Jamie Lyle, an eighteen year old girl with a twisted life, is a prostitute. Her mum kicked her out for her own good when she was fifteen, and now she is living on the streets. She never liked what she did, but when she meets Liam Payne, her life turns around. Will it be for the better or the worst?


2. My- Well, You'll Find Out Eventually


As Liam and I walked through corridors we were silent. The only thing you could hear was the sound of our feet on polished tile. We got to a door and he stopped, taking a key out of his pocket. Liam opened the door to a gargantuan room. The carpet was white, and everything was so... Just really... expensive looking. He plopped down on a red couch and pat the space beside him. I closed the door and sat down, his arm around my shoulder. 

"So, Jamie. Tell me about yourself." He said. I thought about it, you know, telling him about my prostitution. 

"Promise you wont hate me?" I questioned. He said, "Even if you were a murderer, I swear I would not hate you." I paused momentarily and then sighed.

"My mum kicked me out of our house when I was fifteen. It was because my father raped me. You already know that bit. He murdered my mum. He escaped. He's still out there." I said shakily. He nodded and told me, "Go on."

"Well, I was fifteen, you know. I didn't have a very good education. I was always the smartest in my school, but it still wasn't enough to get a job. I decided it was life or death. So, I became... a prostitute. Don't get me wrong, when I saw you I felt something different. Like I couldn't use you. I really hated it. My life. I still really do." I explained, concluding it with another sigh. He nodded and pulled me closer.

"Oh god! You must be freezing and wet! Here, you can borrow some of my clothes, and we will go shopping tomorrow!" Liam said.

"Why would we need to go shopping?" I asked. He cocked his head.

"I thought I made it quite clear! You're going to stay with us!" He piped. I furrowed my brows.

"Us?" He nodded and said, "One Direction."

My luck.

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