The Best A Girl Could Get

Mariah just moved with her family to London and she meets a boy named Niall. Mariah takes Niall to meet her mom and something from the past causes trouble, what will happen to Mariah's family? What happens in Mariah's and Niall's relationship?


7. i'm whaat?!?!?!?...


Well 4 weeks has past and I've been getting more sick in the 5 th week and it's the worse. This morning I woke up and ran to the restroom to vomit after I finished. I decided to go downstairs and everyone was there. Niall saw me and came to me and asked "babe you ok?" "yeah I just need to talk to Christina, Kika can I talk to you in the kitchen?" she nodded and I said "thanks for helping me down the stairs I could take it from here" "ok babe" he kissed my cheek and went back to the boys. I went to the kitchen and Kika said "alright what's up?" "umm....can you come with me to the store?" "yeah for what?" "umm.... A....a pregnancy test." her eyes were wide open and said "really!?!? Let's go." she grabbed my arm and pulled me to the door and she yelled "be back going to the store!!" "ok!!" they yelled. Me and Kika got in the car and drove to walgreens. Once we arrived we got out and bought 2 test, we paid and went home. We got home and hoped out of the car and walked inside and she just led me to the bathroom. I went inside and did the tests. I set the timer for 3 minutes and while we were waiting, we were talking. "so what if it's a boy?" I thought and said "skyler" she nodded in approval  "what about a girl?" "Darcy" "wow those are both wonderful names." I smiled and said "thanks" "how are you going to tell Niall?" "not sure yet but I thi-" I was cut off by the timer. We crossed our fingers and went inside and looked at the test and it came out........ Positive!!! We looked at each other and screamed with excitement and that made everyone come running up and Liam said "what's going on?!?" I looked at Kika and she nodded. "I have great news for Everyone and Niall, so Niall" I walk up to him and said "babe...... I'm pregnant." he had wide eyes and then he smiled and said "really?!?" I nodded and he hugged me and spun me around. He faced the boys who were cheering and said it again "she's pregnant!!!" they all congratulated us and we were just happy Niall hugged me again and said "I love you babe" "I love you too" we walked down stairs and Niall called his mom and told her the news and she invited us over for dinner. We stayed up stairs and got dressed I wore a nice purple shirt with black leggings and with black flats and curled my hair. Niall he wore a white shirt with a navy blue cardigan and jeans with white supras. I went down stairs to wait for Niall and there was a knock on the door. I went to answer it and it was Justin. "hey Justin what's up?" "just came by to hang out" "ok come in the guys are in the living room playing FIFA." "Kool" he walked to the living room and sat down. I decided to watch. Until i got a text from Niall.  


📩text convo📩 

Niall: babe? 

Me: yes Niall? 

Niall: come up stairs plz 

Me: why? Did u drop something!?? 

Niall: pf no! Ok maybe but it didnt break but just still come up stairs plz 

Me: ok I'll be up in a minute 

Niall: k love you 

Me: love you too 

📩end of text convo📩



I got up and went to the room. I opened the door and Niall wasn't there. "babe where are you? we have to leave soon" he didn't answer but I felt strong arms around me and laying their head on my shoulder. "babe what are you doing?" "nothin just got lonely and wanted you up here" I giggle "ok babe I'm here now, finish getting dressed" "fine" I give him a kiss and sat on the bed I was looking at my phone and Niall decided to attack me with kisses. "*laughs* babe what are you doing?" "well I'm dressed and we have time to spare" "well Justin's here playing. FIFA with the guys you wanna go?" "sure" we got off the bed and walked down stairs and sat on the couch and watched the guys play FIFA. I walk to the kitchen and drink water and I looked at the time and it was 3 so I yell "Niall its time to go!" "5 more minutes!!" I walk o the living room and see him still playing the game "babe...come on" "wait after I beat Justin's butt please?" "ok but after this game." "thanks babe love you" I laughed because he act like a kid and I find that adorable. Well looks like Justin needs practice because Niall did beat his butt. Me and Niall walked to the car and drove to his moms house. We got there and we knocked on the door and muara answered it greeting us with hugs and kisses on the cheek "hey guys come in and have a seat in the living room." "thank you" we walk in and sit in the living room. "so you guys are gonna have a baby?" I nodded and muara said "that's great news! And you guys are getting married" "*laughs* yeah but I'm happy that I get to do this with the one I love" and I kiss Niall on the cheek. She gets up and gets my arm and pulls me with her and says "come on dear we got to get planning for both occasions!" she stops and turns to Niall and said "son why don't you go and talk with dad while we do the planning?" "ok you girls have fun" he came to me and kissed me and said "see ya later babe have fun." "ok love you" "love you too" I walked to the kitchen and had a seat next to muara and we started to plan out the wedding. It was great I decided I would like a traditional wedding but I would have to hear Niall's thoughts. We stayed there for 3 hours trying to plan but mostly had some good talks about Niall when he was younger. "muara do you have a picture of Niall when he was younger?" "of course I do come on" I followed her to the living room and she grabbed a photo album and showed me pictures of when he started kindergarten and his high school years. "oh my, he looks adorable!" Niall walks in and says "who looks adorable?" he walks to where we are and says "oh my god I hated those pictures!" I laughed "babe they look soo cute!" he smiles and says "thanks babe" I looked at his pictures and then at the time. It was 6:23. Niall asked "babe you ready?" "yup, bye muara I had a great day. You should come to the house and we could plan some more and you could meet my sister." she hugged me and said "I would love to" "ok you could come by tomorrow and we could have a girls night out or something" "that would be great!" "ok see you tomorrow!" I waved and met Niall in the car then we were on our way home.  



