Ugh Middle School How Will I Servive 3 Years

My friend irish-pigeons and I are having a contest to see who can get the most likes comments and favorites by a week. We are writing about something to do with the 6th grade. Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to check out irish-pigeons hers is called Waiting for Love.


1. Chapter 1

Do doooo do dooooo do doooooo do do do do dooooo do doooooo. Ahhh the sweet sound of the Hedwigs Theme from Harry Potterthat wakes me up a every morning. It's Monday and that means I have a VERY athletic day a head of me. First if since I have gym today I have to run a mile then right after that I have to run a half a mile for gym TAD. After that I have field hockey for an hour and then lacrosse for about two hours. But, before all of that I have to survive middle school. So to start my day off I get up and do my basic morning routine. I grab my clothes and head to the bathroom to get ready and move quickly so I can beat my brother there! I get dressed in my favorite teal skinny jeans, awesome Batman shirt, faded glory boat shoes (weird name cute shoes) and, my tie-dye North Bay (camp the six grade went to for a week). Then I brush my brown hair that falls a little bit bellow my shoulders by the way I hate my hair it always does whatever I don't want it to do! Then I brush my teeth and floss which is hard because I have braces (only on the bottom but I'm getting top ones soon!). Then I go downstairs and play with my four dogs Link- Collie, Jake- Hound/Rottweiler, Caesar- St. Bernard and Dangerous- Collie/Pit Bull/????????(his mom just showed up all we new is that she had pit bull in her). Then I grab my stuff and head out the door and start my day.

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