love story

this is'nt part of my other books its all new. This story is about an 19 year old girl named Brianna San Agustin she is dating Liam Payne from one direction.Her and Liam don't have time for each other because he goes on tour and shes not aloud to go with. When he comes back the boys are invited to be guest stars on wizards of waverly place. Liam invites her to come when when they are there she falls for one of the cast members what will happen.


5. falling for another

                                                                    Briannas POV:

I was so happy I got to meet Gregg sulkin.I all was wished that me and gregg would be girlfriend and boyfriend instead of liam being my prince charming. But when I told him i have a boyfriend he seemed really sad. I can't stop thinking about him I think im falling for another.

                                                                              Liam POV:

I'm staring to get really scared that brianna is falling for another british boy. I look at her so beautiful why would I ever think to bring her oversly she probably would fal for someone else that wasn't me. 

"Love are you okay" I asked

"yah im fine liam its okay i forgive you" she says

she then lense in to kiss me. Why would I ever think she is falling for another. We then bump into Selena.

"Oh hey Selena" I said

"hey liam and Brianna right"she said

" yah how did you know my name"she asked 

"oh Gregg he has been taalking about you to me" she said

"REALLY" shouts Brianna

"really"i say angerly

"yah i got to go liam we have to rehurse now" said selena

"okay"i said

We all walked to tthe set. We saw gregg he waved at brianna and she waved back. My love is falling for another

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