Kylie sayer is a beautiful 17 year old girl from Washington who has a normal life and her best friend Sam keeps her sane she gets kidnapped and runs into the boys of her dreams as they help her she tries to stay secret from the people who are trying to get her. Her love eventually gets the better of her read more


11. Shopping

After eating a small breakfast We were in the car headed to the mall  "oh if your tired we don't have to go" Michelle said I smiled "no it's ok I'm just hungry and I need a monster" I said Liam looked at me "we just ate how could you not be full?" He said I remembered the last conversation I had with sammy "the last time I was with Sam she asked the exact same thing and I said me? Full? When I'm full the world will explode" I said I looked down and they laughed "your just like Niall" Louis said I smiled and niall laughed his laugh was adorable too we got out and walked into a mall it was huge it looked like it had a whole lot of stores and was cool looking we walked in more fans everywhere the boys waved us on Michelle took my hand and pulled me along "can i get a monster?" i asked michelle smiled and bought me a green monster my favorite i took a few drinks as we walked around I was a little lost because everything was happining so fast but London was really pretty and had awesome stores....

Me Michelle and Jane knew the boys were behind us but not close enough to hear our conversation "so which one do you like Kylie" Jane asked we was in a pretty clothing store called rue 21 it was our third store and I had bought jeans and a couple of t-shirts "uh....clothes or boys?" I asked her and Michelle smiled "guess" Michelle said I smiled thinking about Niall "um....Niall" I said the boys were on the other side of the store I looked at them and smiled "aww Kylie you two are really sweet together u know that" Michelle said I felt my face turn red and I hid my face "nuh uh" I said I felt Jane hug me "yes you are you are beautiful and you like the same things niall likes you like Niall and I think he likes you" she said I looked at her and smiled a bit as the boys came over "awkward conversation over here?" Liam asked he put his arm around Janes shoulder and smiled we all shook our head I felt Niall looking at me I tried to hide my scar using a bit of makeup I have never used makeup before but I thought maybe it would hide my scar maybe he's looking at that I was walking behind Jane and Liam I couldn't help but notice how beautiful Jane is she has brown curly hair and she's wearing a blue jean skirt with a white lace jacket and a light blue shirt her shoes are little black flats I thought about how I wished I was that pretty and how I wished my blond hair was a pretty brown like hers I felt someone nudge me and looked at Niall "you okay?" He asked I nodded and smiled he smiled back we walked into a dress shop me Michelle and Jane went in and the boys went to other stores we was to meet in a few minutes "ok Kylie pick a dress" Jane said "what? Why?" I asked I saw a pretty lime green dress that looked like it went a little past my knees I picked it up and it had blue weaves into the green and the whole dress had blue green sequins all over it "that pretty" Michelle said I smiled I liked it a lot it was my favorite colors too I looked at it a bit longer then me and Michelle went to try stuff on my dress fit perfectly Michelle's was a little big "why are we doing this again?" I asked Michelle and Jane laughed "you will see" Jane said I was kinda scared but they bought the dress for me and we put our dresses in bags and carried them out to meet the boys "don't let the boys see" Jane said I smiled and nodded as we walked to the food stand to wait for the boys 

Maybe maybe not 
Nialls pov 
We was in footlocker and the boys were checking out I saw Jane Michelle and Kylie standing by the food stand i felt the boys push me "so whatcha looking at" Louis said I looked away from the girls "n-nothing!" I said I felt my whole face turn red Liam smiled "I think I know" he said I looked at him we all did "you like Kylie" he said and pointed at me I hit him "no I don't" I said we started to walk over to the girls I do kind of like Kylie but I don't know her that much so I don't know what she likes or if she likes me I know I'm her favorite out of the band liam whispered to me "better ask her out before we do" i smiled at him as we walked up to them Michelle hugged Louis and Liam held Janes hand Kylie just stood there and played with a bag she looked like she felt awkward we all went and got something to eat and drink  I got a salted pretzel with a Soda Jane had a chocolate pretzel Kylie had a cinnamon sugar one Michelle had a cake pretzel Liam had a cupcake Louis had a huge cookie zayn just got a drink and Harry was eating some kind of pretzel idk what kind "I love these" Jane said smiling some girls came up and asked us for a picture we took a pic with them and I heard one of  my favorite songs come on the radio in the mall it was a-team by Ed sheeran Kylie started singing it I smiled and started singing it too then the boys fallowed in Kylie looked at us and smiled I sat by her "it's too cold outside for angels to fly" I sang to her and she instantly lit up I put my arm around her shoulder

Kylie's pov
I looked at Niall his arm was around me I kinda felt like I belong here "what's in the bag?" Louis said I hid my dress "stuff" I said  I looked at Jane and Michelle they smiled and we kept walking "come on we have to leave now we have this party thing to go to in a few days and Kylie has to sleep too" Louis said I now knew what the dress was for liam was talking to jane and louis was holding Michelle's hand Harry was somewhere in the group and Niall was walking infront of me zayn was too busy looking in a Mirror we all walked to the car and we got in Jane smiled at me Louis smiled and we drove off it was maybe five minutes and we were there fans everywhere Niall gave me a beanie and Jane helped me tuck my hair into it then we got out the boys protecting and holding onto me Jane and Michelle like we were going to be taken away if they didnt I looked at the crowd and then almost stopped "Kylie? What's wrong?" Niall asked

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