Jamie Lyle, an eighteen year old girl with a twisted life, is a prostitute. Her mum kicked her out for her own good when she was fifteen, and now she is living on the streets. She never liked what she did, but when she meets Liam Payne, her life turns around. Will it be for the better or the worst?


3. Tarmac And Harry


Liam said the boys wouldn't be back until later that night, so he took me out. We went to a shop called "Jack Wills" and I got a few hoodies. We went to a few more shops and I got necessary items, like jeans and shoes. He waited in the car while I got my under garments and socks. As I was walking out I saw wet tarmac on a new road. Liam saw me looking at it and he ran beside me. We pressed our hands into it. When a worker yelled at us to go away and filled it in again we chuckled, walking back to the car. I felt someone grab my waist and whisper, "I need another appointment..."


Adhamh was Irish and also a client. I said, "I'm out of buisness." He laughed and said, "I know, I just wanted to see what you'd do!" He kissed my neck and I punched him in the face, knocking him backwards. He looked taken aback. 

Good, just the way I want it!  I thought. I ran to the waiting car and hopped in, not looking back. Liam started driving and we eventually got back to the flat. It was about eight thirty and the lights were on inside his room. I got a little nervous and he said, "It'll be okay. It's only the boys." reassuringly. I nodded and flashed him a smile. Liam opened the door and there were four boys. One was stripey and red, another was blonde and had surprisingly straight teeth, the next was tan and had rough looking black hair.

"Oh crap." I said, looking worried. The last one had curly hair. Harry. Harry had been my client a few years back. I knew when he was drunk and he was most definitely drunk right now. How could I tell? Well, for instance, right now he was doing a headstand against a wall and giggling about how his mum would always make tea. He was an odd drunk. He started to walk towards me...

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