The Best A Girl Could Get

Mariah just moved with her family to London and she meets a boy named Niall. Mariah takes Niall to meet her mom and something from the past causes trouble, what will happen to Mariah's family? What happens in Mariah's and Niall's relationship?


6. OH MY......BIEBER!?!?!?!



"if I was your boyfriend, I never let you go, keep you on my arm girl, you'll never be alone, I could be a -" my phone woke me up. It was josh ugh what does he want at 8 in the morning? 

📱start call📱 

Me: hello? 

Josh: hey wha- are you asleep? 

Me: no Im on a rollercoster.  

Josh: ok mrs smarty pants. Well I'm coming over later and I'm bringing a friend and you might like him too.  

Me: ok well just knock on the door I'm pretty sure we'll be up bye 

Josh: bye mrs sleepy pants 

📱end call📱


I got up and took a shower. Once I got dressed I went inside the room Niall was still asleep. I went down stairs and saw that it was kinda a mess. So I got to work and cleaned the house. By the time I finished it was 10:00. Yah the guys are kinda messy. I started making breakfast, eggs and baccon. I fished cooking and set the food on plates and Niall's plate has a lot more food than any one else. About 2 minutes later the boys started walking downstairs and came to the Table and started to eat. "guys my cuzin josh is coming over and he's bringing a friend so yeah once your done go get dressed." "alright" was all they said. After we finished eating we put our plates in th sink and I was washing them when I heard a scream, sounds like Louis...... We ran to where he was and Liam asked "Lou whats wrong!?!" and Louis said "the living's....... Clean!" I roll my eyes and said "yeah because mostly you and harry made a mess last night!" that's when the door bell rang and Niall said "I'll get it" he went to the door and froze. I asked "babe what's wrong?" I went to the door and my face turned into shock and I said "Justin bieber!?!?" Justin smiled and said "that's me!" josh just laughed at me because he knew how much of a fan I was of him. "please come in, josh there's breakfast in the kitchen and Justin theres extra food there you could have it but you have to ask Niall cuz he called dibs" I giggled and looked at Niall who was just staring at Justin. I nudged him with my elbow and he Said "oh uh.... Follow me and I'll get you some." Justin followed Niall and I asked josh "so what are you guys doin today?" "aaahh nothin just thought that I would visit my cuzin and her boyfriend" I smiled and said "aw joshie" I hugged him and then we went to the kitchen and I sat next to Niall and we were just talking about Justin'sconcert that's tonight. He gave us tickets front row and backstage passes. I got all jumpy and excited and so did Niall.  

Niall's P.O.V 

Justin gave us tickets and backstage passes for his concert!! I'm excited so is Mariah. My phone rang and it was my brother Greg. I went up to our room and answered.  


📱start call📱 

Me:hey Greg what's up? 