Christina's P.O.V  

Well Mariah and Niall are gone and I'm here with the boys. We decided to watch a movie so Harry put on 'a walk to remember' I gasped when he put it on he said "what's The matter love?" "I love this movie. It's my favorite one" he smiles while he sits and says "me too" we cuddle together and Louis notices what movies on and says "yaaay I love this movie!! YEAH!!" we all laugh at him and watch the movie. My phone starts to ring and it's an unknown caller. I get up and go to the kitchen and answer it.  



📱start call📱 

Me: hello? 

Person: hello is this Christina morales? 

Me: yes this is she. May I ask who's calling? 

Person: yes I'm Margaret Garcia and I'm a doctor at one of the hospitals in newyork and I called to ask do you have a sister named Marissa? 

Me:yes I...I do 

Margaret: I'm sorry to inform you but Marissa has passed away from a car crash and before she passed she told me to tell you to take care of her sons.  

Me: um.....I...... I will thank you.  

Margaret: your welcome I'm soo sorry for your lose have a nice day goodbye  

Me: bye 



📱end call📱 

I just started to cry and I ran to the room and slamed the door shut. I heard a knock and it was Harry "babe are you ok? Let me in please" I got up and opened it and fell into his arms he said "babe what's wrong?" "my sister......she died...I-in a c-car crash" he hugged me tighter and said "I'm sorry babe. What will happen to the kids?" "she let me take custody of them" he smiled and said "babe lay down and rest ok? You could talk about it later. I'll watch the kids" I nodded and he pecked my lips and left the room. How am I gonna tell Mariah?? 


Mariah's P.O.V 

Me and Niall just got home and all the boys were there but Christina wasn't. I wonder where she is... I asked Harry "Harry wheres Christina?" "she wasn't feeling good so I told her to take a nap" I nodded "ok" I went up to my room and changed into some pajama shorts and a tank. I sat on the bed and watched 'romeo and Joliet' the one with Leonard decaprio. In the middle of the movie Niall came in and joined me and a few minutes later my phone rang I looked at it and it was DJ.  



📱start call📱 

Me: hey bro what's up? 

DJ: not so good. I have bad news about rissa  

Me: what what's wrong with her 

Niall notice I freaked and sat right next to me to calm me down  

DJ: umm she died this morning. In a car crash and they gave custody to Kika.  

I started to cry and I hung up and cried on Niall's chest. He was whispering things to calm me down and it did work and he asked me " babe what happend?" "Marissa.....she died in a car crash."he hugged me tighter and said "I'm soo sorry babe. Are you ok?" I nodd and rubbed my eyes. He asked "you want to lay down and go to sleep?" "yeah" he helped me get into the bed and he kissed me and started to walk to the door but I said "Niall wait!" he turned to me and said "yes princess?" "could you lay with me?" "i will I'll be right back ok? Promise" I nodded and he left.  



Niall's P.O.V 

Mariah found out the her sister died and she didn't take it well. I went down stairs to get her some water and Harry came in and said "hey mate can I tell you something?" "sure what's up?" "umm... Christina got a call and the person said that their sister died. Has Mariah gotten a call or something?" I nodded " she just got a call a while ago and she isn't taking it well." "oh well do you think their mom knows?" "not sure but I'll talk to Mariah and see if she could talk to her." "alright" "see you later I'm gonna go to bed. Night" "night" I walked to my room with the glass of water and said "babe do you want some water?" "yes please" I handed her the water and she drank some of it. I laid down next to her and I wrapped my arms around her. She looked up at me and smiled and I did the same. We started to lean in and soo we were kissing. I wrapped my arms around her and she wrapped hers around my neck. We put our foreheads together and she whispered "I love you Niall" I whispered back "love you too princess". We slowly fell asleep in each others arms.




A/N: heyy guys sooooo I've updated today yay idk how many people are reading this.....yeah....well anyways I'm also posting this on soo check that out and I also have some more stories up there :) feel free to follow and like/comment no need to vote.... I'll post anyways it's useless :/ wells oh so my sister found this pic on facebook and it was directioner week thingy and here's how it goes... 

•Monday: call everyone potato.

•Tuesday: look at Yourself in every reflective surface.

•Wednesday: don't touch a spoon ALL day.

•Thursday: whenever you would normally say "hi/hey/hello" say "VAS HAPPENIN'!!!!

•Friday: yell SUPERMAAAN!! Really loud at random times.

•Saturday: write "DIRECTIONER" on your wrist.

•Sunday: wear strips and eat a carrot :)  

Well hopefully u do this I'm planing to do this ALOT xD hehe well peacekies!!!! ❤😜

just a reminder im posting this on :D

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