The Best A Girl Could Get

Mariah just moved with her family to London and she meets a boy named Niall. Mariah takes Niall to meet her mom and something from the past causes trouble, what will happen to Mariah's family? What happens in Mariah's and Niall's relationship?


4. prank time!


Zayns P.O.V 

Well the next morning I woke up early and grabbed a marker that i had on the desk and went to Harry's room and woke him up and said "harry come on let's do the prank before any one wakes up" he got up and grabbed a marker and said "alright let's go" we tip toed to Niall and Mariahs room and they were asleep. We walked up to Mariah and i started to draw a fancy mustache and i signaled that he could go and wrote on her cheek it said 'Harry is a sexy beast'. Wow he would put that, but good idea. We tried our hardest not to laugh out loud. Once we finished we left the room and went back to harrys room and laughed our butts off. Oh can't wait to see her face in the morning. This is gonna be good.

Mariah's P.O.V 

Well I woke up in the morning and saw that cash and Niall were asleep. I went to the kids room and saw rylee was asleep. I went back to Niall's room and went to the bathroom I looked in the mirror and screamed "OH MY GOSH!!!!!!" soon after Niall came in the bathroom and said "babe what's wro-" and he started giggling. "it's not funny Niall" he stopped and his face turned serious. "sorry babe who did this?" I examine my face and see the 'Harry is a sexy beast' and a moshache, I look at Niall and said "Harry and zayn" "how do you know?" "one, zayn told me he'll get his revenge and two it says 'Harry is a sexy beast' and I'm pretty sure the only one that says that is Harry"he nodds and I walk out of the room and into zayns room which Harry happened to be there. Once they see me they try not to laugh but they fail at it. "seriously you guys!! Ugh what am I suposed to do?" "well that's what you get for waking us up" zayn said. "well at least I made you breakfast!!" they nodded and Niall came in "guys really. Come on that's kinda mest up." they looked pretty sad and said "we are sorry Mariah we will help you get it off." "thanks guys but i think i got it and zayn nice touch with the mustache but really Harry, Harry is a sexy beast?" he laughed "yeah I know I am" I rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom and tried to take it off when Niall came in and said "babe you ok?" "yeah I'm fine why?" "your not upset?" "not really I can't stay mad at them and it gives me time to get payback" he smiled and said "alright well if you need help just ask" and he winked. "I will" his phone started to ring and he left to answer it. I finally got most of it off, well the mustache just not the Harry is a sexy beast. I went down stairs and Harry and Niall were making breakfast. "hey babe" Niall said walking to me and kissed my forehead "hey" Harry looked at me and said " oh looks like you still have my writing on your face." "yeah surprisingly zayns part was easier to take off then yours" he smiled and said "that's because zayn used a washable marker...... I didn't" "*gasp* you jerk!" we laugh and I walk to the living room and watch Niall play super heros with rylee and cash. They really seem to like niall which is great. Niall came and sat next to me and said "babe my mom was on the phone and she wants to meet you." I smiled and said "really? When?" "well they moved here yesterday so today would be good." "ok but what about the kids?" "they could come if they want." "alright what time are we leaving?" "3:00" "alright" I checked the time and it's was 12:20. We ate breakfast and the kids wanted to go to the park and we said yes so we all got ready and we were headed for the park but rylee wanted to get his soccer ball from his room at my house I said alright. Me and rylee were about to walk out when Niall grabbed my arm and said "babe are you sure, what if your mom is there?" "come with me?" he nodded and we went to my house. We walked inside and we were about to walk up the stairs when my mom came down and gave Niall a dirty look and said "what is he doing here?" "I invited him." I turned to rylee and said " hurry and go get your ball" he nodded and we up to his room. "I thought I told you to stay away from him" "well sorry mom but I'm 21 not 10 so you can't tell me who to hang out with or date." she walk past me and said "get out or you'll be sorry" I looked at Niall and said "babe wait outside please" he nodded. I gave him a kiss and he went outside "why are you doing this? That was the past just because muara is his mom doesn't mean he'll still someones girlfriend." she rolled her eyes and said "just watch he will do it soon." "whatever, rylee let's go!!" he came down stairs and my mom grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her I yelled "rylee go with Niall now!" and he ran out to him and my mom said "you aren't aloud to be here any more, you better get your stuff by this week or it's all going away!" I pulled my hand out of her grasp and yelled "fine I don't want to be here anyways!!" I ran out crying and Niall came up to me and said "babe what happend? Did she hurt you?" I hugged him and said "she kicked me out and no I'm fine" "ok come on you still want to go to the park?" I nodded and he held my hand and rylee said "don't cry riah it will be ok" I squated down and grave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek "thanks Rylee" he smiled and I stood up and Niall put his arm around me and rylee held my hand. We we got to the park and Niall asked "babe you gonna play?" I shook my head and said " no I'm ok babe you go ahead" he smiled and pecked my lips and ran off with the boys. I sat on the grass and watched them play. It's been 2 hours and they still are playing. I looked at the time and it was 2:20. I saw Niall look at his watch and told the guys lets go. They walked towards me and Niall helped me up. I asked "who won?" {it was Louis, Harry, and zayn VS. Niall, Liam and rylee and cash.