Hazza's Sister

Cooper is Harry, yes Harry Styles, little sister. harry has always been over protective of his little sister, but then again, its an instinct. Only because he is a vampire, and so is the rest of One Direction. But Cooper isn't because she was adopted. What happens when she falls for one of Harry's band mates? Read and find out!


4. The Club part 2

Liam P.O.V.

I gotta admit, i have a huge crush on Cooper. But i think she likes Louis. I really hope not, but i guess i will have to try to make her mine. And she looked really cute today. Niall was right, she does look like a green gumdrop, haha. Her blood also smelled extra sweet today...her blood. LIAM! Stop it. I know i would never suck her blood, but man, she's just perfect.

-2 hours later-

Cooper P.O.V.

I think i'm wasted. I can't even remember how many shots and beers i had.. i think i had 5...no wait..8 shots, and like 3 beers. Shit...Harry's gonna kill me. Even he thinks i shouldn't really be drinking. So, being the kind of giggly drunk i am, i walked over to Liam.

"What's tomorrows weather, Mr.Blood? Haha Li Li, i think i drank to much. Kiss me."

"First of all, Cooper, your drunk, and confused. Second of all, my last name is Payne. And lastly, i'm not going to kiss you, because Harry would be pissed."

I sigh, "Then bite me Liam. I bet one bite wouldn't hurt." WHAT AM I SAYING?!?!

"Um...No. I would never bite you. Your...well..iloveyou" Liam said.

I giggle. "Huh? Well, your such a potato Li." He just smiles at me, and i walk away. I walk over to Lou, and i kiss him on the cheek for no reason what so ever, "Cooper are you drunk?" he asks.

"i dunno, how about you tell me," i slurred. "Can we dance Lou?"

"sure babe." we slow dance to the music. "Lou, can we all go home now?" i ask. "Sure love, lemme tell Liam, and he will gather the boys." I continue by walking outside, and see some older men walking towards me, "Hey babe, want to come to my house?" I shake my head no, and he pushes me up against the wall. "I'm going to ask on more time. Do you want to come with me?" the man sort of shouted at me. I shake my head no crying. The man slaps me upside the face. And i fall to the ground. I hit the ground hard, and hear, "Hey man! Get your bloody hands of my sister!" I looked up to see Harry fighting the man, and see the rest of the boys running towards me, before blacking out.

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