Kylie sayer is a beautiful 17 year old girl from Washington who has a normal life and her best friend Sam keeps her sane she gets kidnapped and runs into the boys of her dreams as they help her she tries to stay secret from the people who are trying to get her. Her love eventually gets the better of her read more


4. Little lost girl

When I was done I had began crying "you have to go home then" zayn said I shook my head "they will find me again and this time they might do worse" I said I thought about Sam and Nathaniel he was only 16 months old but he was like the baby brother i will never have. the boys looked at each other "stay with us" Liam said I looked at him the others did too "really?" I asked they all smiled "yes we will protect you and you can call your parents an---" I interrupted Louis "NO!" I said It made them jump "uh....why?" Harry asked I looked down and thought about it "I would rather not tell my mom because then she will not believe me and take me back home then they will get me again" I said quietly they all hugged me and I felt like crying more "well...."Niall said "we don't know your name yet" I face-palmed how could I be so stupid "uh....Kylie my name is Kylie" I said They smiled "beautiful name beautiful face" Niall said I couldn't help but smile I hid my face and hugged my knees in the chair they laughed I had almost forgotten about what had happened not thirty minutes before now I felt someone touch my cut and I flinched "it's ok love I'm just going to wipe it off and put a bandage on it" Louis said I watched him and it kinda stung "sorry" he said I smiled "it's ok" I said I took a drink of the water Harry got me I didn't know how long I was asleep or how far away from home I am "where am I?" I asked the boys looked at me "New York" zayn said I froze "w-what?!" I said I can't believe I'm that far away "what day is it?" I asked they again looked at me like I was stupid "Tuesday" Harry said I started to cry I have been gone three almost four days I checked my phone and I had so many messages from Sam a few from bobbi shes my other friend my mom called 97 times
I wonder what they're thinking....maybe they are thinking that I ran away "they didn't take your phone?" Louis asked I nodded "well that's good you can still talk to your friends" Louis said I thought about Sammy me and her are basically sisters I texted Sam it said -hi Sam do not tell our moms I'm texting you- I hesitated should I hit send or not "just hit send" Niall said I hit send and a few minutes later Sam called me I answered "Oh my god where are you?!" She said I hesitated "Kylie come on you can tell me" she said I smiled knowing I could trust her "don't freak?" I asked her "sister promise" she said I smiled more "ok I got kidnapped that day that I walked home from your house and I'm in New York and guess what" I asked her she was quiet for a few minutes "are you kidding your so far away and what" she said I looked at the boys and put it on speaker "your about to talk to some people you have always wanted to" I said the boys passed the phone around "I'm Liam" Liam said "Louis". "Harry". "Niall". "Zayn" they all said Sam was laughing "nice impersonation Kylie" I looked at the boys "hold on ill face time you" I said I hung up and called her on FaceTime she answered "hey" I said she smiled and the boys came behind me her whole face lit up "whoa your beautiful" Louis said Sam instantly turned red and we stayed on there talking for about an hour "promise moms won't know?" I asked her "promise and I will die if I break it" she said I smiled "love you sis" I said she smiled "love ya too sis" she said I smiled and hung up
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