of bed and ran down stairs yelling "MY CARROTS!!!" i laughed and moved on to Harry. I went to his room and shook him and said "Harry wake up." he moaned and said "5 more minutes" "Harry don't make me jump on you!" he moaned "go away..." "ok that's it" I got on the bed and jumped around him. He sat up and grabbed me and pulled me down and said "stop!" I laughed and said "not till you get up. Now move" he got up and said "geez your worse than my mother" I went after him and playfully hit his arm. We laughed and I went back to Niall's room. I walked in and he's still asleep. I walked up to him and kept kissing him all over his face and finally he woke up. He looked at me a smiled "morning princess" I giggled "morning babe how did you sleep?" "wonderful and I love the way you woke me up" "come one there's food down stairs we better go or it will get co-" he ran out of the room before I could finish the sentence. I walked down and every one was eating. Niall asked them "how did u guys get down here before me?" they all looked at me and Harry said "she woke us all up and it was horrible!" I laughed and said "oh stop whining you big baby" and I stuck him tounge out at him. We had a great breakfast. After that we decided to watch a movie which was 'toy story' and Liam put that on and no one wanted to watch it but I begged Niall to put it on because I wanted to watch it too. And he succeeded and we got to watch the movie and it was pretty Kool and I got to cuddle with Niall which was great. While watching the movie I saw zayn and Harry get up..... hummm I wonder what they are up too.

Zayns P.O.V

Well I wanted someone to help me with my payback on Mariah for lieing to me about my mirror So I asked Harry to help me and he agreed. We walked to the kitchen and I said "got any ideas for our payback?" he smiled and said "yup" "ok what is it lad?" "two words ........ permanent marker" I smiled and said " great plan but what are we going to do?" "draw on her face duh!" I smiled and said " alright awesome let's draw ..... a moustache on her yeah?" "sounds great and I got something I would like to write but you'll have to wait and see" "alright well we'll do it tomorrow morning alright?" he smiled and said "let's do this" we walked back into the living room and sat down and watched the movie. She'll never see this coming.

Mariah's P.O.V

Well we finished the movie and my phone rang. I looked a it and it was Marissa. so I got up and went to the kitchen.  

📱start call📱 

Me: jello?  

Marissa: hey can the boys hang out with you? 

Me: yeah I'll go pick them up right now.  

