The Secret Diaries (One Direction)

In the small town of Cassidy, South Carolina, Alayna (Lena) is trying to live her life as normal as possible, but that's hard, considering she's not normal. She's a fallen angel. She's the most wanted in heaven, and living her life as a human is hard. It has consequences. She can still hear the other angels whispers. She can here those who pray, the pure ones. She learns to tune them out as best as she can, but when an unexpected voice comes in her head, she feels obligated to help. When she finds that he is a member of all-the-talk band 'One Direction' she couldn't help but wonder why the call was so clear and urgent, when he's living to the top. Her and her new friends soon get sent into a spiraling line of events, and the only way Lena keeps herself collected is by writing simple diary entries each night. She just hopes no one finds them . . .


1. Chapter 1

Dear Diary, 

        Things have been going great. It's not what I expected, it's better. Leaving Heaven was the best thing I could have done. I always was a misfit there, my brothers always told me I was too weak. Too human. They were right. That's why I came down here, to this beautiful world. 

      Not much has happened here. They've given up the search in Heaven, too. Recently most of the whispers are non-sense. Nothing important. But what I heard last night, well, that was something else.

     Last night my brother, Gabriel, sent out a signal of danger. I wasn't sure what it was about. I ignored the call, as usual, but I haven't heard anything since. It's like all of heaven just went silent. 

     I keep forgetting I'm no angel anymore. I have to remind myself that I fell.

     In the real world, things have been getting more and more human for me. My emotions are over the roof. I never realized how much emotions human pertain. I've even found myself falling head over heals for a silly mortal boy. That is something forbidden in Heaven. But I no longer live there. My life, my rules. I will not sin, but liking a boy should be no problem.

    It's normal, right? Am I going crazy? Taking these emotions too strongly? I need help. I don't understand what is going on here. Should I be afraid? Or is it just... human?

     The boy's name is Ian. He gave me a job at the CD store. He's helped me with a lot of things, without even realizing he is. He's what helped me become human, but these emotions... they're different. So what do I do? Is it a crush? Do I think he's cute? How does this work?

         So many questions. I wish I could just find someone who understands...

                                                                               ~Lena xox

I closed my notebook and sighed. Am I having doubts? No. No, I can't be. This is right. This is me. 

I stood up from my small bed, pulling my hair into a loose bun. I tried not to think of what may be happening to my brothers, why they're so silent. I tried to focus on getting myself to another day at selling Cd's at the shop. It's not so bad, after all, I need to make money some how. I also get to see Ian. My best friend, possibly more. I don't understand human emotion. Is it me attracted to him, or just my mind playing tricks? Humans are too confusing. 

I walked into the shop, hearing the familiar ding above my head, and walked to the counter where Ian was standing. He was facing the wall behind him, hanging a '2 for 1 Sale!' sign. 

I stood in front of the counter, rocking back and forth on my heels. "What'ya doing?" 

I startled him, causing him to drop the sign to the ground. "Crap." He muttered, leaning down and picking up the sign, "Hey Lena, what's up?" He set the sign on the counter and looked at me. 

"Nothing, just coming in for work," I smiled. He laughed and handed me my name tag. I gladly pinned it on my shirt and walked around the counter. 

Ian gave me this job a couple months ago, after he found me lying in the park, drenched in blood, in the middle of a lightning storm. That's what happens when an angel leaves home, for good. We call it falling, so I'm considered a fallen angel. When a fallen angel first comes to Earth, she loses her wings, and it's a painful experience. When you disrespect Heaven, it's brutal. And falling is the worst thing you could do. The most disrespectful. So, for that, you lose your wings. They are ripped from you, which is why, when Ian found me, I was covered in blood. He didn't know that, though.

Angel wings aren't what you humans believe. They are not white, they are black, and the human eyes are too dull to perceive them. Besides, the true form of an angel is too overwhelming for humans. 

Another thing when you fall, your stuck with your powers. Each angel has a specialty. Rosetta, or what humans think is Cupid, can make someone fall in love. Casimir and Talbot can create destruction. It's whatever our Father gives us. My sister, Annica, and I can control weather. They stay with you, even after you chose humanity over your own kind.

Some of the basic, healing people and the angel radio, stay, too. But being able to fly goes away, which is probably the only power I like. Also, angels don't eat or sleep. Once you have fallen, you have to live like a human. Without that, you can die. Or, at least that's the rumor. That's one of the reasons some angels are too scared to fall; they're afraid of death.

I'm not. I learned that isn't true. If a fallen angel is shot, stabbed, or run over, they won't die. I wasn't aware of street safety when I first came, so I was run over. I wasn't hurt, though, while most humans would be.

"Hey, Lena, take the register please? I have to run across the street really quick, we need more tape." I nodded and he disappeared out the door. I sighed and looked around. Since it's morning, not many people come yet, that's why he wasn't worried to leave me alone. I haven't told Ian about me being an angel, because he would never believe me. When he rushed me to the hospital they said I have amnesia, and I went along with it.

The bell above the door jingled, causing me to jump. I looked up and saw a girl. She looks about eighteen, like me, or my body. She walked up to the register, her heels clicking the floor with every stride. "Excuse me," she said, stopping in front of the counter. She wasn't much taller than I am, but just enough so she had to look down to meet my eyes. "Do you have the new One Direction album?"

I nodded, pointing to a section right behind her. "It should be with the pop genre, in the O section." She nodded, her face dropping a little in embarrassment. She walked to the shelf and picked out two Cd's. I waited quietly by the counter, staring outside the window at the dollar store, waiting for Ian to walk out. 

The girl walked to the counter with two copies of the new 'Take Me Home' album. I silently rung her up, setting the cases in a small bag and waiting for her to hand me money. I'm awkward and shy around other people. I don't know why, it's just how I am. 

"So, do you like One Direction?" She asked, handing me a fifty dollar bill. I shrugged, taking it from her hands and getting her change. 

"They're okay." I handed her the money with a smile, along with her bag. She smiled back.

 "Just okay? They are amazing." I just nodded. It's not like I haven't seen this before. Girls come in here all the time gushing over them.  

The girl left, before I could say anything else, not that I wanted to; I didn't know what else to say. Then I noticed something. A small phone, just sitting on the counter.

The girl left her phone.



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