Kylie sayer is a beautiful 17 year old girl from Washington who has a normal life and her best friend Sam keeps her sane she gets kidnapped and runs into the boys of her dreams as they help her she tries to stay secret from the people who are trying to get her. Her love eventually gets the better of her read more


8. Michelle

"LOUIS!!!!" I heard we had just gotten off the bus and all looked as this really pretty girl came running she had long brown hair and looked like she was maybe two years older than me "hey love" Louis said Michelle had a British accent too I had put the hat back on and I pulled it down a little "oh my god is this Kylie?" The boys looked at Michelle "shhh don't say her name out loud right now" Liam said Michelle nodded "ok ready to go shop when we land" I smiled and nodded "your really pretty" she said my hair had curled back up so I was curly top again she picked up one of my curls and smiled "I love how curly your hair is" Michelle said I smiled "thank you" I said "comeon we have to go" zayn said and  we quickly went inside and got on the plane Louis and Michelle and was infront of me Niall was next to me I sat by the window Liam ,Zayn and Harry sat behind us I was afraid of planes always have been I gripped the arm on the chair really tight I was afraid to breathe "are you ok?" Niall asked I looked at him and nodded he took my hand off the arm and held it "you'll be ok zayn isn't comfy on planes either"   he said I nodded again and closed the window I didn't like the plane at all "so .......uh.." Michelle started "lacy call her lacy" Louis said Michelle nodded "ok lacy when we land what do you want to do?" I shrugged and whispered "uh....I don't know whatever you want to do" I said Michelle sat back down and I felt the plane take off I tensed up then remembered I was holding Nialls hand I looked at him and let go "I'm sorry" I said I had left red marks on his hand he smiled "it's ok"   He said I smiled and laid my head back closing my eyes I felt fingers on my neck and remembered my scar I quickly moved and tried to hide it "sorry" Niall said "I just wanted to know what that's from" he added I love his accent and I don't know if I could lie to him "uh...an....accident" I said it was halfway truth he looked at me and I could tell he knew I was lying I looked away and sighed thinking about what had happened 

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