Kylie sayer is a beautiful 17 year old girl from Washington who has a normal life and her best friend Sam keeps her sane she gets kidnapped and runs into the boys of her dreams as they help her she tries to stay secret from the people who are trying to get her. Her love eventually gets the better of her read more


5. Why me

As soon as I hung up I pulled my knees to my chest my curly blond hair falling in my face hopefully the boys couldn't see me cry I wanted to go home I wanted to see sammy and
Nathaniel I wanted to punch Jeremy because if only he would have watched Nathaniel I wouldn't be in this mess "it's ok Kylie your safe now" Niall said I felt him hug me and looked at him he wiped my tears and I smiled I moved my hair and looked at all the boys my stomach growled and I remembered I haven't eaten in days "I'm starving" Niall said everyone said "me too" I nodded and Louis called someone and then led the boys out "hey Kylie come on" I looked at zayn and shook my head Niall came and bent down in front of me "listen zayn has a straightener in the bathroom and Harry has a few hats you could wear ok?" He said I nodded and went to the bathroom I found the straightener and turned it on I looked in the mirror and thought why me why do I have to be put through this I started to straighten my hair just thinking about random stuff then when I was done I found a black hat and put it on tucking some of my hair up in it I felt my contacts in my pocket and put them in changing my blues eyes to green now they hopefully won't know it's me I walked out and Louis had some clothes for me to Change into "we have some spares from Liam girlfriend maybe it will fit" I smiled "thanks" I went back in the bathroom and tried them on they fit perfectly it was a green and blue shirt with skinny jeans that had little stones on the pockets there was also some little black flats that were maybe one half size too big but it was ok I walked out and looked at the boys there mouths almost hit the floor "daaaaammmmmmnnnnnn" Harry said I felt my face turn red and looked down and smiled "your beautiful" Niall said I shook my head slightly "no im not" the boys looked at each other "your insecure don't know what for your turning heads when you walk through the door don't need make up to cover up being the way that you are is enough" I smiled knowing what was going to happen they all started singing Niall walked up to me and poked my belly I laughed "that's what make you beautiful" they sang I smiled more and they laughed "ok you guys ready?" Louis said "where we going?" Harry said
"Wherever you guys want" Louis said I smiled "nandos" me and Niall said at the same time we both laughed and looked at each other "no" Louis said "awwwwwww" Niall whined I smiled more "lets go to Tios" Harry said I knew what Tios was it was a Mexican restaurant "ok" we all said and walked out
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