Still the One

My FanFiction "Still the One" Hope you like it!

Your boyfriend is not interesting anymore. So you get attracted to others, but who is the one??


1. Conflicts... In Paradise

You were at class daydreaming about your boyfriend Harry Styles. He was the type girls die for. There was only one girl who could take him from you, Rebecca, you didn't fear her it was just that she was the typical girl that flirted with everyone in her path. But you knew that Harry loved you. Class ended you picked your stuff and head outside. You were looking for Harry when you saw someone covering your eyes. You knew exactly who it was Harry of course. You threw your body over him to kiss him. Rebecca just stared at you with those evil blue eyes. Would you like to go to the movies today?-you asked Harry. Sorry babe my cousin is coming to town, and were going to go for dinner maybe you should come-answer Harry. Ok-you told not sure. Harry leaned over to kiss you. At home you dressed yourself up to go for dinner. At the restaurant you and Harry's mom waited for Harry and his cousin. Then they finally arrive Harry sat by your side, and his cousin by Harry's mom, Anne. He is Niall- Harry introduced him to you. Both of you shake hands and start eating dinner. Niall was pretty handsome you thought.You sometimes gazed at his perfect sky eyes. Would you have fallen in love?.....
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