The Best A Girl Could Get

Mariah just moved with her family to London and she meets a boy named Niall. Mariah takes Niall to meet her mom and something from the past causes trouble, what will happen to Mariah's family? What happens in Mariah's and Niall's relationship?


8. getting back together

Mariah's P.O.V 

Well I woke up in Niall's arms :). I got up and went to the bathroom and fixed my hair. Then I went down stairs and got some cereal and sat on the couch watching the telly. A few minutes later Christina came down and sat next to me. "Mariah did you hear about Marissa?" I nodded. She said "don't you think you should tell mom?" "I'm not gonna do it" "why not?" "I just.....I don't wanna talk to her she hates me" "what?? That's not true" "yeah it is it all started when I dated Niall she tried convincing me to leave Niall but I wouldn't because Niall is the best thing that has happened to me.


She told me to stay away from him because dad 'cheated' on her with muara, Niall's mom, but it isn't true he kissed her and mom saw and she never talked to muara since and muara said dad left and never came back." "what?? I thought.....but mom said he died?" "well she lied he's not dead." "oh well you have to tell mom and try to get back together not just for you and Niall but for the baby and the wedding." "why can't you do it!" "because I'm not the one that's going to have a baby and going to get married!" I sighed.....she right. I guess I have to go. "fine!... Oh don't forget muara is coming over today!" "alright!" I got up and went back to the room and Niall was asleep. He looked adorable ☺. I whispered " babe get up" I kissed him on the lips and said it again "baby get up" I ran my hand through his hair and kissed him again. He moaned and said "princess.....5 more minutes" i giggled "no get up" I layed down next to him and we were face to face.



I said "babe get up or I'm go-" I was cut off by him putting his hand on my mouth. I rolled my eyes and tried to take his hand away but he wouldn't I tried to say "Niall get your hand off my mouth!" but he said jokingly "what? Keep my hand on your mouth? Ok babe" I laughed at him and I started tickling him and he got his hand off and I said "HA! In your face!" he said chuckling "what?" "I don't know" we laughed and I said "babe I have to go talk to my mom about my sister." "babe I don't want you over there" "I know babe but I have to and try to get her to love me back it-" he cut me off "babe I get it she's your mom you want her to love you but look at her. If she loved you she would have excepted us the first time we met." "babe wether she excepts us or not she has to live with my decisions" "well if you go I'm going with you" "no because she hates you" "fine then take your sister and the boys" "ok fine!"



I walked out of the room and went to Christina's room. "Kika can you go with me to moms plz?" "sure but arnt you going to take Niall?" "I would but mom hates him because dad 'cheated' on her with muara which isn't true" "alright let me get dressed"  




Niall's P.O.V 

"fine then take your sister and the boys" "ok fine!" she walked out of the room and went to Christina's room. Ugh I hate when we have those arguments but that's part of love right? Well I just want her to be safe. I don't want her to get hurt. I walked down stairs and the guys were down stairs watching a soccer game. I sat next to zayn and he asked "everything alright?" "sorta Mariahs going to her moms to talk but I'm scared that she might get hurt" "why don't you go with her?" "she said her mom hates me and I don't want to cause trouble." "well mate all I could tell you is just let her go and talk to her.



I'm sure she will be fine" "thanks mate" we sat there watching the game and we all got into it. Then I heard foot steps coming down the stairs and I turned and it was Mariah. She looked at me and smiled a little, I smiled back. I got up and asked "can I talk to you in the kitchen?" "yeah" we walked to the kitchen. "babe look I'm sorry about earlier I just didn't want you to get hurt" she smiled and hugged me and said "Niall don't worry I'll be fine ok? And if I need you I'll call you. Promise" I smiled "ok" I kissed her and said "I love you" "love you too babe" she walked back to Christina and the kids and then she left.  




Mariah's P.O.V 

Me, Christina and the boys walked to my moms house and knocked on the door. She opened and said "Kika, rylee, cash it's nice to see you!" Kika said "nice to see you too mom" the boys ran inside and my mom looked at me and said "what do you want?" i thought to myself 'geez mom hurtful!' "I wanted to talk to you" she rolled her eyes and said "where's that lame, cheating boyfriend of yours?" ok she starting to get me REALLY pissed. "mom leave Niall alone ok" she rolled her eyes and said "did he cheat on you yet? Because I saw that coming" ok now she just she just blew it.



