The Fight for You

Cassie an normal teen is having the worst time in her life. Her father died, so her mother got married again. A year after the marriage her mother died. So shes left with a abusive, Alcoholic, Rich Father. After all the abuse, She decides to move to London.


1. Torn

                      Cassie's P.O.V

        I wake up, with a sudden pain in my eyes. I walk out of bed, still in pain from last night abuse. I close the blinds and turn on the lights.  I remember my dream

                                     *Flash Back*

"No Dad....Wake up! Don't die...I NEED U"

                                   *Flash Back Over*

 I lay done on my bed, and I start crying. A few minutes later , I walk down stairs in my P.J's and see Steve cooking. Steve is my abusive, rich, drunk step-father. He can be nice at sometimes. He only abuse me at night, but after. The next morning, he buys me something nice and new. So far, I have All of the Ipads, Ipods, 3 Macs, 2 man book airs, 2 pairs of Beats, And 2 Iphone 5's just in case one breaks, I ton of nice clothing from Forever 21. So, Its nice, but Painful.

                                                                    But, Steve is making some waffles with eggs. I sit down at the table, and Steve brings me my plate of food. He says "I'm Sorry for last night. I was drunk.." and I cut him off "Well Dad, your all ways drunk." He say...."What do you want from the Mall today, I'll give you your credit card. You can't spend over a million....Got It." I take the credit card and jump up the stairs.  I sing with my beautiful voice" Yes, Daddy!"

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