Hazza's Sister

Cooper is Harry, yes Harry Styles, little sister. harry has always been over protective of his little sister, but then again, its an instinct. Only because he is a vampire, and so is the rest of One Direction. But Cooper isn't because she was adopted. What happens when she falls for one of Harry's band mates? Read and find out!


11. Our secret?

Harry P.O.V.

"I dare you to go in the closet and do 7 minutes in Heaven with Cooper!" I say to Lou, and smirk. They both get up and walk into the closet. Zayn and I lock the closet door, and listen for any sounds. -Wink, wink-.

"Okay you two, Seven minutes in Heaven starts...NOW!" Zayn yells.

Marilyn was looking at her cell, when she said, "Guys, i'm gonna head home. It's getting late."

"Bye!!" we all said in unison.

Cooper P.O.V.

I'm in a closet. With my crush. Nervously sweating. 

"Well, um this is Seven Minutes in Heaven.. So maybe-" Lou cuts me off by smashing his lips into mine.

Louis P.O.V.

"Well, um this is Seven Minutes in Heaven.. So maybe-" Cooper says, but i cut her off by smashing my lips into hers. I take my hands and put them on her waist, and Cooper puts her arms around my neck. I pushed her up against the wall, and deepened the kiss. 

"30 more seconds!" Harry said.

Even though Harry said that, we continued to kiss. The door opened, and i let go of Cooper. I turned to see a furious Harry, with his eyes flaming red.

"What the actual fuck. I thought i said Cooper was off limits." He said.

Harry P.O.V.

"What the actual fuck. I thought i said Cooper was off limits." i said to Louis.

And that's when the fight broke out

*10 minutes later*

I punched Louis upside the face, and threw him into the wall. He rammed me backwards into the door and punched my stomach. I fell to the floor and groaned in pain. I almost kicked Lou in the crotch, when Cooper screamed, "GUYS! STOP!"

Lou and i turned to look at Cooper

She looked down and said, "Harry, you can't take control of my love life. And Louis, you know better than to fight back at Harry. I'm done with you two." A tear fell down her cheek, and then she ran upstairs. When she reached her room, her door slammed shut. Coopers right, i can't control her love life.

Louis P.O.V.

What have I done? I do know better than to fight back. Me and Harry turn and look at Niall, Liam, and Zayn. They look back at us with disgust.

"What have you two done?" Niall says.

Harry and I look at the floor with shame.

"I'm going up stairs to talk to her." Niall continued.

Niall P.O.V.

I'm walking up stairs, when i hear a whimper coming from Cooper's room. I knock on her door, but there's no answer. So i decide to walk in. Looking around in her room, i see Cooper on her bed, crying.

"Cooper? Are you okay?" I say feeling upset, because she's upset. Wait..what did I just say? No Niall, you don't like Cooper. She likes Lou and Lou likes Cooper. Quickly, Cooper looks up wiping away her tears.

"Oh, hey Niall. I'm fine.. Oh who am i kidding?! My life sucks.." Cooper sobs. I walk over to her and put my arms around her.

"Shhh..It's ok. Let it all out." I say trying to calm her. Cooper looks up at me, and i put my hands on her cheeks, and look at her. Cooper is so sweet, kind, and gentle. She deserves better. I lean my forehead on hers, and i can feel the heat of her breath. I close my eyes, and kiss her. This is so wrong, but feels so right. I pull away.

"Our secret?" I ask. She slightly smiles and nods.

"I'm going to bed, okay?" she says.

"Okay. Want me to tuck you in?" i say chuckling.

Cooper giggles and nods, and goes under her covers. I tuck her in, and bend down to her.

"Goodnight princess." I say and kiss her forehead. She smiles, and is fast asleep. I shut off the light, and walk out her door, to downstairs. I see Louis and Harry sitting in the kitchen.

"Well, tonight was a very disgraceful night. I'm going to bed." i say.

With that, i grab a blood bag from the fridge, and walk to mine and Liam's room. The two words, "Our secret" whirled around in my head. I got into my bed, and was fast asleep.



hey guys!!!! how are my potatoes? is this chapter good? and will anyone find out about Cooper and Niall's secret? please,




~erin <3

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