Kylie sayer is a beautiful 17 year old girl from Washington who has a normal life and her best friend Sam keeps her sane she gets kidnapped and runs into the boys of her dreams as they help her she tries to stay secret from the people who are trying to get her. Her love eventually gets the better of her read more


7. Home?!

"Not your home our home Kylie" Liam said I sighed that's good I looked at the boys "and ur going to take me with you?" I asked they all nodded "first we have to go get Michelle" I looked down at my plate I was done and the waiter came up and took our plates and gave us the ticket Louis left to pay it "Michelle is Louis girlfriend" Liam said I nodded and looked at my hands Louis came back "ok when we get to The airport Michelle is going to be there and when we land jane will meet us there we're all going to London and Kylie won't have to hide were going to the mall and getting her some clothes and other stuff whatever you girls get" Louis said I laughed so did Niall and Liam smiled "your wearing janes clothes" i looked down at myself as we all got up and a little girl who looked about five came up she had cute brown curls and green eyes she had a cast on one arm and she was wearing a one direction shirt that looked like a dress and black tights with little black boots with sparkles on it and said hi and asked for an autograph but the way she pronounced it was ottergaf it was cute and she was cute the boys signed her cast and hugged her and then picked her up and got her picture I thought it was adorable the little girl and her mom went and sat back down then we left and walked back to the bus I was getting a little tired and was slowing down a bit I looked at the boys and smiled then niall got infront of me "get on" he said I smiled "no" I said he stayed there and I was kinda tired so I climbed on his back "your pretty light" he said I smiled more "well I was in cross country and track for the past five years but I eat a lot" I said the boys looked at each other "lets have a race then. were almost there whoever gets there first wins" Niall put me down and I took my flats off and Liam took them and put them in Louis backpack I just realized he had one on "ready.....set......no!" Louis said we jerked and laughed we couldn't go "ok then Lou 1.....2.....3....7!" Niall said we all started to run I pretended it was a track race and I ran as fast as I could the boys were falling behind I got to the bus and I stopped, running into the bus a little. the boys came behind me the order was Harry Niall Louis zayn and Liam I smiled I wasn't out of breath as much as the boys are I laughed as they bent over hands on there knees basically dying "how.......did.....you do.....that" Niall said I smiled "cross country and track" I said they caught their breaths and we all went back into the bus I sat down in the seat I was in earlier the boys walked around I just sat their quietly I was really tired and looked out the window Louis was talking to the driver "ok the airport is not that far and we already have tickets and everything" I nodded and took the hat off and my contacts out and watched out the window as we started to drive to the airport 

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