Greg: hey umm mom wants you home she needs to talk to you  

Me: ok I'll be there soon  

Greg: alrigh bye 

📱end call📱


I went back down and told Mariah "babe I'll be back in a while my mom wants me to go over" "ok babe" I gave her a kiss and drove to my moms house. I got there 6 minutes later. I walked through the door and yelled "mom I'm here!" "in the kitchen sweet heart" I walked to the kitchen and she was sitting at the table looking through her mail. "soo what do you want to talk about?" she stopped what she was doing and said " and your brother are going to go visit your aunt jacky so we will be gone for a while ok" "alright, do you want me to come?" "no honey you could stay here I'll have Greg so I'll be fine ok?" "ok mom, when do you leave?" "2 days." "ok if you want I could take you there." "that would be nice" "ok well ima get going mom I'll talk to you later." "ok Niall are you and Mariah?" "we are doing great mom, I really love her and I would like to 'pop' the question but I can't find the 'perfect' ring." she sighed and go up and went to one of the drowr and pulled out a small box. She came to me and handed it to me and said "Niall I want you to have this. It was your grandmas and it's very special but I think you should have it and give it to her." I looked at her with shock then just hugged her tight and said "mom thank you, thank you soo much she's gonna love it. " she smiled and said "your welcome sweety now go to her." I smiled and ran to my car and drove back home. Once I got there I went inside and Mariah saw me and said "hey babe, you ok?" "yeah I'm fine where's haz?" "he's in his room" I kissed her and said "thanks babe love you" she giggled and said "your welcome and love you too!!" I went to Harry's room and knocked "come in!!" I went inside and said "hey mate we need to talk" "ok what's up?" I pulled out the box my mom gave me and said "my mom gave me this to ask Mariah to marry me and I'm not sure how I should ask." he thought for a while and said " why don't you go on a picnic date and ask her then" I thought to myself 'what a great idea!' "thank Harry that's a great idea." I got up and was about to walk out the door but I remembered I have to hide the ring "hey hazza can you hold on to the ring till tomorrow I don't want her to find it" he nodded and I tossed it to him and went down stairs and sat next to Mariah. "what are we watching babe?" "degrassi" "oh nice what happened so far?" "well bianca and drew were on the plane heading to vegas when they ran into drew's ex katie" we sat there and watched it till it ended, then I said "babe are you excited for the concert tonight?" "yes I'm soo excited!!" I looked at the time and it was 6:50. "well come on we got to get ready it starts at 8:00." "ok" we got up and went to our room and got dressed I wore a justin bieber shirt and brown kackies red supras. It was 7:00 and she came out wearing blue skinny jeans with the same Justin bieber shirt and black converse. I smiled at her and said "babe you look amazing" she blushed and said with a wink at the last part "thank you, you look dashing" I held her hand and we got in the car and we were on our way to the concert. We got there at 7:32 so we have time to spare. We got to stay backstage with Justin and his friend ryan. it was great. I turned to Mariah and said "babe I'll be back I'm going to the loo. " she smiled and said "ok babe I'll miss you." I winked and said "I'll miss you too" I went to the bathroom and did what I had to do. Then after I washed my hands I went back out and I couldn't believe what I saw. I yelled "MARIAH!!! WHAT THE HELL!!" after I said that I left I can't believe her.  

Mariahs P.O.V 

Me, Justin, Ryan and Niall were having a good time and Niall told me "babe I'll be back I'm going to the loo." I replied "ok babe I'll miss you" he winked and said "I'll miss you too." I smiled and thought 'he's the one' well me and Justin and Ryan were talking but Justin had to go so it was just me and Ryan. We were talking for a few seconds till he said "Mariah why are you with him? I could treat you soo much better." I was confused "Ryan...what are you talking about??" "why are you with Niall? He's weird.. Why not go out with me instead?" he moved closer and I said "Ryan look I like you but as a friend nothing else. I'm in love with Niall I love everything about him" he smiled and said "well I could treat you better" "Ryan look I already to-" he cut me off by kissing him and he pulled me close and I couldn't move. I didn't kiss back, I kept trying to get free but he let go untill he heard "MARIAH WHAT THE HELL!!" niall stormed off and I ran after him and said "Niall wait!!" he stopped and yelled "WHAT? I thought you loved me? What's wrong with you" "Niall listen let me expla-" "no Mariah I don't want to hear it when I came out it looked like you liked it and you didn't pull away. We are done Mariah" "niall i tried but he wouldnt let me go.... I love you!!" "im sorry." "niall remember when you said you'll let me explain and you wont assume." he didnt answer he just walked off. Tears were coming down my face. I saw Ryan and he smiled to himself and I went and slapped him and yelled "HOW COULD YOU!!" justin came in and said "what's going on??" I turned to justin and said "Ryan kissed me and I tried to pull away but he wouldn't let me and Niall saw and he broke up with me and won't talk to me" Justin hit Ryan in the head and said "DUDE REALLY!?!?" then he hugged me and said "I'll call josh to come get you ok?" I nodded and laid on the couch crying just thinking that I might never be able to call Niall my boyfriend again all because of Ryan. 25 minutes later josh came. He saw me and ran to me and gave me a hug and said "riah are you ok? What happend?" I sniffed and said "no I'm not ok Niall dumped me and it's all Ryan's fault he kissed me and wouldn't let me go. I didn't want to kiss him" I was sobbing into joshs shirt he says "Come on let's go home" I nodded and we walked to the car. I really need to talk to liam he's like another brother to me. We got home shortly and I got out of the car and walked to the door. I opened it and looked in the living room and Niall was there looking down while zayn was rubbing his back to calm him down. When I saw him, more tears started to fall and I just ran to our room and locked the door. There was a knock "who is it?" "it's Liam can I come in" I got up and unlocked it. As soon as I opened the door I fell into Liam's arms crying. He sat me down on the bed and closed the door. He asked "what happend?" I told him the story about how Ryan kissed me and wouldn't let me go then Niall saw and told me we were over and how I slapped Ryan and josh picked me up and took me home and when I looked at Niall I just broke down. "wow......did you try to explain?" "yeah but he wouldn't listen. Liam what am i Gonna do? I love him so much...." he thought for a while and said "I'll go talk to him, you just rest here ok?" I nodded and he left the room.  