} cash told me "we won!" I laughed and gave the kids and Liam a handfive and Niall a kiss on the cheek. Harry said "they only won because we let them win." "stop lying Harry" we laughed and started walking back to the house. I walked up stairs and Naill followed. I looked through my closet and found a beautiful knee high dress that was blue and put a brown belt on and wore white flats. I also put lip gloss on but I had to put powder on to cover up what Harry wrote on my cheek. Niall wore a blue polo shirt with light brow pants and white supras. After we were dressed I went down stairs and said "rylee cash come and get dressed." they got up and we walked to their room and cash asked "where are we going?" "we are visiting Niall's parents and I want you on your best behaviour ok" they nodded and cash wore a red plaid shirt with dark jeans and a black sweater vest and white converse. Rylee wore a white shirt with a navy blue blazer and black pants and he wore a bow tie with white converse also. "rylee where did you get that bow tie?" "uncle hazza gave it to me" "oh ok, well it looks good and did he buy you those clothes?" he nodded "figures" once I got them ready we walked down stairs and Niall asked "you guys ready?" we all said "yup" "ok guys we'll be back later alright" "ok bye" we walked to the car and Niall looked at rylee and laughed I looked at him confused and said "what" "rylees dressed like Harry" "I know but hey he looks pretty good" "maybe better than Harry" we laugh and Niall started the car. 10 minutes later we arrived to his parents house and it looked beautiful. We all got out and Niall came to me and said "ready?" "yup" he smiled and pecked my lips and I grabbed rylee and cashes hands and walk behind Niall. He goes to the door and knocks. 5 seconds later a lady with blonde hair answers the door, she looks very beautiful for her age. "Niall sweety it's good to see you" she huged him and looked at me and said "you must be Mariah, im muara and oh my you look beautiful" I smiled "thank you you look wonderful." "thanks darlin and who are these little ones" "I'm rylee and this is my brother cash" she smiled and said "oh we'll nice to meet you." she looked at Niall and I and asked "are these your kids?" "oh no these are my nephews I'm just baby sitting for a while." "oh ok well come on and have a seat." we all walked in and Niall goes to a boy that's a bit older than him and says "Greg I missed you" "I missed you too nialler" then he looks at me and says "well whose this lovely lady?" "Greg this is my girlfriend Mariah and Mariah this is my brother Greg" "nice to meet you" I put my hand out but he moved it and hugged me and said "we prefer hugs not hand shakes" I laughed and said "well that's welcoming" we all laughed and we walked to a man that was next to his mom and Niall said "dad this is my girlfriend Mariah, Mariah this is my dad chris" " nice to meet you sir" "please call me chris and nice to meet you too" his mom said "Niall give her the tour of the house since you have time dinner isn't ready yet." "alright" we walked into the living room and cash and rylee were playing with Greg. He grabbed my hand and led me up stairs. As we were walking up the stairs I looked at the pictures that were on the wall and I saw some cute pictures of Niall when he was 5. He showed me his room and I looked around and saw pictures of his friends and family. I saw some pics of him at a Justin bieber concert. I grabbed it I showed him and he started to blush and I said "aww Niall don't be shy I love Justin bieber." he smiled "really?" "yup my cuzin josh got to meet him he said they hang out sometimes I never met him cuz he didn't live near me but maybe we could meet him" he got excited and said "that would be awesome" I squealed "I know" we laughed and we went back down stairs and sat down. Soon muara yelled "dinners ready!!" we got up and sat at the table. She put the food on the table and we served our selfs but I help cash and Niall helped rylee. So we all finished and just talked. Muara started picking up the dishes and I said "here let me help you" "oh no dear you don't have to your our guest" "no please I insist" she smiled and said "thank you" "no problem" I helped her wash the dishes and I asked her. "muara did you know my mom Mary morales?" she froze and turned to me and said "yes why?" "umm shes my mom and she told me what happend with my dad but I wanted to know your side." she nodded and said "well me and your mom were best friends and we worked together. Your dad was married to your mom and one day he came to my house and kissed me. Your mom was coming over that day and she came at the time he kissed me and she saw and ran away. He made a bad mistake. I asked him why he did it but I didn't be any response. Mary thought we were livig together but we didn't he left to I don't know where and no ones ever seen him since." a tear goes down my cheek "oh" was all I could say. She hugged me and said "I'm sorry sweety" I hugged back, smiled and wiped my tears and said "no it's not your fault it's my moms she should have talked to you about it and not assumed." she nodded and said "so you forgive me" I nodded and we hugged again. We went to the living room and watched tv for a while. I checked the time and it was 8:03. I told Niall "babe we got to go its their bed time." he nodded and stood up and gave every one Hugs and said good bye, I did the same and we left. We got home and I told the kids to go get ready for bed and they left. Niall's phone rang and he left to answer it.i just went to the kids room to tuck them in.

