Kylie sayer is a beautiful 17 year old girl from Washington who has a normal life and her best friend Sam keeps her sane she gets kidnapped and runs into the boys of her dreams as they help her she tries to stay secret from the people who are trying to get her. Her love eventually gets the better of her read more


1. Beginning

"Hey Kylie! Hurry up!" I heard Sam say I ran to catch up. when I did she handed me her other headphone and the song rock me by our favorite band One Direction was playing and we started singing we was having fun walking to her house from school that day then i was to walk home but I didn't know that that would be that last time I saw her for a long time....my name is Kylie Lynn sayer and I'm 17 and I live in beautiful Washington state and on January 12 I was kidnapped walking home from a friends house....we walked into sams house and her radio was playing "Daniel!!! Were you in my room again?!" She yelled Daniel was her brother he was two years younger than us "no why would you think that" he said walking to the door I smiled and pulled his curly black hair "don't lie" I didn't pull it hard but still he knew I wouldn't let go till he told "ok ok fine yes but you are the only one that has a radio!" He said I let go and Sam sighed "well instead of asking for stupid crap for your birthday try asking for a stereo" Sam said I smiled and took my jacket off i pulled my green colored contacts out i originally have blue eyes and sat on her bed and put them in and looked at Daniel "boo" I said she smiled "those still creep me out" he said I smiled and he left I looked at Sam and took them out and put them back in my pocket "I don't want to go home later" I said it was Friday but I had to babysit tomorrow that's the only reason I had to leave "I don't want you to either I mean ask Jeremy if he could babysit Nathaniel for a few hours" I laughed Jeremy was the baby's older brother "that's gonna happen you and me both know he's too busy" I said and laid down looking at her poster on her ceiling it was a poster of one direction I smiled and sat up "I'm starving!" I said she laughed "your always hungry or starving have you ever been full?" She asked me I looked at her like she was crazy "me? Full? When I'm full the world will explode" I said we both started laughing and walked down stairs i beat sam i knew i would because im in cross country as a matter of fact i just got out of practice i put my blond curly hair up in a ponytail and went to the kitchen to go get something to eat it was 4:30 already and I had to leave at five "god I have 30 more minutes left" I said eating some pizza and dr.pepper we was talking about how we wish we could go to a 1D concert and what we would do or say if we met them "you know you shouldn't walk alone" Sam said as put my jacket on I was getting ready to leave "sammy it's only three blocks" I said she looked at me "well yea but who knows what could happen" she said she always worried to much "I walk it all the time ill be fine I promise I'll call you when I get there" I said she nodded and I closed the door
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