love story

this is'nt part of my other books its all new. This story is about an 19 year old girl named Brianna San Agustin she is dating Liam Payne from one direction.Her and Liam don't have time for each other because he goes on tour and shes not aloud to go with. When he comes back the boys are invited to be guest stars on wizards of waverly place. Liam invites her to come when when they are there she falls for one of the cast members what will happen.


10. badness at the beach

                                                                                   Greggs POV:

I woke up put on my swimming truncks and woke up brianna to get ready.We left it was fun until she went up to the brige and was about to jump off.

"uhh brianna I dont think you should do that"i said worried

" Gregg its okay i have done it a bunch of times"she said

"okay be careful"i said 

She jump and landed really hard. she started screaming I swam over to her.I picked her up and I noticed her leg was twisted. 

"oh gosh we got to go"i said while running

"Gregg just call an ambulence"she said

"no theres a hospital across the street

I ran to there while caring her like how a fire fighte does to an ingeered person. We got there and right away the doctors got her and took her to get it fixed. I was so mad at myself it was my fault shes in the hospital.I walked back to the hotel to get the stuff and the car I went back to the hospital.I walked into her room. she was asleep I walked over to the doctor.

"doc is she okay"i asked

"yes she fine she will be able to go home today the surgery was really fast and so we did the surgery at 12:00and its now 3:00 so she can go home at 4:00."said the doc

"okay"i said

I waited It was 4:00 andd the doctor told me to make sure shes careful oh and he handed me her cruches.I walked over to her.

"hey you are you mad at me" I asked

"what why would I it isn't your fault its my fault"she said

"okay"i said

We walked out of the hospital. I helped her get inside the car.It was a quiet ride home because she was asleep.

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