"Mom thats enough I'm tierd of you talking about niall like that! He's a great guy and he would never cheat on me ok! I came here to tell you that your daughter, Marissa died yesterday." she face was shocked "not my baby!!!!" gosh really I'm the youngest and I guess I mean nothing to her!?!?! Kika asked "mom can we come in so we could talk?" she nodded and let us in. We sat on the couch and I started to talk " mom I visited muara and she told me what happend. She didn't cheat with dad, he kissed her when you walked to her house and when you ran she asked why he did that but he didn't answer he just left and he never came back. He wasn't living with her at all mom." she had a guilty face on and started to cry




"Mariah I'm sorry for being mean to Niall I just didn't want you to get hurt and I'm sorry for hitting you and kicking you out." I hugged her and said in tears "it ok mom and I'm sorry too for saying those mean things to you" "it's ok honey" "mom I also have to tell you 2 good news" she had a smile on and said "what is it dear?" "I'm getting married and I'm having a baby!!" she had a shocked face on then it turned into a smile and said "Mariah that's AMAZING!!" she hugged me and I said "muaras coming over today to help me plan and I would LOVE it if you came with us. Please mom?"



she smiled and said "I'd love to!!" we all hugged and had a great time and we also discussed Marissas funural. While we were talking I was getting a call from Niall. "hold up guys Niall's calling" they nodded and I went outside and aswered it  




📱start call📱 

Me: hey babe 

Niall: hey princess how's it going?  

Me: good actually we are a family again! 

Niall: babe that's amazing I'm happy for you 

Me: and I'm happy too because she doesn't hate you any more and she acepts us  

Niall: that's amazing babe! Oh and my mom is here just to let you know 

Me: oh ok well be there soon ok love? 

Niall: alright see ya in a bit love you princess 

Me: love you too babe 

📱end call📱




I walk back inside and said "Kika muara is at the house leggo!!" "kk come on mom" my mom nodds and she follows us to the house. I open the door and said "boys we are home!!" all the boys came to the door and I said "mom these are my friends" I introduced them while pointing at them. "this is zayn, Harry,Liam,Louis, and my fiancé Niall." she smiles and says "nice to meet you boys I'm Mariah's mom Mary" they all said "hello Mary" in unusion.




I took my mom to the kitchen and when she saw muara she smiled ran to her and gave her a hug. "muara I'm soo sorry about before I should have talked to you like a good friend would." muara smiles and says "it's ok and I'm sorry for not trying to talk to you. I missed you and you look amazing" she blushed and said "you look wonderful" Niall came in and put his arms around my waist and whispered in my ear "how's it going babe?" I whispered back "great they are getting along" he kissed my cheek and said "yeah because of you babe" "awe thanks babe" my mom saw Niall and said "Niall I'm sorry for what happend at dinner and I'm happy that your going to marry one of my babies.




She means the world to me please don't brake her heart" Niall looked at me and smiled then looked back at my mom and said "don't worry Mary I wouldn't dream about beakng her heart I'm in love with your daughter" I blushed and said "I love you too and I wouldn't want to leave you at all" my mom asked "when's the wedding?" "umm...I'm not sure. Niall?" " about after the baby, yeah?" I kissed Niall's cheek and said "sounds great love." I turn to our moms and asked "mom, muara, would you like to help me with dinner?" they nodded and we went to the kitchen and we started cooking pasta and bread sticks. When we finished we set the plates and told everyone dinners ready. They came running in and took a seat.



This is how we sat, my mom, cash, me, Niall, rylee,liam, Niall's mom, Louis, zayn, Harry, and Christina. We started to dig in and talked about the wedding and the fun time we had and me and Niall told my mom how we met. Once dinner was finished I picked up the plates and put them in the dish washer. Everyone was in the living room excpet mine and nialls moms, they left. I was tiered so I decided to go take a shower. I got out and wrapped a towel around me and got my clothes and got dressed in my pjs.




I went and laid down and got comfy. Niall came in the room and said "babe can I go out with the boys?" "of course you can babe have fun" he kissed me and said "ok thanks babe love you" "love you too" he got his jacket and phone and went down stairs and left. I fell asleep. Some noise woke me up at 3 in the morning. I moaned "Niall....go see what that was." I got no response I patted the spot and notice he wasn't home yet. I got up and walked down stairs and notice it was the guys I whispered yell "guys why are you home late!?!" Harry said "sorry we got carried away" they all giggled like weirdos, yup they are drunk. Niall walked wobbly towards me and said "hey baby....I'm hungry and tiered and.....tiered"




I giggled at his silliness "babe come on let's just get you to bed" he had a cheeky smile on his face and I just rolled my eyes. We got to the room and I handed him his pjs "here babe change into these ok?" he still had that cheeky grin on his face "ok whatever you say" while he's getting dressed I'm getting in bed and ready to fall asleep. Then Niall gets in and starts kissing my cheek and to my neck. I turn over to face him "babe go to sleep." "but I'm not tierd" "you just told me your tierd" "but I'm not" I sighed and giggled "well since your not tiered.." I kissed him which turned into a make out session for a while he tried to deepen the kiss and I let him.




he got on top of me still kissing he pulled away and yawned. I asked "babe are you tiered??" he nodded and got off me and laid next to me and fell asleep. He looked adorable so I took a picture of him and set it has my background on my phone. Then I fell asleep.




Heyy guys :) hope you like this chapter. Ya away I'm on spring break!!!! PARTY TIME!!!! ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT!!!! DJ MALIK DJ MALIK!!!!!! Hahahaha well see ya later :D

-mariaherz <3

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