Hazza's Sister

Cooper is Harry, yes Harry Styles, little sister. harry has always been over protective of his little sister, but then again, its an instinct. Only because he is a vampire, and so is the rest of One Direction. But Cooper isn't because she was adopted. What happens when she falls for one of Harry's band mates? Read and find out!


16. "Dont die on me Cooper."

Louis P.O.V.

Cooper and I were snuggling with each other, and she looks at the comments on her last tweet. She throws down the phone, and runs upstairs.

"Um..Harry? Come here for a second?" i say. Harry walks over, and reads the comment aloud.

" 'Why don't you go die in a whole you fat pig.' Lou, Cooper.." he says frightened, i wonder why. We both run upstairs with vampire speed to Cooper's room.

"Cooper? Can we come in?" i ask. No answer, but the door creeks open. I turn to Harry, and he's nervously looking over to the bathroom, which has the light on.

Harry P.O.V.

I look nervously at the bathroom door, and walk inside. I see Cooper on the floor...in a puddle of... blood?? I run over to her.

"Cooper?" i say shaking her shoulders, "Cooper! Louis!"

Louis comes running in, seeing me crying and he starts crying at the sight.

"Call the ambulance! Please!" i yell to him. Sobbing, I pull up Cooper's lifeless body and hold her bridal style.

"C'mon C-Cooper d-don't die on m-me." i say while Louis gets off the phone with the ambulance.

I run down stairs with Cooper still in my arms. The ambulance come inside with a stretcher, and take Cooper away.

"Harry, what if Cooper doesn't make it?" Lou asks crying while rubbing my back.

"She'll make it Louis, she's strong." i reply trying to be positive. Liam, Zayn, and Niall run in.

Niall P.O.V.

"Okay, so what the hell just happened with Cooper?" Liam says worried. Oh my god...what if she's seriously hurt? Do i love Cooper? My thoughts are interrupted by Louis, "Well.." he starts and explains what happened.

"And so later tonight, we're gonna go visit her, right?" i ask slowly.

"Niall can i ask you something?" Louis asks seeming angry.

"Uh,sure?" i reply scared.

"Do you like Cooper?" Louis asks stepping closer.

All eyes turn to me... Shit..


cliff hanger!!! muahaha. So, how are my potatoes doing? Are you all alive? lol. Well, hows my story doing? Should i continue?






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