Is This For Real

Kassandra has had a rough life from when she was about 2. Her father and mother abused her for about 3 three years. When she turned 5 she got put into an orphanage. She was in that orphange for 10 years. Now she's 15 a lovely family has brought her into their home. Kassandra has started highschool. She as no friends, struggles with her work and everything in between. Will she make it through highschool, or will someone come along and help thourgh everything.


2. Bus Ride

Kassandra had a few days before starting at her new school. She had never done to Primary School, nor had she ever been to High School. She was freaked out. She didn't know anyone, she didn't know where to go or what to do.

The night before Kassie had to go to school, she went onto her Facebook account and spoke tomrs Sebastian.


Kassandra; Hey, Mrs Sebastian. I start high school tomorrow at Southern Crest High School. I'm so scared. I don't know anyone.

Mrs Sebastian; Hello, Kassandra. I'm sure you'll find lots of people you'll become friends with. Don't be scared. Do you remember Christopher?

Kassandra; Um. Was that the people we called Chrisse?

Mrs Sebastian; Haha. Yes, him.

Kassandra; Yes. What about him?

Mrs Sebastian; I believe he goes there. I know he had a little crush on you to. ;)

Kassandra; Haha. Mrs Sebastian. I hope I see him there. Would be good to see him again. Well, I better get some sleep for tomorrow. Good Night, Mrs Sebastian. Tell everyone, I miss them. Bye.

Mrs Sebastian; Yes. Let me know how he's doing. Okay, I will tell them all. I'm sure they miss you too. Good luck. Good Night. Sleep Well.


Tomorrow cam very quickly. Kassie's alarm went off at 7 a.m. She got up had her shower, got dressed, done her hair and went down stairs to have her breakast.

'Good morning, honey. How did you sleep?' asked Shannon has Kassandra sat down.

'Yeah, it was okay. Where's Dad?'

'Oh, he's at work. He wished you good luck,'


Kassie had her breakfast, brushed her teeth and as she heard the bus she got her bag and went outside. As she was stepping onto the bus, everyone was staring at her. She didn't know any of these people. But, she could see the groups that she would see on movies. The nerds/geeks, the emo/goths, the cheerleaders and the jocks. She seen Christopher sitting with the jocks. She slowly moved towards the back to where he was. She didn't dare to say a word. She sat down in a seat infront of him, which was the only seat available.


'Uh, Ka-Kassandra?' Christopher stuttered.

'Um, hi, Christopher,'

'I didn't know you were out of the, um, you know..'

'Excuse me?! Who is this? Huh?' scream the head cheerleader, Holly, which is happened to be Christopher's girlfriend.

Everyone turned to look at Kassie.

'This is Kassndra, am old friend of mine, babe,' Christopher trying to calm Holly down.

'This is MY boyfriend, now go away. Thanks babe. ex oh, ex oh,' laughed Holly.

The whole bus laughed. Even the bus driver, who everyone just called Mr Bussie, even shared a chuckle.


Kassandra sat in complete silence for the rest of the 10 minutes bus drive to her new school. She was already hating it. She couldn't imagine actually going to her classes, sitting by herself at lunch. She hated the thought.

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