love story

this is'nt part of my other books its all new. This story is about an 19 year old girl named Brianna San Agustin she is dating Liam Payne from one direction.Her and Liam don't have time for each other because he goes on tour and shes not aloud to go with. When he comes back the boys are invited to be guest stars on wizards of waverly place. Liam invites her to come when when they are there she falls for one of the cast members what will happen.


2. home

                                                                                      Briannas POV:

I'm so happy my boyfriend liam payne is coming back from his tour im so happy. I planned a small party with just me and the boys to congratulate them for the acomplishment of tour of 2014. I made this cake its layers of there favorite flaver first layer is liams choclate second is zayns vanilla nialls choclate harry ice cream lous carrot flavor I bought beer for zayn,lou, and niall for liam,harry, and i got coke . It was 12:00PM liam told me they are coming in at 1:00 and that they need a room. I went to the airport and it was 12:30 i waited in the waiting room by then it was 1:00 I then saw a huge crowed i stood up and smiled it was the boys. Then liam shouted out " Okay everyone we love our fans but please we are very tired and please go away." the crowd died down and I saw that handsome guy i love and behind him the most funniest guys. Liam then looked up and smiled i smiled back. I then ran to him I slipped he then cought me in his arms. I giggled.

" Hey beautiful" he said charmingly 

I then giggled"Hey how are you" I said

" im good how about you" he said 

"im good i have been wait for something all this time" i said

"What" he said confused

I gave him this look like he should now. 


"oh" he said

He then leaned towards me and we kissed. After that we went home for the party.

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