Secrets Beyond Closed Doors

Hi My name is Maggie Nikyalzyc. Im 12 years old and very happy. Now at least. I am very lonely but no one notices. I am very wealthy, have great friends, the best boyfriend, and im also VERY pretty. Did I also mention people think im self centerd? Yeah well they do. But truth be told im not who everyone thinks i am. Pretty long blonde hair ? Perf body? Rich daddy? Lovely coutre? Great makeup? Best life? Best school in Beverly Hills? YEAH WELL ITS ALL A LIE! I may live in a manshion but my life is far from glamourus! Wanna find out more?? ( not a true story)


1. My perf life

" Well, well, well" said my mother Diane as I walked down the stairs. My long blonde hair just touched the long of my back. My eyes, hazel, sparkled agaisnt the light beaming off the chandeleir in the dining room. I was wearing this years sevens and a greek chiffon olive coloured blouse that buttoned up. I had on platforms, and i had the lates MAC makeup on. I looked more beutiful then ever. " Maggie dont you look darling, and what not" said my Aunt Pearl. Auntie Pearl always said what not. Aunt Pearl had short black hair, and was wearing a Juicy track suit. She weighed no more than 120. My mother had my apperance but always had her hair in a tight bun. She was a model, and everyone envyed her beutey. My father, the CEO of Teen Vouge in the California area, had dark brown hair. I never saw much of him. As I sat down our cook, Ingrid, swooshed down a plate of Eggplant Parmesean. My mother being Italian, it was her faveorite dish! My father on the other hand was Japenese. I grabbed my fork and dug in. " Maggie do slow down" said my mother. "Of course mom." Seconds later my iPhone buzzed, it was Logan. Logan was my best friend and I trusted her with my life. Along with Yasmine, and Tianna. We were the 4 squares! 


Logan: Major prob! :( txt bck ASAP!

Maggie: Prob?

Logan: Gained 4 pounds!

Maggie: Okay Logan, uhm ill b ovr in 10?



" Mom" " yes dear?" my mom sounded impatient. " Can i go to Logans?" " Yes but do be back by 10" " Yes mom thank you!"

I ran out the door careful not to scuff the polished floor. I called Harry, our driver to pick me up in our limo in 10.

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