Based on Twilight.

Based on the Twilight books by Stephine Meyer
A boy whos imprinted, and a man in love


2. Surprise


"So its more than a week?" I asked nervously, being here with my mom she didnt really mind that i hung out with Nes so much. She like Nes and she though she was a very "level-headed" girl. Little did she know.... :P "Well, erm, it's actually around a month..." She stared at me with big pleading eyes. "A MONTH?!?!" I sighed, "Alright I'll ask my mom...." She pulled up into my driveway in Forks. "Thanks Nes!! I'll see you tomorrow!!" I shut the door and waved at her as she drove out of my driveway. "MMMMOOOOMMM I'M HOME!" I walked around the corner to see mom sweeping.

"Get anything good at the sale?" She smiled her weary smile.

"Yeah, You should see what Nes got!!" I laughed and set my bag on the bottom of the steps. "I have something to tell you Mom, about the trip...."

She looked at me and raised an eyebrow, "Yes?"

"Well....Erm, Uh, well, we're staying for a month....actually." I smiled meekly.

"A month? Well I suppose, if you call me every day, EVERY hour......." She beamed and gave me hug.

"OMG MOM THANK YOU!" I hugged her tightly and ran up the stairs. I sat my bag on my bed and pulled my suitcase out form under my bed. We were leaving tomorrow. I threw my things in my bag and packed my toothbrush and other bathroom things. I called Nes excitedly. "Nes!! Mom said yes!!!" She squealed and we chatted about the island and everthign we were bringing. "Hey, Hannah you need to come over and spend the night so we can leave early in the morning!" I smiled and got my suitcase ready. "Alright I'll be there in a bit!" I ran downstairs and hugged mom goodbye. "Be safe and don't get hurt!" she yelled as I started up my old truck and dorve noisly to their house. I hummed as i got to their driveway.

"HANNAH!" Renesmee squealed as I got out my truck and hugged her.

"Hey, Hannah...." Jacob, Nes's boyfriend, smiled his warm smile.

"Hey Jake." I gave him a quick hug and got my stuff out of the truck.

"So this is the famous Hannah Renesmee talks about so much!" Mr.Cullen smiled. Wow he was gorgeous, Nes had been adopted by them and they were still very young. "I wish you weren't married" I thought in my head. He chuckled almost as if he had heard what I'd thought. I blushed madly, and Mrs. Cullen came out in a dashing blue dress.

"Hello Hannah." She gave me a tight hug and walked back to Mr.Cullen

"Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen." I tried to be as polite as I could.

"Please, Edward and Bella." Mr.Cullen hugged his wife as he said her name.

"Thank you, Edward, Bella, for inviting me to spend the month with you and your family." Six more people came out in a line. I looked nervously at Nes.

"More people?" I mouthed at her.

"Alice," She gestured toward the short woman with the spiky hair, "is my aunt."

"Jasper," She poined toward the blonde headed man with his arm around Alice. "he is Alice's husband, so my uncle."

"Emmet and Rosalie," She was now pinting to a blonde haired woman that was so beautiful it almost took my breath away. And Emmet was the curly black haired man with muscles so scary he looked like he had just got off death's row.

"And last, but not least, my grandparents, Carlisle and Esme." A woman who looked very motherly and sweet hugged me and danced back to her husband. "A pleasure." Carlisle held his hand out to me. I shook it meekly and smiled. "I have to admit I'm terrible with names, but I'm very happy to meet you all." It was gettign really dark out so we all went inside Renesmee's beautiful grandparents home and took a seat. Jacob was holding Nes's hand and they sat on the loveseat together. I sat next to Bella, Nes's mom, as she stared at my face. It was not a mean stare, like she was curious. I looked at her once and she smiled. I felt suddenly insecure like I should have fixed my hair or something. Suddenly someone walked in. "HEY JACOB WHEN ARE WE LEAVIN BRO?"A voice came from around the corner in the doorway, Jacob sighed. "We leave in the morning Seth...." I chuckled to myself and so did Edward. Seth looked at me fo a long, long time. I started wondering why everyone was staring at me. Edward glared at Seth and snapped his fingers. "Staring is rude, Seth...." He never removed his glare from Seth to Jacob. "Seth." Jacob sighed and got up from Nes's side. He pushed Seth's back otu the door and closed it behind him. "Bella," I looked at Mrs.Cullen, "is there something wrong with me, why is everyone staring?" I was in a whisper voice without even noticing it. Emmet boomed a huge laugh. I jumped. "Just because your beautiful." Mr.Cullen smiled and I felt my cheeks go red hot. I looked outside to see Jacob thump Seth ont he forehead. i giggled. "Why was he staring at me?" I asked looking at Bella again. Seth returned and sat next to me. He laid his head back on the couch and sighed. He looked at me one more. Then he shook his head and closed his eyes. "What a jerk." I thought in my head. Edward looked at me and nodded like he had heard my thoughts AGAIN. A new boy around sixteen, Nes and I's age, came around and he looked like he lived with the others.

"Ahh, Niall, there you are." Edward smiled.

"Hey Edward." Niall sat next to Carlisle.

"Hannah, this is the newest member of our adopted family, Niall." He pushed the boy forward a little. Niall stared at me for a long hard moment and rolled his eyes. He mumbled to Carlisle, "We picking people up off the streets now?" I glared at him and turned toward Bella again, "May I use your restroom?"

"Sure, it's just down the hallway." She smiled. Niall smirked at me and his eyes followed me to the bathroom. I shut the door and sighed. I still had my purse at my side, so i freshend up and walked back out. Emmet yawned and laid his head on the couch's side.

"I tihnk we should all get some rest....." Edward said and Niall nodded.

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