Based on Twilight.

Based on the Twilight books by Stephine Meyer
A boy whos imprinted, and a man in love


5. Truth (short chappie)

Chapter 4- THE TRUTH

"Guys. I need some answers. You look like you read minds. You never go in the sun and your hands are freezing and my bony kneecaps didnt hurt you." I spit the words out quickly. Carlisle tensed in his seat. "I dont know if im supposed to just play along or what but its making me just a bit uncomfortbale. I love you guys and you are soo friendly but I dont know what to think." Jake tensed. " Seth and Jake feel like they have bactieral menigitis all the time. Nes always looks good even though shes says she never wears makeup. Esme and Carlisle are so young." Edward and Bella tensed. "No one goes in the sun..." Everyone tensed. "Im not trying to start trouble and my idea was crazy so-" Edward spoke.

"Tell us your idea." He said teeth clenched. Seths grip on my hand was hard. I looked down and mumbled.


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