The Secret Diaries (One Direction)

In the small town of Cassidy, South Carolina, Alayna (Lena) is trying to live her life as normal as possible, but that's hard, considering she's not normal. She's a fallen angel. She's the most wanted in heaven, and living her life as a human is hard. It has consequences. She can still hear the other angels whispers. She can here those who pray, the pure ones. She learns to tune them out as best as she can, but when an unexpected voice comes in her head, she feels obligated to help. When she finds that he is a member of all-the-talk band 'One Direction' she couldn't help but wonder why the call was so clear and urgent, when he's living to the top. Her and her new friends soon get sent into a spiraling line of events, and the only way Lena keeps herself collected is by writing simple diary entries each night. She just hopes no one finds them . . .


2. Chapter 2

          Ian figured out how to get the phone back to her and sent me to take it to her, which I didn't mind. She didn't live too far away, she lived in the same apartment building as me. It's strange since I've never seen her before, but after my shift I brought it to her.

I rang her buzzer and waited for her to come to the door. She looked that same as she did an hour ago; same wavy blonde hair, same slender body and tall structure. She was what you'd call beautiful. She looked like those fashion models in all the magazines. 

"Hi, um, you left your phone at the shop." I said, holding her phone out to her. She sighed in relief, taking the phone and looking up at me. 

"Thank you so much! I was afraid it was gone for good. How'd you find me?" 

I shrugged. "My boss, I don't know what he did but..." I mumbled, causing her to chuckle. I shifted nervously, looking away. 

"Oh! Do you want to come in?" She asked, stepping to the side to let me in. I slowly walked in, looking around at her apartment. It looked a lot like mine with different furniture and wall colors.

"Nice place," I said, stopping in the middle of the family room. She smiled and walked towards me, shutting her door. 

"Isn't it? Me and my friend found in last month." She said, sitting on the couch. "I'm Laura, by the way."

"Lena, nice to meet you." I said, sitting across from her. 

"So, Lena, how long have you lived in Cassidy?" 

"Not long, about a month or two. You?"

"Moved here just last month with my friend Amy. It's nice, but I don't know many people here." 

I nodded, "Me either, so where is your friend?" 

I'm actually really surprised I got this far into conversation, being the awkward person I am. It's not always easy for me because I can't actually relate to anything people say. I'm from a different world, after all. My job used to be to look after these people and do whatever my father willed me to do. Now, living here, it's not the paradise I thought it would turn out to be.

"She's probably at work right now."

I stayed up until her friend, Amy, came home for work. We covered about all of the small talk topics there are, and I learned quite a lot about her, from what I didn't already know by angelic sense.

I think I made a new friend today.

I made a friend.



That night I woke up at two a.m. with a tingling in my head like fireflies dancing behind my eyes. It's not unusual for me, I have a hard time staying asleep. I just don't need it as much as normal people do. So instead, I just lay in bed thinking about everything.

My mind immediately goes to Ian, his beautiful blonde hair sitting messily yet gracefully on his head, little strands falling over his gorgeous, piercing blue eyes. His tanned masculine structure and broad shoulders. He's just straight out handsome.  The only time I've seen someone more attractive is on posters, like One Direction or Taylor Lautner. 

I shake this out of my head and try to think of something else. I still haven't heard anything from the angels. Maybe something happened? Maybe they found out I was listening and found a way to prevent it? I don't know why this bothers me so much, its not like I'm one of them anymore. I deserve to be cut off. I just feel, I don't know, like my gut is telling me something is wrong about this. First Gabriel calls out for help and then everything goes quiet? It just doesn't add up.

This happened one other time, I remember. The angels were angry. Angry at Lucifer, the most famous rebellious angel. Everyone has heard of him, even humans. After all, he is the devil.

After Lucifer fell, he started a revolution. He asked a whole bunch of our family to join him, saying that our Father is doing a wrong thing by having the humans be a main priority. Why should we have to put them before us? And I saw where he was coming from, but I was no part of what he was planning. I hated the idea of battling my Father. 

When the angels realized that some of our "family" was helping him by listening in on our radio, they went silent. They just stopped talking. There are very few fallen angels, but once you actually fall you become hidden. Angels can't find you, for some reason, but if they did you're done for. There are only so many things that can kill an angel, but there are weapons that when used by another angel can kill you. 

I remember one other fallen angel that I knew. Her name was Anna. She was beautiful. She was one of the most glorious angels and her wings were more pure and luscious and silky than any other. It was shocking that she would fall. She was so obedient, so angelic. The night she came to me and told me her plan, I was overwhelmed. Astonished. You could knock me over with a feather, I was so shocked. She was excited, she said she's been keeping a close eye on the humans and said she knew everything she needed to and was ready to fall. She was prepared. 

She asked me to come. I said no, of course, I was not ready. I still believed in angels. I was still full of hope and faith. Anna, on the other hand, has been planning for years. And I was so close to her I find it hard to believe I didn't see it sooner. I guess when you're an angel you automatically have full faith in all of the other angels, I mean we are all family. Being an angel is different, the emotions are different. There are no sexual relationships, seeing as we are all brother and sister. Other than that, we often have groups of angels you are more close to, and there are some you may never meet. You don't know everyone, but you hear of everyone. It's confusing, really. 

When I fell it was completely out of the blue and I was no where near prepared. It was a spur of the moment, something I can never take back. I don't regret the choice, obviously, but I wish I learned more when I fell. At first I was determined to find Anna. She talked about how she would live in this small town in Wisconsin. The fact that it was probably two-hundred years ago leaves me in doubt. I'm not sure if she died of old age, if that's possible, or what happened. For all I know she is still alive and well, walking around with her human friends. I have so much I want to ask her, stuff I'm going to have to find out myself sooner or later. I still plan on going to Wisconsin and finding her to see if she is alive, look through records or something. Maybe I can summon her while I'm there, if it's still possible since I'm not exactly an angel.

My life is so complicated. Being an angel, or fallen angel, isn't even the half of it. I feel like I didn't even fall sometimes. It's like, I'm only an angel with no wings walking the Earth. It's pretty much what I am, so why do I say I'm not an angel? I'll always be an angel as long as I have my powers. The wings are still the most important and known aspect of an angel, yet there is so much more than what meets the surface. 

I sighed, clearing my head from that, the thought still lingering in the back of my head. I should probably get up, do something successful. I exhaled over dramatically and pulled my laptop off from the floor. I bought it last week, since I needed to somehow seem more human. 

I went to my new favorite website, YouTube, and clicked one of the videos of One Direction. I have nothing better to do, and all teenage girls fawn over them so I should too, so I seem more human. 

Yeah, that's why.

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