Hazza's Sister

Cooper is Harry, yes Harry Styles, little sister. harry has always been over protective of his little sister, but then again, its an instinct. Only because he is a vampire, and so is the rest of One Direction. But Cooper isn't because she was adopted. What happens when she falls for one of Harry's band mates? Read and find out!


19. Management.

Louis P.O.V.

Cooper said she was going to bed, so i decided to go to bed too, so i could watch her sleep. But not in a creepy way. Cooper's just so beautiful, so i like to watch her sleep. I look over to see the boys already into a movie except for Harry.

"Hey Hazz, i'm gonna go to bed."

"Okay, just no funny business." Harry replied with a wink, and a chuckle.

"Ah, shuttup Harry." i laughed.

I run upstairs with vampire speed, and quietly walk into my room to see Cooper in bed. I pull off my shirt, and tip toe over to bed. I go feet first into the covers, and pull Cooper closer to me. Her chest rose up and down. I don't understand how i ended up with someone so beautiful.

-In the morning-

Cooper P.O.V.

My eyes fluttered open to the sound of tweeting birds... and to also see a half naked Louis sleeping. Lou had his arms wrapped around my body, and my arms were tucked in front of me. His abs are just..gorgeous. Louis' chest went up and down, up and down. My fingers fingers made their way to his abs, and traced the outline. I looked up to see Louis awake smiling at me. I blush, and smiled back.

"Love, i need to tell you something." Louis spoke disappointed.

"I'm listening."

"I talked to management yesterday, and we have to go back to the studios today. But-" i cut him off.

"But Louiiiiiis! You can't leave! I will be all alone!" i practically yelled.

"As i was saying...but you get to come with us! So go get ready babe!" Louis finished.

I jumped off the bed and did a victory dance.

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