Marissa: alright thanks  

Me: no problem any time bye 

Marissa: bye 

📱end call📱 

I walked back to the Living room and sat next to Niall and ask "babe can u come with me to pick up rylee and cash please?" "yeah when?" "right now" "ok let's go. " we got up and headed for the door. "babe how long will they stay with us?" "umm I'm not sure but I'll ask her. Hopefully my mom isn't there." "yeah I hope I not" we walk to my steps and I opened and yelled "Riss I'm here!!!" she came down the stairs and said "hey Niall" " hey Marissa" "Riss where's mom?" "she left like 5 minutes ago." "oh ok well how long do you want me to babysit?" "well I'm going to be away for a couple of weeks" "WHAT!!??? I thought you were going to be gone for a day not weeks?!?" "yeah my jobs sending me to newyork to work on a project so I'm not sure how long I will be gone." I sigh "ok where are they at?" "upstairs I packed thier clothes and everything they are just playing video games." "right Kool" me and Niall walked up stairs and into the boys room "hey guys ready to go?" they look up and run to Niall and say "Nailler!!!!" and hug him "hey boys" then they come to me and say "riah!!!" I hug them and say "hey squirts you ready to go?" they nodded and I grabbed there bags and headed down stairs and Marissa went to them and said "ok guys you behave when your at Niall's house ok?" the nodded and she said "call me if anything then I'll get on a flight and head back here ok?" "Riss chill......I got this" we laughed and she said "right well I'll see you guys soon bye" and she left so I told the boys "ok let's go and get you guys unpacked ok?" "alright let's go!!" they screamed. We all walked back to Niall's place. Niall yelled "guys we're back!!" they looked up and saw rylee and cash and they ran to the guys and sat with them. I looked at Niall and asked "babe where will the sleep?" "there's a guest room across from our room." "ok well I'm gonna go unpack there stuff so i'll be out in a while." "ok love do you want me to help you?" "na I'll be alright you stay here and hang with the lads." he smiled and said "ok babe if you need me call me" I and said "ok babe" and gave him a kiss. I walked up stairs carrying there bags. I went in the guest room and put there clothes in the drawer and put there toys in a box all neatly. I finished about 35 minutes later. I looked at the time and it's 5:32 so i got my computer and logged onto Skype and saw that my sister Christina was online. Well it is 9:32 over there and we are 8 hours ahead of them. So I pressed the 'call' button and 3 seconds later I saw my sister Christina on the screen and she said "hey Mariah how's London!??" I smiled and said "it's great and hey I made new friends couple of days ago and they are awesome and hilarious" "wow that's amazing" "yeah and hey guess what??" she smiled and said "what?" I giggled and said "I have a boyfriend!!!" she got all excited and said "who? Is he cute? What's his name?" I laughed and said "one question at a time Kika" she laughed and said "just answer them!" "alright alright, well he's one of the people that became my friends, and yes he's cute but I prefer HOT! *giggles* and his name is Niall." "ooooo Mariah has a boyfriend!!" I heard someone say in the back round "WHAT!!?? who has a boyfriend?" oh it's my brother Danny but we call him DJ. "aaahh look it's DJ go away" "how rude!" I laugh "aaahh I'm just kidding bro. How are you?" "good and you?" "amazing!!" he laughs and turns serious "now did I just hear you have a boyfriend??" I smile and say "yes...... yes I do" he laughs and said "well id like to meet him" "ok you want me to go get him?" Kika said "yeah go get him!" "ok brb" I got up and walked down stairs and said "Niall I'm on Skype with my sister and brother and they want to meet you" He got up and said "ok babe let's go" I grabbed his hand and before we entered the room I told him "let me apologise about my sister and my brother..... mostly my brother he's protective so yeah.." " he laughs and said "ok Mariah" he pecked me on the lips and we walked in I front of the laptop and I said "DJ, Kika, this is my boyfriend niall and Niall this is my brother Danny and my sister Christina. And you could call my brother DJ." my brother said "hi Niall it's nice to meet you." "you too DJ and nice to meet you too Christina." we sat there and talked until the rest of the gang came in. "oh Kika and DJ I want you to meet the rest of my friends, this is Harry" Harry popes up on the screen and said "hello nice to meet you" "nice to meet you too" I continued "this is zayn, Louis and Liam" "nice to meet you boys"my brother said. "oh hey Kika guess who else is here?" "who?" she asked and rylee and cash popped up on the screen and they both said "Kika, DJ!!!" "oh my, you guys have grown. I miss you guys." I said "you guys should come and visit us it would be a lot of fun." they thought about it and said "sure that would be great." I smiled and said "alright just call me and let me know when you guys will be coming." "will do" "ok see ya guys soon bye love you." "love you too" do said "you boys take care of my little sister!" Niall replied "of course" then I closed my laptop and said "well I hope she can make it here I miss her and so do rylee and cash." Niall hugged me and said "babe don't worry they will come" I kissed him "thanks babe now lets go watch a movie!!" nail groaned and said "babe I'm hungry!" I roll my eyes and said "come on I'll make spaghetti" every one said "YES!!" except Niall that said "WHOOOHOOO!!" I laughed and walked down stairs to the kitchen and started to make spaghetti.

Niall's P.OV  

While Mariah left I told the lads "guy we should have Christina and DJ come as a surprise for Mariah" they nodded and Harry said "that would be a great idea" I saw Mariah's phone on the bed and looked for Christina's number and put it in my phone and texted her. 

📩text conversation📩 

Me: hey Christina its Niall 

Christina: oh hey what's up? 

Me: I wanted to know if its alright if we surprise Mariah with your arrival.  

Christina: yeah that would be awesome. We just need plane tickets I'm looking them up.  

