love story

this is'nt part of my other books its all new. This story is about an 19 year old girl named Brianna San Agustin she is dating Liam Payne from one direction.Her and Liam don't have time for each other because he goes on tour and shes not aloud to go with. When he comes back the boys are invited to be guest stars on wizards of waverly place. Liam invites her to come when when they are there she falls for one of the cast members what will happen.


4. LA

                                                                                Brianna POV:

We arrived to the airport we get on the plane I sat next to liam. We got to LA  at 10:00am we went to our hotel to relax an hour later we went to the TV set. When we got there it was super cool everything but I really wanted to meet gregg sulkin. We met the director the rehursle doesnt start until 2:00pm. So we all wondered around me and liam sticked together so we were walking around. Then Liam triped me on accsodent because he saw Chocolate fountain and ran to it. I was on the ground crying my leg was bleeding then someone came over to me

" Are you okay love" said a familier voice that wasnt liams

"yah i just need a bandade" i said then looked up 

It was Gregg sulkin.

"oh my gosh its you I love you" i shout

He then smiles charmingly we are looking into each others eyes. I smile.

"I I will get you a bandade" he says still looking into my eyes

"Brianna what happened"said liam

"uh she tripped but shes okay" He said still llooking into my eyes

gregg got up and went to get the first ad.When he came back he rapped my leg.

"Thank you" I said as I looked into his eyes

"your welcome"he said then smiled

"uhh hhi im liam"said liam trying to stop from what was happening

" oh im sorry im gregg" Said gregg as he stands up

Gregg then helps me stand up and hugs me then we look in each others eyes.

"uhh hello"said liam angerly

" ohh uh gregg this is my boyfriend liam"i said

"ohh nice to meet" He said sadly

After that he walked away.

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