Is This For Real

Kassandra has had a rough life from when she was about 2. Her father and mother abused her for about 3 three years. When she turned 5 she got put into an orphanage. She was in that orphange for 10 years. Now she's 15 a lovely family has brought her into their home. Kassandra has started highschool. She as no friends, struggles with her work and everything in between. Will she make it through highschool, or will someone come along and help thourgh everything.


1. New Family

At the age of two Kassandra Keller was abused for 3 years by her mother and father. When Kassandra turned 5, she was put in an orphanage where her parents couldn't find her. 10 years later, Kassandra is now 15 and the Rawes family has come to adopt her. Nate & Shannon Rawes couldn't have any kids, so they decided to adopt.

'Would you like to come meet your new daughter?' said Mrs Sebastian, the lady who helps the parents with the adoption.

'Oh, yes! I've been waiting for this moment for so long,' Shannon said, getting ready to meet Kassandra.

'Mrs Sebastian took Nate and Shannon out into the playground, where Kassandra was sitting under a tree, by herself.


'Yes, Mrs Sebastian?' came Kassandra's sweet voice.

'This is Mr and Mrs Rawes, they're going to be you're new parents,' Mrs Sebstian had said with caution.

'Hello, Kassndra,' smiled Mr Rawes.

'Hi, I'm going to go pack my stuff then,'


Another hour later after Kassandra had said goodbye to all her, family, as she would call them, everything was ready to go.

'Thank you for everything, Mrs Sebastian,' smiled Kassandra, waving goodbye to everyone.

It was a 15 minutes drive back to her new house.


'Kassandra, this is your new house and your new room,' smiled Shannon

'Uh, thanks. Sorry, I'd just like to get setteld in first ..'

'Oh, um, sure! We'll call you down for dinner,' camed Nate


Kassandra looked around her new room. It was bigger and nicer than her one at the orphange. She unpacked everything she had and found a place for everything. She kept noticing she had a laptop in her room. Just before she went onto her laptop she opened the bottom drawer on her bedside table and seen a school uniform nicely foled. She guessed she would have to start school. Kassandra never really went to a proper school, she was 'homeschooled' as she would put it. She got up and walked to her laptop, sat down and lifted the lid.

'Kassandra! Come down for dinner, please?' called Shannon, who she may now as well, call her, mum.


She got up and walked downstairs. She sat down with her new mum and dad.

'So, Kassan-'

', you can call me Kassie,' she slowly said with caution.

'Oh, well .. Kassie. Have you seen your new uniform yet?' Nate said.

'Yes, I have. When do I start? I was always homeschooled ..' came Kassandra.

'Oh, honey. You don't start til next well. You have a lot of time to prepare.

The rest of dinner Shannon and Nate were asking about the orphange.

After dinner, Kassie went up to have a shower and sat down at her laptop. She turned it on and seen that it was a brand new laptop, never been used. She typed in everything she needed to. She brang the internet up. She would always remember that Mrs Sebastian, in her free time, she would be on Facebook. Kassie thought maybe it would be a good idea to set up Facebook to talk to Mrs Sebastian.

An hour later, Kassandra had her Facebook set up and found Mrs Sebastian. Just as she logging off, Shannon had come in with a suprise.

'Kassie? Sweetie? I would just like to give you this; you're own phone'. There is contacts on it already for you and every month you get unlimeted data, texts and calls,'

'Oh, wow! Thank you so much, mum,'

'Well .. Goodnight', I'll see you in the morning,' Shannon said, while walking out of Kassandra's room.

'Night,' said Kassandra.

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