Kylie sayer is a beautiful 17 year old girl from Washington who has a normal life and her best friend Sam keeps her sane she gets kidnapped and runs into the boys of her dreams as they help her she tries to stay secret from the people who are trying to get her. Her love eventually gets the better of her read more


9. Flashback

"Come on Kylie it'll be fun" 
Me Sam and Bobbi was going to a party they were 16 and I had just turned 17 they would eventually but my birthday came first "are you sure I mean....u know our parents would kill us" I didn't have a good feeling about this I looked at the truck Bobbi's brother Jake was driving along with my older brother Logan in the front "come on sis it will be fun just get in" I sighed and got in i know logan wouldn't let anything happen to me the boys took us out to the woods where some of our other friends were. Logan was 19 Jake was 21 he had brought alcohol and smokes I refused both Sam did too but Bobbi was just like her brother it was kinda cold and we had woods surrounding a field place where there was stones in a circle and there was a bonfire going we was laughing and watching the boys "ok Kylie you've just turned 17 time for your initiation" I looked at Jake "what?" I said he took a piece of wood out of the fire and blew the flames out and left the red "jake no" Sam said Logan tried to stop jake "she has to you know that if she don't she can't hang out with us" jake said Logan was standing infront if me "jake your completely wasted" Logan said me Logan and Sam was the only ones not drinking or smoking "so who cares you know she has to" jake said Logan shook his head "no she don't we shouldn't have even came"  Logan pulled me and we started to leave "Logan you can't leave" jake yelled everyone was quiet Logan stopped so did I I looked at jake then Logan was on the ground and I was being pinned down jake got on top of me with a new piece of wood it was blood red hot a guy named Peter was holding Sam I screamed for jake to get off me the grip got tighter and I felt something burn my neck I knew what jake was doing I screamed Logan had gotten up and tackled jake off of me he ordered some one to hold jake down and picked me up I was crying holding my neck me logan Kylie and Bobbi got in the truck Logan drove off and we drove a little ways away from the party it was completely dark Logan turned the light on and looked at my burn he was training to be a medic he pulled out a first aid kit from the back and wiped it and bandaged it it stung really bad and I was crying more he hugged me "that will never happen again I promise" he said I loved my older brother he was kinda like my protector we started to go home Logan dropped Sam and Bobbi off and then drove away from our house mom would freak out on Logan so we went to Logan's friend Stevens apartment Steven was 19 and couldn't live with his mom anymore so he bought his own apartment Logan carried me in it hurt to move my head Logan knocked and Steven opened the door "what happened?!" He asked he was like my second older brother "explain later" Logan said he sat me down on the kitchen counter and took the bandaid off I started crying again when he touched it "yea we have to go to the hospital" he said Steven got dressed and we got into the truck and drove off to the hospital Logan was driving and he explained to Steven what had happened steven hugged me and told me he was sorry i nodded and logan stopped at a red light we sat there for a few seconds them it turned green and I guess he didn't see the car coming a drunk driver no one would tell me who ran the red light and slammed my brothers truck on the driver side the report said that Logan's truck had slid thirty feet and when the police and ambulance got there they had to cut us out of the truck Logan had a broke arm and had smashed his head on the window I had hit the dash and Steven had a few cuts he was sitting in the back me and Logan sat up front we went to the hospital I was treated but when I woke up Steven was there he had a bandage on his arm and a bruise on his head "where's Logan" I said Steven looked across the room where Logan was laying he had tubes in his mouth and bandages on his head and a cast on his arm I started to cry this was my fault because I went to that stupid party it was my fault "he hit his head pretty hard.they said he might have brain damage...." Steven said I heard a few alarms and I looked at Logan he had flat lines I got up I ripped the iv out of my hand and all the wires the nurses came in a few doctors too Steven had gotten up and tried to hold me back I grabbed Logan's hand and started to cry they took Logan away I tried to fallow but Steven held me too tight I passed out after that when I woke up I had wires and IV's in me again my mom and Steven was there I sat up a little too fast and got dizzy "where's Logan!" I said looking around my mom started to cry and Steven hugged me "he's....gone and never going to come back" Steven said I Burst into tears it was all my fault I pushed Steven "your lying!" I screamed at him " he's just fine and he's going to come in here any second!" I heard the door open and looked hoping it was Logan but A doctor came in and tried to calm me down I was crying I pulled my knees up and cried more it was my fault I killed my brother my only brother....


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