love story

this is'nt part of my other books its all new. This story is about an 19 year old girl named Brianna San Agustin she is dating Liam Payne from one direction.Her and Liam don't have time for each other because he goes on tour and shes not aloud to go with. When he comes back the boys are invited to be guest stars on wizards of waverly place. Liam invites her to come when when they are there she falls for one of the cast members what will happen.


19. dont leave me

                                               Liams POV:

I finally got out of my room and interacted with the boys everthing was going good between me and the boys. i went to eat something when my phone went off meaning i have news on twitter i checked it and literly burst into tears. they boys went running over to me and grabbed my phone and read to twit it was from brianna

"Finally i can go home and get ride of all these problems i cant wait to go back and see my family and friends cant wait leaving tomorrow at 10 am:)"

All of us started crying. I dont want her to go all the way across the counrty without me. i need to get things start with her and get her to be mine. i just cant risce losing her for good. 

                                                      Briannas POV:

I was just about done packing when i got a bunch of tweets saying why you leaving what about Liam? I dont know what about liam he hasnt at least tried to get me back. I dont know i just need to get back home and hang out anf forget everything that has happened for the past year. sure ill miss the boys but i need this for me and them to just move on.

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