Niall's P.O.V  

I can't believe that happened. I was gonna purpose, I love her but no it's over. I got home and everyone saw me and zayn asked "Niall what's wrong?" I sat next to him on the couch "at the concert I went to the restroom and when I came back I saw Mariah kissing Ryan. It looked like she didn't move away at all. She saw me and tried to explain but I wouldn't believe it so I broke up with her." at that moment mariah came in and i saw out of the corner of my eye that she looked at me then ran upstairs. I looked at every one in the room and they all had sad faces on. Christina said "wait that doesn't sound like Mariah. Niall she would never do that she's in Iove with you and only you." minutes later I heard someone say "yeah mate she told me what happend and you should go talk to her." I looked at the person who was talking and it was Liam. "Liam I-" "no Niall you really should talk to her, let her tell you what happend." I nodded and went up stairs and to our room and she was asleep. I walk to her and kissed her forehead then went back downstairs and said "she's asleep" "ok well I'm sure she won't mind if I told you what happend." we all took a seat and Liam began to tell me what happend and i feel bad but mad at the same time but only at Ryan because he tried to steal my girl. "I'll be back guys" i started walking out the door and Liam yelled "NIALL WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!?" "I'LL BE BACK!!" I got in the car and went to justins house. Once I got there I knocked on the door and guess who opened it......Ryan. "hey Niall what are you-" I cut him off by punching him. "how dare you try to steel my girl!" Justin comes to the door and says "woe.... What's going on?" "sorry Justin I just wanted to show him what happens when he try's to steal my girl." Justin looks at Ryan in shame. I just left back to the house  

Mariahs P.O.V  

I was woken up by yelling "NIALL WHERE ARE YOU GOING!??" "I'LL BE BACK!" I got out of bed and looked out the window and saw Niall drive away. I went downstairs and asked Liam "what's up with all the yelling?" "Niall just left I'm not sure where he's going" "oh ok" god do I miss him. I miss his hugs, kiss, and calling him mine. I sat on the couch and half hour later the front door opened and I turned and saw it was Niall I turned back around and I heard him start to go up the stairs and stop then go. I heard the door close so I went to rylee and cash's room and they were asleep... I wonder where Marissa is? She didn't come today.... Well I just laid down and rylee woke up and said "riah? How come ur in here and not with uncle ni?" "umm.... We had a bit of a falling out so I'm not sure if I'm gonna talk to him." "are you going to be together forever?" hearing him say that just made more tears come out of my eyes and I said "I don't think so baby" he hugs me and said "dont worry riah you'll be ok." he gets up and walks to the door "where you going?" he turns and says "to the restroom I'll be back" "ok"  

Niall's P.O.V 

I was sitting my room looking a picture of me and Mariah that we took at the park with the boys and the lads. There was a knock on the door "come in" the door opened and it was rylee "hey buddy what's up?" I patted the spot next to me and he sat down and said "are you and Mariah gonna be together?" I sighed "I don't know" he looked sad and said "she still likes you. She came into the room crying and I heard her and uncle Liam talk and she said she loves you" I got a happy feeling that she still loves me. "is she still in the room?" he nodded. I got up and went to the room and she was asleep so I carried her to my- our room and laid her down under the covers and I laid next to her and rapped my arm around her and whispered "I love you" and kissed her cheek. I saw her smile in her sleep which made me smile also.

*A/N* heyy guys :D how do u like the story so far?? Tell me whatcha think.....well all of you know my liam story right? well if not then check i out, anyways, its on hold for while i have to finish writing typing it so my goal is to get it up on sping break which for me is in 2 weeks...i think, put yeah thats my plan but dont trip chocolate chip ill get it done soon  :) well g2g don't forget to leave comments telling me what u think.... See ya later niallers potatoes ❤

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