Me: it's ok I could get you guys some my uncle works as a flight attendant and could get me two tickets for you to fly to London 

Christina: wow Niall that's great thanks  

Me: no problem just remember its a surprise  

Christina: my lips are sealed  

📩end on text conversation📩 

I went down stairs and saw Mariah in the kitchen so I went up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her cheek. "hey babe" she said. "hey princess." she smiled and said "it's ready babe I just need to put it on a plate for you." i smiled and said "here I'll get the plates." "thanks babe" I handed her the plates and she got A LOT of noodles and put them on the plate with the sauce and said "here you go Niall just for you" and she taps my nose. I smile and said "thanks babe" she soon got plates for the lads and the boys. She set them all on the table and yelled "GUYS DINNERS READY!!" they all came in and sat down and said "thanks Mariah"and started to dig in. The spaghetti was amazingly good.

Mariah's P.O.V 

Well the guys have finished eating and I washed the dishes. Once I finished I looked at the time and it was 11:34. I walked into the living room and found out that Harry was telling a scary story.... Nice -_- " well they were in a big house all alone and in the dark. They kept hearing thumping and moans getting louder and louder as they just sit in there room. It gets loud enough and sounds like it right infront of the door and the noises stop. they thought it was over, but it wasn't then Suddenly the door flew open and......... A ZOMBIE POPED OUT AND BIT THE KIDS!!!" rylee and cash screamed and all the guys were laughing and I walked to Harry and smacked his arm. He looked at me and said "OWW!! WHAT THE HECK!!!" "Harry why did u tell them a scary story right when they need to go to bed!!" "oh sorry" "yeah you better be and if they come to my room I'm sending one to sleep with you! And you better Not tell any more stories like that." he nodded and I told the kids "come on boys time for bed." they nodded and gave every one a hug and said goodnight. We walked up stairs and they changed into their pjs. They hopped in bed and I tucked them in and kissed their foreheads. Then said "night boys sweet dreams." cash sat up in bed and said "wait riah I'm scared." then rylee sat up like cash did and said "me too" I thought for a moment. 'gee thanks Harry your the best!' *sarcasim* I went in there bags a pulled out a night light that marissa packed just in case. "here I'll plug this in and then it won't be as dark as before ok?" they nodded but they were still a bit scared. "I'll leave my door open a little ok it's right across from your room." "ok" they said and laid back down. I left the room and went into Niall's. He was sitting down on the bed looking at his phone, probably on twitter, I walked in and sat next to him. He puts his phone away and says "hey babe are they asleep?" "well they are trying but they are scared. I'm going to kill Harry if he does this again." yeah me too." I looked at him and said "why didn't you stop him?" he looks down then back at me while scratching his neck. "umm. I kinda wanted to hear the story. Sorry love" I rolled my eyes and we stay silent for a while. Then I said "it sounded horrible not even scary" we laughed and he said "I'd like to hear you say a scary story." "yeah how about no. I don't tell really good stories" he laughs "hey it's not funny!!" he continues to laugh so I push him and he falls off th bed, i gasped and said "babe you ok?" he rubbed his head and said "yeah im ok" then he starts laughing again so i grabbed a pillow and throw it at him and lay down and facing away from him. He finally stops laughing and gets in bed and pulls me close to him and says "awe babe I'm sorry I didn't mean to laugh that much." "yeah right""come here" and he makes me turn to face him and said "I'm really sorry. Forgive me?" "hmmm nope"and stuck my tounge out at him and move away. He smiles and said "I know how to get your forgiveness" "oh yeah what?" "this" and he kisses me while pulling me back close to him. He pulls away from the kiss and said "do you forgive me now?" "wait" and i gave him a kiss and said "now I forgive you" he smiled and we were about to go to sleep when there was a small knock on the door and I sat up and it was cash. He said "riah can I sleep with you?" Niall sat up and said "sure come on buddy" he walked to Niall and he picked him up and laid him Down in the middle and cash cuddled up with Niall and I looked at Niall and smiled and he blew me a Kiss which I gladly returned. I'm glad they like Niall.

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