Based on Twilight.

Based on the Twilight books by Stephine Meyer
A boy whos imprinted, and a man in love


3. Trip


"......On her....." Is what woke me up I noticed Jacob's voice and jumped up, I was in the guest bedroom by myself. "Shes beautiful and I think I did." It was Seth this time. I suddenly remembered that Seth and Jake had to sleep in the room without furniture because I occupide the guest bedroom. I laughed quietly to myslef at the though of Seth Sleeping on the floor. "Okay, well, don't make the smae mistake I did with Bella...." What mistake I wondered, I quickly laid back down becasue Esme opened the door.

"Love, we leave in about 30 minutes if you would like to take a shower, and call your mom."

"Yes ma'am." I took my bathroom bag to the bathroom and kncoked on the door. No answer, I opened the door and turned the water on. I called mom and told her we were leaving in a bit and swhe wished me a safe trip. I stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain to.

"Hannah hurry up I have to use it next!" I heard Nes's voice come from behind the door.

"I'm almost done!!!" I screamed rinsing my hair out. I pulled on my clothes and put the towel over my hair.

"Finally!" Nes screamed as she ran past me and locked the door. I used Alice's blowdry to dry my hair and she helped me decide what I should wear. " I like that blue top with those pants." She handed me the clothes and danced out quickly. They were all so pretty, as was Renesmee she was my best friend since highschool started, and she had always been really tall and looked like she should have already graduated, as for me, I hadnt had a growth spurt since middle school. But the Cullens were all so youn looking and, I know that Edward had been adopted by Esme and Calrisle only a few years back and Edward and Bella had adopted Renesmee at a young age but still, they were all so young....and so, graceful. Even when they looked tired they were still beautiful. . .I sighed at myslef in the mirror. "Average Hannah." I murmured.

"TIME TO GO!" Emmet's voice boomed from outside my door.

"1 sec, Emmet!" I quickly grabbed my things and stuffed them into my suitcase, I looked around the room hoping i hadnt forgotten anything important. I saw nothing so i stuffed the last of my things from my bathroom bag into my purse instead. "Mrs. Lindblad, are you ready to go?" Edward said with a smile. "Yes sir. Thank you." I felt awkward saying yes sir considering edward wasnt much older than me....Renesmee came out with her hair still wet with a brush in hand.\

"Come on dear, you can do that in the car, we might miss our flight!"Esme quickly shooed us to go outside. I jumped into the backseat of the huge car, while Emmet and Jasper pushed all the suitcases into the trunk. Niall sat on one of my sides in the car and Seth on the other. Renesmee rolled her eyes and sat next to Jacob in the back back seat, this car was huge. Niall whispered in my ear, "We got off on the wrong foot yesterday," He smiled a smile like Edward, "I'm Niall....."

I shot him a glare. "So I've heard." and then I turned my head towards Seth's direction. Seth smoothly put his arm around my head rest and scooted a little closer to me. I sighed, one guy trying to be nice and the other pushy? Renesmee was giggling while her and Jacob were whispering and playing in the backseat. I uncomfortably wiggled in my seat trying to scoot away from Seth. My hip bumped into Niall. "Sorry..." I muttered to him.

" No problem, Love." He smiled a cheeky smile and I rolled my eyes. 'over friendly' i thought. Carlisle started the car and pulled otu the driveway. He drove very past, and he chatted with Esme as I looked past Niall's head out the window to the trees whooshing past. Niall scooted to me and rested his hand on my leg. I stared at him with a digusted glance. I looked at Seth who was alseep and had his head so close to face I could feel his breath hitting my cheek. I quietly ranted in my mind what I should do about those boys. I could throw Niall out the window.........I could punch Seth! No I'd get hurt back either way. I stared at Niall's face and then his hand, but he kept his focus on the window I sighed loudly and everyone looked back at me. Niall removed his hand in a quick motion and I smiled at everyone, they turned around and didnt even say a word. 'This is going to be a fun month' I thought. Edward chuckled as we all got out the car.

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