Niall's P.O.V 

We just got home and my phone rang. I looked at it and it was Christina so I went to the kitchen and answered it  

📱start call📱 

Me: hey Christina what's up? 

Christina: nothin just calling to say we are boarding the plane and we will be there tomorrow morning or afternoon 

Me: alright Kool well see you tomorrow  

Christina: alright bye 

Me: bye 

📱end call📱  

Yes all according to plan. She's going to love this. I walked up stairs to find Mariah kissing the kids goodnight. As she was walking out she said "goodnight boys" "night riah" I walk to them and kiss their heads and said " night guys" "night uncle Niall" I smiled at the thought of becomeing there uncle. I walked out and went back to the room. I changed in to some sweats and a tank and sat on the bed. Mariah came out of the bathroom with her pjs on. "so babe your cuzin really knows Justin bieber??" she laughed "well yeah he showed me a picture but I never met him and I would love to." "me too it would be awesome." she smiled laughed and i asked "babe Christmas is coming up and in 4 months what do to want?" she thought and said "Justin bieber!!" she laughed and I said " HEY!! what about me!?" she smiled and said "just kidding babe I'd rather have you than Justin" I kissed her and said "thanks babe but what do you really want for Christmas?" "I don't want anything I have everything that I want and that's you. But i would like to spend a day where it's just me and you" I smiled and said "well I could make that come true" she smiled and said"movie?" "sure" "ok" she got up and grabbed a movie it's 'jack and jill' She pressed play and we watched the movie till the end and it was hilarious. I looked at Mariah and she was asleep so I got the remote and turned off the tv and fell asleep too.

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